"Did everyone get the pulp washing pills?" Muhai shouted

"Yes," everyone answered together.
"That’s good to get another set of achievement methods from all of us, so that the cultivation speed of this achievement method is several times faster than the current achievement method." Muhai said.
"Great, thank you, Mr. Mu."
"You’re welcome. Consider me a little compensation."
Say that finish MuHai put achievement method formula said to get up.
These villagers try to remember.
Muhai instructed them to practice the formula just now until everyone knew Muhai.
How can you hide your privacy if you dare to do your own thing and don’t kill the villagers Muhai?
"Don’t you have to do anything without my consent?" Muhai said coldly
Hearing this, these villagers also knew that the matter was serious and nodded in succession.
"If anyone goes out privately, don’t blame me for not caring about the past."
Say that finish MuHaiShen thick murderous look crazy chung.
Murderous but with a cold momentum.
Whenever the villagers encounter murderous look, they can’t help but feel a fear from the heart.
Until Muhai withdrew his murderous look, their bodies felt much better.
"How strong is this Mr. Mu?" A villager couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat and said
"unfathomable!" Another villager said
Now when the villagers look at Muhai, they are awed by worship and gratitude.
Seeing the villagers’ appearance, Muhai could not help secretly nodding.
To manage others, you must be gracious and achieve the best results.
Today, Muhai will let them know that they have dignity as well as kindness.
Chapter 317 Distribution LingShi
"Brother Zhao, you called the backbone of the village and we went to the village meeting room." Muhai said.
"good!" Zhao Qingguo said.
The meeting room in the village was actually built with Muhai funds.
In addition to the conference room, there are activity rooms, parks, recreation rooms and so on.
The conference room is a five-story building, and the bottom floor is a conference room for one person.
On the fourth floor, there are various meeting rooms and training rooms of different sizes.
Soon the leaders of each group of village cadres were called to the conference room on the second floor.
Muhai sat in the middle of the front row.
"It is very important to call everyone here today."
"Presumably, everyone knows that the world is changing in chaos, and many ordinary people are dying in various corners of the world."
"Although the Dragon State has a secret department, the number is too small to manage the country."
"In the future, the rural dragon kingdom may give up," Mu Hai solemnly said.
Hearing this, the backbone faces of these villages showed horror.
"What about Mr Mu?" The old village head asked.
"It is natural to call everyone here today so that everyone can cope with the future crisis," Mu Hai said.
"What exactly does Mr. Mu do? You arrange for us to listen." The old master asked.
"It’s simple. You still need strong strength to cope with future crises."
"Just now, I’ve given you the pills for washing marrow, but these things are to speed up your practice."
"If you really want to reach a high level, you need to work together."
"Of course, farmland can’t be abandoned. Everyone should be busy when they are busy."
"When everyone reaches the golden state, they can live by aura without eating grains."
Muhai talked in detail about the ways to cope with this world change.
"One purpose of calling you here today is to give you some resources to speed up your practice," Mu Hai said.
"Cultivate resources?"
The backbone of the village all show doubts.
Muhai smiled and took out a small piece of Lingshi, which surprised everyone’s eyes.