Kong Zhende was silent for a moment and looked at Yuanyijing with a complicated look.

"Have you ever heard of the Skynet Army or the Renaissance Association?"
Yuan Yijing wondered, "What is this?"
See if he doesn’t look like a fake Kong Zhende took a sip of his lips and shook his head.
"I don’t know, forget it … it’s rare for a person of your status to read Hongwu’s political theory dozens of times."
Yuan Yijing smiled bitterly.
"Which have what identity? I have been ruined since I was a child, but I have been full of revenge since I was a child, only to find that I have never done anything and lived a good life.
However, it seems that I have seen a different life. I never thought that there would be a person with such courage to make such an earth-shattering event, so I know that we can’t overcome it. "
Kong Zhende smell speech came to the front of Yuanyijing and gave it back to Yuanyijing.
"You said that you have never lived a good life, so have you ever thought about living a life without caring about yourself and your ideals?"
Yuan Yijing leng yi.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, have you ever thought that maybe you don’t have to commit suicide?"
Kong Zhende smiled slightly. "What would you think if I said you could try to take a new path? Do you want to see a big country with your own eyes? "
Yuan Yijing instantly understood Kong Zhende’s meaning.
Then his face suddenly became a little cramped.
"I … I’m a defeated general who betrayed my brother and Japan … I don’t deserve to live."
"Since I have seen this for dozens of times, I think you should not die so easily for your brother and this country."
Kong Zhende sighed and said slowly, "Can you ask your ministries for mercy and read their sufferings? I think this is where you and your brother are different from each other in this country … what else but oppression and exploitation?
A country where you have never brought anything, a country where you have to do your best in life, a country where you can’t do anything when you need it, is it worth dying for? "
Yuan Yijing lowered his head, his eyes rested on the ground for a long time and he couldn’t speak.
It’s a little hard for him to accept the fact that Su Yonglin said everything from the bottom of his heart.
Unifying thoughts and new ideas at the same time, he saw the sufferings of the people and the extravagance of officials and nobles. He sympathized with the sufferings of the people but lacked the motivation and execution to change the status quo.
So he was in great pain at one time.
In the face of the army’s massive attack, on the one hand, he wanted his brother to do something, on the other hand, he saw the army’s position and thought it was a meaningless war.
So he wants to die to get rid of such pain.
However, Kong Zhende’s words made him passively shake his will to die
Can he get a new life?
Is he qualified to pursue new life?
"Great plans have been made for Japan after the war."
Kong Zhende whispered, "Most of the difficulties in Japan’s living environment are really not suitable for development and health. There is not so much effort to rectify the decision here to relocate most of the Japanese population to Liaodong and Northwest China for reclamation."
The remaining population of about one million people will be retained in Japan, which mainly needs mines, ports and the development of mining, commerce and agriculture in the great plains near Anjing. The future of Japan is a functional provincial orientation.
The main population will live in Liaodong and Northwest China. They will get land, houses and farming tools to become big citizens. They will be educated, literate and read, and they will be taught that they are Xu Fu, the alchemist of Qin State, and the descendants of 3,000 boys and girls are not outsiders but their own. "
Yuan Yijing listened to one leng one leng.
These words were so informative that he didn’t react for a while.
For a long time, he reacted slightly and grasped the most important part of it.
"They will also receive education?"
"Didn’t you read Hongwu’s political theory?"
Kong Zhende nodded, "Let the people receive education, open up people’s wisdom, cultivate people’s independent spirit, and make them have independent national consciousness instead of imperial slaves. This is an important link in the education of the Great Revolution."
There is no doubt that Japanese nationals are a group of slaves, which is also convenient for generals. They are reluctant to go to bitter cold places when they move to big citizens. Of course, they will become big citizens in the future and they are also qualified for education. "
"Educate millions of people?"
Yuan Yijing exclaimed, "This is a huge consumption. How much will it cost?"
"This investment in education is not too much compared with the fact that they can give big taxes and other benefits after they become talents."
Kong Zhende laughed. "And don’t underestimate that after the big financial resources have swept away all the exploiters, the education problem of 100 million people in a big country with great wealth and special wealth has been solved. What about millions more?"
Yuan Yijing suddenly has something to say.
"Hongwu political theory is true? Everything the emperor said has become a fact? "
"If you doubt it’s true, why don’t you go and see it with your own eyes?"
Kong Zhende stretched out his hand and pointed to the western position. "If you like, you can go with these people to have a big look, see if the big citizens are living workers and see what they have become. I can say that they have become human beings."
Yuan Yijing didn’t know what to say after listening to it. He felt that no amount of words could catch up with him.
But a traitor, is he really qualified to live and be reborn?
He didn’t know
But it seems that it is much better to live for such a reason than to die for the former interesting reason.
Yuan Yijing was shaken violently.
Chapter 1664 The end of the war Beiyang expedition fleet
Kong Zhende won’t stay where he is without a tangled person.
After enlisting Yuan Yijing’s surrender team, he continued to lead the army to attack Suruga, which was unstoppable.
What happened afterwards was no accident at all.
The northern political situation didn’t catch up with the collapse of Kaga State, but Feiqing State caught up with Su Jue and led the North Army.
He led 6,000 troops to unite with the troops of the flying countries, and did his best to fight against evil and the military war. He led more than 500 warriors to ride horses and charge in an unstoppable manner.
Then it was wiped out by a wave of counter-charges from the army cavalry.
The northern political situation is dead, and finally, the cavalry didn’t even leave a corpse. Half of the body was trampled by the horse’s hoof, and half of the body was still intact, which kept a trace of face.
But what’s the point of this face?
Not can also keep a complete head.
Beitiao’s reinforcements and Feiqing countries were killed by the army together, and Su Jue led the army to March into China in great strides.
On the other hand, the local source of the letter-rich country, Lai Chao, has found all the people who can master riding in the local area, whether soldiers or not, and they have been given weapons to let them fight in the battlefield and bloody battles.
Yuanlaichao brought 15,000 soldiers, local knights of Canada, and knights of Japan, with a total strength of 20,000, which is very large.
It can be said that this is the first time since the 30,000 main force in Pingan, that there are 20,000 formed troops facing the army source Lai Chao, and they feel confident that even if they can’t completely defeat the army, they can believe that the rich country can curb the pace of the army.
So he decided to give up guarding the city and seek a decisive battle with the main army.