When I got home, I told my grandma what I had just encountered with the troupe and asked me to note that the troupe said it was a coincidence that it came.

I nodded and said that it was in accordance with the words that prompted an invisible paper man to go to the troupe to spy on the situation.
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When the paper man arrived at the troupe, I saw that the foreman was smiling all the time. At the moment, he was sulking and smoking heavily. Someone came to ask the next class to pick him up. The foreman said that he would wait until dark.
The foreman ordered the man to ask the village chief about their accommodation and food arrangements.
The man was ordered to go to the foreman to sit on the stage and lean against the back of the chair and close his eyes. He glanced at the foreman and then kept quiet.
It wasn’t long before the man who had just left returned to the stage again and told the foreman that he would send three meals a day. The stage was in a place where he rested late, and the village chief said that he would arrange them to the villagers’ homes in a scattered way.
The foreman opened his eyes and ordered those people to bring back the things needed for the broken platform when they went to pick up people at night.
Then, with the flow of stage car, I came to the village head troupe, where everyone found a place to rest on their own stage, and there was nothing unusual.
Lianke stealth paper man came here and I told grandma what I saw just now.
Grandma didn’t express her opinion and asked me again. Can there be an invisible paper man tracking the white clouds now?
My former grandmother had already woken up and asked me to take back the invisible paper man in the white clouds. I also agreed at that time, but I never took back the invisible paper man in the white clouds. At this moment, my grandmother asked me whether I should tell her the truth.
"Confess leniently and resist strictly." Grandma looked at me with a smile.
"Er, I’m still tracking". When I heard grandma’s words, I immediately chose to confess and be lenient.
"Then look at what you are doing in the white clouds these days." I resolutely chose to be frank and lenient. Grandma smiled and Xie Yiming shook his head with a smile.
I was a little surprised that grandma didn’t blame me, but asked me to track down the invisible paper men in the white clouds. After I calmed down, I followed my words.
But in the message of the invisible paper man, I saw that Baiyun had been waiting for him these days. During the day, he took four people to the villa in Baiyun to predict the fortune and view the Yin and Yang houses.
I noticed that the four people brought in during the day were all from the fz news program that appeared on the day of the high-level exchange of blood in fz city.
When these people first saw the clouds, they were all professional expressions. With the fortune-telling in the clouds, the personal eyes of Yin and Yang began to change, from unbelievable to finally pleasing.
Those individuals seem to be very grateful for the different opinions given in the promotion and the master’s giving away a lot of objects without asking for a penny.
At noon this afternoon, Baiyun received a message from the other party that some reporters in Baiyun who were possessed by ghosts of spectre level were out of their control.
In Baiyun, the other party said that someone helped those individuals, so people helped those reporters, and they haven’t found out yet
The unhappy expression in the white clouds made the other side find out which one helped. Those reporters said that once they found out, they would never be lenient.
After hanging up, Baiyun called Yang Yuanzhao to inquire about how Yang Yuanzhao’s search for corpse Dan was going.
Yang Yuanzhao said that according to the clues that people who specialize in ancient poetry have seen from the poems, he thought that he should find the exact location of the corpse Dan soon.
Baiyun praised Yang Yuanzhao for hanging up a few words before dialing a strange number.
I heard the other party tell me that the best corpse has been found in Baiyun, and the mother said that the baby can be taken out tonight, and that the mother baby girl has been confirmed.
After hearing the news, the fundus in the white clouds bursts with ejaculation light and tells the other party to be extra cautious.
After the other party should hang up, it is difficult to hide the excitement in the white clouds. The Dojo room is rubbing hands and pacing.
Just now, I called Bai Linger in Baiyun to ask if Bai Linger got up and said that he wanted to invite Bai Linger to dinner.
Bai Linger asked with deep drowsiness what was the happy event in Baiyun, which said that he had not seen Bai Linger for a long time. As a father, he just missed his daughter very much.
Then Bai Linger should have lunch with Bai Yunzhong, and leave the Dojo House in Bai Yunzhong to drive to Bai Linger’s house.
Seeing this, I’m tracking Bai Linger’s invisible paper man.
From the message of the invisible paper man, I saw Bai Linger. On the day Xie Yiming and I returned to Zi Shan, we sent Lv Xiaobei to track the whereabouts of Xie Yiming and me.
Lv Xiaobei: Xie Yiming and I left the Arc de Triomphe and drove straight out of fz city. We returned to Bai Linger’s house and told Bai Linger what Xie Yiming and I did from the time we left home early to the time we left the Arc de Triomphe again.
Bai Linger asked Lv Xiaobei why he didn’t continue to follow Lv Xiaobei and said that he suspected that he would go home every time we went home, but he wouldn’t appear again in our room and he couldn’t get in.
Bai Linger sent Lv Xiaobei to track us in the early hours of the next morning. When Lv Xiaobei returned again, he told Bai Linger that Xie Yiming and I had left fz and didn’t know where to go.
Bai Linger was very unhappy with the news and scolded Lv Xiaobei for not tracking us well, but losing us in the end.
Lv Xiaobei’s wooden expression lowered his hand and made no excuses before Bai Linger, who denounced him.
The more Bai Linger talked, the more grumpy she became. She picked up a bottle of powdery things that didn’t know what was in her hand and splashed Lu Xiaobei’s face.
As Bai Linger moved, Lu Xiaobei’s cheeks swelled up instantly, and Lu Xiaobei’s body trembled and he still maintained a wooden expression and lowered his posture in front of Bai Linger.
Seeing this, I clenched my fist and stared at the picture. Bai Linger was worried that there would be a step to torture Lv Xiaobei.
After Bai Linger poured powder in the bottle on Lu Xiaobei’s face, he slammed the bottle and left Lu Xiaobei’s room with a cold hum.
Fast forward to the message of the invisible paper man. I saw that Bai Linger didn’t continue to be difficult after that anger. Lv Xiaobei.
When calculating, Lv Xiaobei was punished by Bai Linger last night, but it was not until this moment that I saw Lu Xiaobei’s cheek swollen again in Bai Linger’s room, and there was no sign of recovery.
Disconnecting and tracking Bai Linger’s invisible paper man in the white clouds, I converged my emotions and told my grandmother that I had just tracked the invisible paper man in the white clouds to get the message.
After listening, grandma asked Xie Yiming to call Jiang Yan to wake him up before acting. It is even more important to be secretive. After calling Jiang Yan, Xie Yiming told grandma that his master’s mobile phone was still on.
"What’s it like to reprimand your master for being such an adult?" Grandma told Xie Yiming.
"Grandma, I dare not reprimand my master for being a teacher for life. I can’t live without telling my master that temper." Xie Yiming frowned.
"Yes, grandma, where is the apprentice to reprimand the master? You can wake up Grandpa Yan after you turn around." I met Xie Yiming and blamed Jiang Yan on grandma.
"The wicked let grandma when, but grandma is used to being a white face." Grandma looked at me and Xie Yiming and replied with a smile.
Hearing grandma’s answer, Xie Yiming and I smiled at each other.
At noon, I practiced at home, and I stopped by the village stage, where the invisible paper man stage changed.
It was not until the evening that someone left the stage and said that he was going to meet someone in town.
At ten o’clock in the evening, a van arrived at the stage and stopped. Seven men and women came from the van. I noticed a woman with a white mask on her right cheek.