Outside the ancient city of Fangfengshuang

The awning kept whistling. Although it was hundreds of thousands of miles away, it was still shocking to hear that people could imagine the spectacular and destructive power of this war.
This is a desperate attempt. If it happens, I’m afraid the earth will be beyond recognition. Every sword mark is enough to cut into a deep valley forever.
"Dao Bing and Guo Yi are both incomparable strong men. This world war I is definitely the best Junjie peak battle in the Northern Wilderness and the Eastern Wilderness. If Guo rogue wins, there will be a lot of drama today. The most outstanding female brother of Taoism was ruined by a rogue in the Northern Wilderness. The whole Taoism is estimated to be crazy."
"Tao Bing is the first beauty of Taoism, and she is regarded as a goddess friar, and tens of millions of pursuers are even more ignorant, but there is no one who can really sleep. If Guo Yin thief sleeps her, I am afraid that there will be several heroes in the east who will kill him at the gate of his compound early in the morning to fight to the death."
"Tao Bing Xiu is powerful and inexplicable, and the younger generation in the East Wilderness can definitely rank among the top ten, which is higher than Guo Yi’s. If she wins, there must be a lot of drama to see. It’s impossible to say that the first game will be against Taoism."
"That’s right. In recent years, Huohuo has recovered seven ancient roads in a row. The forces of the five holy religions are no longer there, and there is a statue of the ancient emperor, Phoenix, which is very powerful. If it is the first day, it will definitely be incomparable with the Taoist war."
Outside the weathered ancient city, all the monks are speculating about the outcome of the war.
A series of loud noises came to see a fireball flying from the square. Two figures flashed several swords in the fireball and finally smashed the ground directly, shaking the earth with a quiver of smoke and dust.
When the dust is gone, Guo Yi holds the hilt in both hands to nail the ice and bury the heavenly sword on the ground. The blood springs on her right shoulder side are still surging, and the sword is also dyed red, and her clothes are also dyed red.
Dao Bing wants to climb from the ground, but the explosive weaving of Tian Jian Jian Mang is held down by Guo Yi and her root can move a point.
Guo Yi’s hair is messy and his body is covered with several blood stains, but now the ice has fallen and he is still alive.
"Do you admit defeat?" Guo Yidao
"Denying" said that the ice lay on the ground and grabbed the buried heavenly sword blade, trying to forcibly pull it out of the body, but her hand had already been punctured by the sword blade and dropped several scars.
Another stubborn woman!
Guo Yi met many stubborn women, so she can’t be cruel. The more cruel you are, the more stubborn she will be with you, even if she dies, she won’t admit defeat.
"That’s all right! I admit defeat! " Guo Yi pulled out the buried heavenly sword from her body and looked at her with pity. The sword came back to its sheath with a deep sigh, "You won this game, so you can raise yourself and hurt us."
"Hum, if you lose, you lose. Who wants you to pity me? I lost this game." Dao Bing raised a magic bullet from the ground, and the scars on his body soon healed, and even a trace of scars could not be seen.
Guo Yi’s heart suddenly smiled to deal with such stubborn women, and they would be disgusted, and they would be able to achieve their desired results by retreating.
"How to compare the second game?" Guo Yi asked.
Dao Bing gritted his teeth and said coldly, "I compete with you?"
"Than life?" Guo Yidao
"That’s right, it’s harder than life to cultivate immortality, so whoever can live. You know, there are many people who can live to the end, but they don’t die," said Dao Xin
Guo Yi nodded. "That’s right, but … can this life be compared?"
"Of course, you can know that once you reach the realm of Tao, you will have the soul of Tao. Even if the Tao is broken into flesh and blood, you can reorganize it, but this is not necessarily the case. If the number of broken bodies reaches a certain limit, the cultivator will still die completely. Whoever breaks his body more times will win."
Guo Yi suddenly smiled. I’m afraid there is no one harder than his own life!
The star Lord’s realm can break his body for twelve times and never die. Now he has reached the peak of Daozu. Even he doesn’t know how many times his body will break before he will die completely. It is simply looking for abuse to compete with him.
"Miss Dao Bing, if you lose this game again, I’m afraid you’ll sleep in my arms tonight. Why don’t we change it?" Guo yi laughed
Dao Bing was confident in himself and sneered, "Are you afraid?"
"No, no, I’m … I’m afraid that there are not many women who default after you lose." Guo Yi laughed.
Ice way "lose what’s the big deal I have to default? Is it not to accompany you to sleep? If I am overwhelmed by ghosts, I may not lose. "
"all right! I’m superficial. If women can think like you, it would be great. "Guo Yi still laughs.
Life is more dangerous than life. If you are not careful, you may really disappear. Even Guo Yi and Dao Bing are so strong that they are serious at this time.
Almost at the same time, both of them were smashed by each other’s hands, and their bodies were all melted in the blood fog. There is still a soul sitting in the blood fog, and it is radiant and powerful.
This is just a semi-holy level cultivator like Dao Bing, who will soon be able to re-condense the Taoist body.
Of course, Guo Yi’s speed is faster, and almost in an instant, he re-condenses the Taoist body. "Forget it, it’s too boring. Let’s break it ten times at a time to show you what life is hard."
Guo Yi made a surprising statement that he would directly break the Taoist body ten times in a row, but it was also very easy. Generally, he was arrogant. You should know that if the ordinary Taoist body is broken four times, it will die completely, even if the talented cliff generation is seven or seven times.
And Guo Yi is ten times in one bite, which is even more amazing than that he can do it ten times a night.
Chapter 7 If you lose, you have to bear the cost of losing.
High-handed Guo Yi’s hands are ten palms in a row, and each palm is as big as a long Long Xiaotian, who just rushed out and flew back to bomb him.
These ten palms are quite strong, with destructive force, and they break Guo Yi’s body ten times in a row, but when each palm can’t rest for a breath, Guo Yi’s body will condense again, and the recovery speed is staggering.