The mountains and rivers are instantly overturned, and the rivers are immediately reversed …

Only the two little people in the center of the battlefield are rampant in the storm and keep their high posture.
"It really grew up!"
By the nine-tailed white fox, Moho called Lorca to collide and bite again and again. I don’t know when it has been flying on the wind. Pei Hui looked down at Pei Wende’s face from the side without any surprise.
"Stop it! Come back with me now! "
Pei Wende, who is full of golden Buddha’s light, still exhorts him that he doesn’t want to part ways with this cheap sister.
"If you want to get rid of Tu Shanshi completely, we have time to think about it slowly."
"There is no need to make such a regime change and go against the sky at the cost of the rise and fall of the people."
At this moment, Pei Wende’s voice is loud and dignified, as if to persuade the wrong-headed bigots.
Except for a few lucky ones, most emperors and dynasties changed, which was a coup in blood shed.
Especially in the case of Pei Hui, Pei Wende can predict how much evil-doers need to be built to fulfill his long-cherished wish.
Facing others, Pei Wende can sit and watch things develop regardless of the bystander’s perspective.
Only when facing Pei Hui, Pei Wende doesn’t want her to be the "rebel" who is doomed to be crushed by the flood of the whole era.
Wu Zetian has one and has one since ancient times.
"No common goal, no common goal …"
"Since you want to stop me, beat me completely!"
Looking up at the fiddle and smiling, Pei Hui Pei Wende once again raised that ominous thought-she seemed to die.
So persistent in trying to accomplish something that is almost impossible to succeed, what is it to do instead of dying?
It’s a pity that Pei Hui didn’t give Pei Wende nine tails behind him when he continued to think, and he had already cast out nine different magical powers.
Or flame, or rain, or illusion, or change …
Pei Hui’s endless magical spell Rao is successful in practice, and Pei Wende has to be ineffective in defense.
"One seal!"
Pei Wende reappeared as a result of the disintegration of the nine-tailed white fox.
This time, in addition to the core of the body meeting, the diamond boundary was formed, and the other four layers of mandala boundary were manifested in turn.
These four layers of mandala enchantment are Samadha, Micro-Society, Yang-Society and Four-Seal Society, all of which are composed of 37 catalogues of different Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
Seeing the superposition of the four, the rotation connecting the diamond realm, and the intersection of heaven and earth, a endless transit cycle is completed.
When the mandala cycle of the four sessions was completed and the power of the 140 images was fully manifested in the outer layer, the sixth session, the seal session, was born.
Decomposition, absorption, transformation, reflection …
On Pei Hui’s use of the magical power to touch a seal meeting was bounced back by the power barrier that gathered 140 buddhas and bodhisattvas.
This is Pei Wende’s strongest defense, a kind of offensive and defensive integration, almost clearing the boundary.
However, that’s not all. Because the power of 140 buddhas and bodhisattvas is integrated into one, the appearance of the outer mandala enchantment is only a prelude.
Pei Wende has already mastered what he has learned all his life.
The achievement of Taoist school’s practice is that Moho Luoga, which has changed.
The achievement of Buddhism practice is that it can cross the sea of suffering and never destroy the golden body.
They are the fruit of Pei Wende’s life-long cultivation and the foundation of his pursuit of longevity and freedom.
However, the practice path has never had these roots, and some magical powers that can protect the Tao are needed to resist all kinds of natural and man-made disasters.
Pei Wende’s great achievement in protecting Taoism in his life is the birth of the foundation of the King Kong realm, the mandala nine-meeting boundary technique.
When Pei Wende diffused and circulated all the six layers of mandalas, many venerable people of the Sixth National Congress combined their efforts to manifest the entity, which was the Tathagata.
[Amitabha! 】
Pei Hui’s perspective, she heard a Buddha’s name coming from virtual bliss, and a Buddha’s body appeared in the enchantment.
The Buddha of the Great Sun, wearing a five-Buddha crown and a white dress, appeared in a printing ceremony and then he made a smart fist seal around Lei Yun.
The mandala of the Sixth National Congress is the Tathagata, and the center is the mandala of self-rotation.
The Buddha’s body, which is full of self-nature, is named the self-nature wheel body.
-Bodhisattva Buddha Light Tathagata!
Chapter 60 Kyubi no Youko died and the white fox died
After the mandala power of the Sixth National Congress manifested the Tathagata Dharma, Pei Wende stopped continuing to form the boundary operation of the Ritual Society, the Third National Karma Society and the Third National Samadha Society.
After all, this time is different. Pei Wende was still a practitioner of heaven and man in Changsha County.
Therefore, in the face of the aftermath of the confrontation between the mysterious Zhao and the truth, he can effectively display the demarcation technique to protect himself completely.
But now Pei Wende is different. He is now a strong Yin God method level.
Root doesn’t need to continue to manifest the three Tathagata incarnations, such as vajrasattva, King of Wrath, and Da Zitian, so that he can be sure enough to defeat Pei Hui.
"This is … magnificent!"
Gawk at the statue that is bigger than the nine-tailed white fox and Mohologya combined. The Tathagata is facing Peiwende and Peihui is amazed.
Compared with the statue of Tathagata, which I had seen before, the statue of Tathagata is obviously higher in status.
-Enchantment method develops the reunion of all sentient beings in the three realms with six forces.
Pei Wende can’t understand what he is doing now, even if he is surprised and brilliant and intelligent.
The only thing she can be sure of is that her younger brother has really surpassed herself and embarked on a road that was rarely visited by the ancients before and after.
[I can finally rest assured]
An idea flashed through my mind that Pei Hui suddenly smashed the seven-stringed piano in front of him with one hand, and then the whole person became a nine-tailed fox.
Buzz, buzz!
In a trance, the vast vitality gathered in front of Pei Hui, and with the help of the seven-string treasure piano that had collapsed, it became a fire phoenix.
In an instant, the sweet Fengming resounded through the whole Zhenwu world.
And the fire phoenix, which is only the size of the palm of a Buddha’s hand, is like a rocket leaving the chamber and goes straight to Pei Wende at his heart.
Slower than the fire phoenix, the Buddha slowly stretched out his huge palm and pressed it to Peihui with the power of heaven.
However, Pei Wende didn’t expect that Pei Hui didn’t make a defense in the face of the great Buddha.