"I didn’t say anything about slacking off. I mean, can that Song Jiang be polite?" Liu Shaochuan turned his heels and jumped. His horse ran to the front in small steps, and the cavalry regiment ran briskly in close formation.

The 316th Regiment was sabotaging the railway, stripped about a mile of sleeper wood and rails, and moved them to the hills on both sides of the railway for reinforcement.
The head of the 316th regiment, surnamed Song Mingjiang, was a little dark but not short. After consulting with Liu Shaochuan and Ouyang, he decided on a joint plan. Then Liu Shaochuan and his cavalry entered a village behind him and camped here. If an enemy tried to pass through here, he would fight.
The cavalry, including those who tied up their horses with Cossack and set up guards and sentries, all lay down and slept.
There was no bonfire in the village, but it was felt that most people were in a bad mood and lay down without joking as usual, hiding their worries from each other.
"What shall we do if they-I mean, the Maos don’t pass through here? Don’t we stare at their 316 th regiment eating meat without drinking soup? " Shao-chuan liu army coat lying beside shu a little worried to ouyang said.
"It seems that you are very excited when you meet that Song Jiang," Ouyang asked. "What’s the story?"
"Of course there is a story. I met a classmate at an early age with this guy and went to France to join the then Chinese Communist Youth League to learn guns together …"
Guo Feng seem to have heard his story.
"Are you asleep, Colonel?"
"Not yet"
Guo Feng sat smoking a cigarette at his feet and whispered, "Those Cossacks don’t seem to be very peaceful … They are chattering and going to the village to destroy it. Although it’s none of our business, I’m afraid we’ll have to clean up the mess in the end … I think we should teach them a lesson. What do you think?"
"Don’t worry about them …" Liu Shaochuan calmly replied, "They have this special feature, which is also the condition that they meet with us. You don’t want to think about what people will do with you if there is no benefit. And what they do in Russia is to give them benefits. This is with the permission of the commander-in-chief … "
Guo Feng scratched the back of his military cap and said with a wry smile, "To tell you the truth, I’m not used to it … We are all honest people-what allows these bad guys to mix in our team? Isn’t this a disgrace to our reputation?"
"If you can’t get used to it, just pick up your rifle and bang … kill them with a few shots. With your marksmanship, I don’t think it’s difficult to achieve their little reaction speed, even if they are dead, they don’t know it’s your gun!" Liu Shaochuan said impudently, "If I don’t like it, I’ll do it. They’re just a bunch of Cossacks and a bunch of bastards. No one knows if they die here. Of course, the key is to make moves quickly. Don’t let them get away. Besides, the bodies should be buried."
"You are the head of the regiment. This is a violation of military regulations!" Guo Feng said in surprise
"You are too timid," Liu Shaochuan said. "They are Cossacks and Russians. How about killing a few Russians and violating military regulations? It makes no sense! Even when I go to a military court, I say so. Be confident! See who dares to say no! "
"Colonel Liu, if you don’t want this idea, you should know that the Cossacks are a profitable force, which is very helpful for us to defeat the Soviet Russian government, and-their strength is not small-the value of profitability is very high," Ouyang said
"I know that. I’m not talking about Guo Feng," Liu Shaochuan said. "Either you leave them alone or you secretly kill them and don’t get entangled in them!" to be continued
Chapter 67 Nausea
All the lights in the village went out, and there was a hazy silence around. Except for the sentry, everyone fell silent and fell asleep. Occasionally, a few horses were tied, and the horses were snoring and panting.
Gentle, affectionate and quiet night enveloped grassland grass covered with cold dew. From two or three kilometers of low-lying swamp covered with willows, water birds came, and a dark, invisible wing shook violently. The breeze sent the rotten smell of the swamp to the cavalry regiment camp.
The light in Lebanon broke through the dark night, the silence, the obscurity, and the moisture filled the grassland until a deep purple sunrise rose from the horizon. The clear sky was like a wide, shining and unforgettable road, like a galaxy.
Cavalry soldiers came early to take care of the horses and prepare for the battle. When a group of scouts rode out of the village, the women and children in the village watched them go away and watched them for a long time. They ran to a small hill covered with Chaoyang bricks. Li Yaohe, the squad leader, looked back and kicked the stirrup of Wu Changqing, the vice squad leader next to them.
"Look at the village in front of you. There seem to be some riders coming …"
More than a few! There are about dozens of knights shrouded in a layer of pink gauze, like dust and fog, passing through the village like a smoke.
"There is a situation to stop moving forward!" Monitor Li Yaohe ordered
The cavalry used to quickly disperse into a gray scattered phalanx. The dozens of riders stopped their horses in half a mile and changed to trot. Judging from their costumes, one of them should be old hair. An officer took out a pistol and waved it overhead, giving a call. Dozens of troops changed their formations and suddenly rushed to the China cavalry.
China cavalry’s eyes have been staring at the dozens of people in Chilai. The officer in protective color runs at the front. He has a pistol in his hand, and the rest of the cavalry is waving a white saber and shouting.
"Are you ready?" Monitor Li Yaohe asked steadily
"I’m ready," Wu Changqing, the vice monitor, replied by pushing a hat brim with one hand. "Let’s see who finishes the index first!"
“!” Li Yaohe said one by one, the stirrup horse jumped out, and at the same time, the rifle in his hand rang across the street and rushed to the front of the Russian officer’s chest, bursting with a wisp of blood and falling off his horse.
Li Yaohe didn’t look at the officer’s appearance when he landed, regardless of whether it was fired again by the rifle stepped by the cavalry behind him. One of the cavalry was hit by a bullet. He couldn’t hold the reins, but he quickly and strangely waved his arms and slid from the saddle to one side. When his horse suddenly stopped and fell heavily into the wetland, his arms and legs shook rapidly, but his head couldn’t move. A bullet had already penetrated his skull.
The bullets roared and flew over, half shot, and rushed at a high speed. Inside the body, like some other people, they slammed something, and for a moment, the Soviet cavalry kept getting shot.
The two cavalry crossed each other, but after the Russian side passed by, it was like being screened. People fell off the horse, and the grass was trampled again by the horse behind them. They couldn’t die any more, but they hung the stirrup and eventually slowed the horse down.
"Monitor, you stole the step!" Wu Changqing, the vice squad leader, reined in his horse. "It’s not fair that the referee is your athlete and you!"
"I’m at most a starter. Is it a referee?" Li Yaohe said, "Isn’t it like this to run faster than anyone when I was a child?"
"Always can’t win!"
"Don’t say this for the first time, at most, let you start." Li Yaohe tightened his reins and touched his sweaty and smooth eyes. Look at the fallen Russian officer. "It’s a second lieutenant. It’s estimated that their infantry is almost here. If there is no mistake, Wu Changqing will please go back and report the situation. My brother and I will continue to search forward."
"good!" Wu Changqing, the vice monitor, ran away without any nonsense. Li Yaohe led the scouts to move on, regardless of the bodies of the main horses.
Intelligence reflects Liu Shaochuan here Liu Shaochuan excited instead of worrying about more enemies "come on! Our group has been waiting for them for a long time to come at this time, but it is also the right time! " Liu Shaochuan simply roared that he had heard the news that the Russian army was retreating before he came.
Without shaving, Liu Shaochuan has simply become another person. His pig iron is as big as Cheren’s sideburns, and his face seems to melt and condense; A pair of evil Zhang Fei’s eyes showed fierce light, and he kept playing with his whip and squinted at the cavalry troops lined up in front of him.
Guo Fengda gawking eyes looking at the front; Song Yuli fumbled with his dirty hands and blinked his eyes. Behind him were those quiet faces. The expression was so quiet that they said they were a group of veterans and a group of killing machines. No matter they faced powerful enemies or weak enemies, they could impress their hearts.
Ouyang riding a livid horse beside Liu Shaochuan narrowed his eyes and watched; Then he gasped evenly, and his army and helmets were meticulously dressed and sat straight.
Shaking his bushy head as if he were aware of the old cow with the collar and yoke; The whole second row of Cossacks bowed their heads, which was like praying; The silence of the mixed crowd made everyone gasp hard.
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Liu Shaochuan raised his rifle and shouted "Kill the enemy!"
"Kill the enemy!" The regiment shouted loudly
"Attack" Liu Shaochuan waved his hand, and the cavalry team moved slowly, changing its formation and rushing in the direction of the enemy.
The cavalry began to run slowly, getting faster and faster as they approached the enemy.
"kill! ….. "Liu Shaochuan shouted like thunder. He shouted like a crowd exploding shrapnel. The cavalry drove their horses to the highest speed, and their rifles had been raised.
"kill!" Intense audio-visual horseshoe swells and thunders, and a thunderbolt explodes.
Many horseshoes trample on the ground, trembling and humming dully. The green background of the grassland fluctuates like waves, and the infantry figure not far away collides head-on like a black bush.
The war horse galloped at the fastest speed, curled up on all fours, and then stretched out to fly. Generally, it jumped more than ten meters.
The cavalry raised their rifles, and then the guns rang and screamed, mixed with crackling guns. One by one, they whizzed over the sky, and the long sound of playing pierced the glass.
Play dozens of times faster than the horse, break away from the cavalry, take the lead in breaking into the infantry range, knock down their weak bodies, and then the horses surge like a tide and drown the infantry like beach sand!
Infantry gray crowd ran around the grassland, the machine guns kept ringing and the cavalry screamed like a sector, and the infantry was unstoppable. After being rushed by the cavalry, they could no longer see their figure, leaving a corpse and horseshoe prints. The cavalry continued to fly, and the horseshoe raised dust like cotton wool.
The soldiers at the front line of the 316th Infantry Regiment knew that the Russian army was coming, but they didn’t see a large number of troops. They were wondering that a soldier stood up from the trench and shouted, "Look, there are some riders coming … the enemy is coming …"
Three knights emerged from the veil-like mist and walked along the railway to the 316th regiment defense line.
"Company-team ready-fight-fight!" The company commander ordered that although there were three people, they should be on high alert.
Ten cavalry stopped in front of them and quickly formed a long snake. In the long snake, a knight broke away from the crowd and the horse was trotted all the way to the position. At a distance, he knew it was an officer. He took out a white handkerchief and shook his head.
"What for?" Position soldiers stick your head out to ask.
The officer "to negotiate" raised his hand to the brim to answer whether it was normal Chinese or standard Beijing film. You can tell that he was an official and he was from China!
"Which one of you is the leader?"
"I," the company commander said, "I’m the company commander. I’m in charge here!"
"I’m here to negotiate with you on behalf of the Soviet Siberian-Far East Army …" The officer looked at the company commander tightly and touched the sweaty and smooth neck of the horse. "Please inform your supreme commander that I want to negotiate with him!"
"Are you from China? What stands out for Lao Mao? " The company commander asked tone is very uncomfortable.