Lin Jin sighed and did it again. The result was still like that. She was as hard as a plank root and couldn’t move like a teacher. Even those chubby people did better than her.

How come… Feel your body should be quite soft, right? As a result, you can’t even do the most basic moves?
Lin Jin gritted her teeth and tried to push her body down, but she felt that her lower abdomen suddenly twitched slightly, and then her lower abdomen cramped …
Opened his eyes wide, Lin Jin’s abdomen smoked so hard that she almost cried out in pain.
"Are you all right?" Aside, Chen Xinya found that Lin Jin had some twisted faces and reached out and patted her back. "Otherwise, I will help you rub it?"
Lin Jin was about to cry. She obviously heard the cattle watching and laughing.
Mom, these guys who build happiness on others’ pain! It’s a pee with a black cat!
"If you have a cramp, have a rest." Fortunately, the teacher was reasonable and motioned Chen Xinya to help Lin Jin to the bench.
"Just rub it. It’s really easy to cramp your stomach just after practicing." Chen Xinya sat next to Lin Jin. "Are you okay?"
"It’s okay." Lin Jin sighed. Why should she suffer from this evil?
I feel that the meat in my lower abdomen seems to be tangled together, and I twitch every few seconds, which is even worse than when my period came.
Chen Xinya’s little hand tried to help Lin Jin rub her belly, but Lin Jin, a virgin, had never been touched by a woman. This relatively private place immediately pushed Chen Xinya away with righteous words, which almost touched her belly hand.
I am so depressed
Lin Jin hasn’t experienced cramps very much. I vaguely remember that a cramp happened three years ago when she was asleep in a winter, but she didn’t know that she stretched her legs, and then her calf just kept pumping. Although she looked thin and weak, she still had four abdominal muscles before she met a black cat.
It turned out to be soft … I almost collapsed after jogging around.
The body is getting weaker and weaker.
Lin Jin suspects that if she goes like this again, it may become a reality. Sister Lin may wait until the feminization is 100%, and she will take two steps and sit on the ground.
Thinking about my heart, my lower abdomen doesn’t hurt so much. I rubbed my lower abdomen and it’s almost the same.
Lin Jin suddenly got up and glared at those guys who had nothing to do at the entrance of the sports room. He picked up a wooden bench and strode towards those guys.
Have you been watching me make a fool of myself for more than ten minutes? ! It’s not too much to charge some tickets!
Chapter 74 73 Can I help you? 【 Reward and add more 】
Lin Jin’s cold face was holding a wooden bench with one hand, and her left hand was still slightly cramped. She strode to the gate of the sports room and glanced at a dozen animals in front of the gate.
Before opening Wenxuan leader, more than a dozen boys have dispersed, and six of them can tremble and look at the imposing Lin Jin, kneeling and shouting at Lin Jin one by one, never again.
Unfortunately, this is Lin Jin’s wishful thinking.
"Yes, Lin Jin, it’s really a big sacrifice for the boys in the enemy’s department to benefit the class." Wenxuan laughed and wanted to lean in. Lin Jin didn’t hesitate to knock the wooden stool upright, scaring Wenxuan back.
"Have you seen enough!" Lin Jin felt ashamed and almost lost to grandma’s house, yelling at her eyes and still not dispersing five classmates. "You see what you look like! One by one like peeping tom hide here to see! Have the guts to go in and look at it! "
"Oh ~" Wenxuan’s first five boys should look at each other and then really come in.
Lin Jin’s eminence burst into a puff and his lungs were almost blown up. The bench quickly took a few steps forward and grabbed Wenxuan’s collar and gnashed his teeth at him. "Do you just want to see me make a fool of myself? !”
"You let me in …" Wenxuan looked koo.
"Go in and see but …"
Lin Jin lowered her voice, her voice trembled and her face was ferocious. Wenxuan was worried that Lin Jin would get sick and hurriedly shook his head.
"I’ll let you see it for ten dollars each."
"What?" Wenxuan was stunned and almost didn’t react. I couldn’t believe it and asked Lin Jin, "What did you say?"
"Give me ten yuan for tickets, and I promise you won’t be thrown out." Lin Jin instantly lost her angry look, and her big eyes blinked at Wenxuan for a few times, revealing some smiles. "I really want ten yuan, and it doesn’t hurt at all. Look at those girls who are doing yoga in tights. That Feng Jing is in great shape. I just watched the thief behind her."
Wenxuan looked at Lin Jin with a full face of Meng.
"And you are mainly to see me make a fool of yourself, right? That’s even more expensive, right? I can’t fiddle with the teacher for nothing, can I? " Lin Jinyin is a little lower for fear that others will know that she is preparing a dirty business here. "You go and tell those men that we can never lose you if we make money 50-50."
"You are such a avarice …"
"Oh, you found out!" Lin Jin’s eyes smiled into a crescent moon
Wenxuan rolled his eyes. Although he was very interested in Lin Jin’s business, he always felt that this kind of thing didn’t seem to suffer. He hesitated. "What if they don’t buy tickets?"
"Then I have reason to kick them out." Lin Jin’s face turned black at once. "And I’ll ask Chen Xinya to help me call on those girls to kick you out by themselves."
"Just say that you all YY their posture in the back of bed" threatened Lin Jin shamelessly.
How did Lin Jin know that we just talked about this?
Wenxuan was frightened to disgrace. Just now, a group of them not only talked about the posture of those girls’ beds, but also brought Lin Jin into the discussion because of the pain of idle eggs.
If Lin Jin found out, she definitely didn’t ask for tickets in this kind of pleasant manner, but just picked up the wooden bench and smashed it at them.
"I think I can try to persuade them to buy tickets!" Wenxuan immediately agreed with Lin Jin’s request, "Wait for me, I’ll talk to them, but don’t hope."
"Go, go," said Lin Jin, very satisfied with the effect of her threat. She just smashed a few benches and straightened her legs to wait for Wenxuan’s good news.
But after all, they are all college students, and their IQ is not that low. What’s important is that those girls are not so attractive. There are almost no pure-hearted guys in Lin Jin’s class who can arouse curiosity for a while. After curiosity, they become a little boring and refuse Wenxuan’s proposal one by one, and gradually disperse.
Sitting on the bench, Lin Jin was satisfied that the cattle dispersed one by one. Anyway, she said that collecting tickets was just an excuse to expel.
"Well, let’s go running." Wenxuan glanced at Lin Jin guiltily and then turned around and left with those animals.
Lin Jin finally breathed a sigh of relief. After no one was watching, she suddenly felt lighter. Looking back, she looked at the female students who were still doing yoga under the guidance of the teacher, and her face suddenly drooped again.
It’s so annoying. I don’t want to do yoga with a group of girls
I took out my mobile phone and glanced at the screen lock page. It was a black cat showing laziness to the disadvantages. To sum up, this time, I must make sure that physical education class, a girl from Cheng Shen, has a stomachache and sprained her ankle.
Consistent with Lin Jin’s previous guess
With a heavy face, Lin Jin’s cramp belly is now intact. According to the black cat’s request, she must go to physical education class now or follow the teacher to do yoga.
At this time, the teacher doesn’t know what to call it. Anyway, it’s much more difficult to look at it than to cramp Lin Jin’s abdomen. The teacher’s legs are at a 90-degree angle, and even the left leg is pressed. This move is very difficult. Few girls next to her can do it as standard as the teacher, and only Chen Xinya and a few girls can do it to that extent.
After trying a little, Lin Jin, the most expert, grabbed her toes and couldn’t press her feet. She felt that she should give up this exercise or directly tell the teacher that she was not suitable for yoga.
"You are in poor health." The teacher got up and made a tour, then squatted beside Lin Jin and frowned slightly. "Except for the worst in your class, nothing will make you like this."
"I can’t help it. My bones are hard." Because the teacher treated Lin Jin as a younger sister, Lin Jin responded with her royal sister’s voice.