Sima Keqing said, "Such a sharp sword is far beyond my imagination. I’m afraid I’ve already seen it!"

Xu laughed. "Dead Ma Keqing can handle this sword with ease. If this sword is sharp, it won’t lift anything. Then please ask Ma Keqing to pick me up with another sword."
The words sound just fell and Xu has been haunted again.
This time, Xu directly moved the second largest sword in Hengshan.
The first one contains 35 kinds of changes, while the second one contains 42 kinds of changes.
These 42 kinds of changes have condensed together to make Sima Keqing’s eyebrows deeply screwed up.
Sima Keqing has been very cautious when dealing with this recruit.
After dealing with it, Ma Keqing took a step back and couldn’t believe the tunnel. "Is this … the second biggest trick of Hengshan Jianfa?"
Xu laughed. "Sima Keqing has a good eye."
Sima Keqing screwed up his eyebrows and said, "Did Ge learn by accident or was he a middleman in Hengshan Sword School?"
Xu said with a smile, "It’s the people in Hengshan Sword School, and the three great stories of Hengshan Sword School have reappeared in the world!"
Hearing the news, people around were in uproar. I didn’t expect the three great stories of Hengshan Sword Sect to return to the Jianghu as expected.
The future development of Hengshan Sword School is bound to be much faster, and perhaps it can reproduce the grand scene of that year!
Sima Keqing narrowed his eyes and said, "The pavilion has a good strength and can learn three things. I want to come to Hengshan Sword School for its position!"
Xu smiled and raised his right hand and said, "Don’t you recognize this jade banzhi among Wulin people?"
People cried and looked at Xu Thumb.
For a moment, everyone’s face was shocked.
"That is the symbol of the head of Hengshan Sword Sect!"
"This guy turned out to be the head of Hengshan Sword Sect?"
Jin Shengkai, the dragon enemy, was dazed. He never thought that Xu should have such a heavy identity.
The Dragon Palace is a place to recruit talents, and it doesn’t matter whether others have another identity. Many fighters in the strong group actually have another identity in the Jianghu.
At this time, there is no such thing as the imperial eagle dog, because the imperial court has stopped dealing with Wulin, but sometimes it needs the help of Wulin, and the three magic religions also need Wulin to restrain them
It is really surprising that Xu has the identity of the head of Hengshan Jianfa, and it is also worth discussing.
Sima Keqing has been a little nervous and has not clenched his fist so easily. "It turned out that Xu Zhangmen had the honor to meet each other!"
Xu laughed. "Sima Keqing is very polite."
Now it’s Xu talking and laughing.
SiMaKeQing frowned, knowing that this way to yourself will be scared out of the door by the third largest brand, and it needs to be solved quickly.
SiMaKeQing suddenly has flash blunt go out.
Xu also immediately to meet.
Hengshan Jianfa added the first and the second largest to suppress Sima Keqing’s card.
Then Xu cast out the limit of nineteen swords
This time, Xu cast is limited to 19 swords.
When the nineteen swords converge into one sword, it can achieve the effect of dripping water and penetrating stones, which is stronger than the second largest sword, but inferior to the thunder sword.
Sima Keqing saw that Xu’s moves were getting stronger and stronger, as if the cards would never be finished, and his heart was even more nervous.
While Sima Keqing has been very outstanding posture to avoid Xu moves when Xu suddenly cast out the thunder sword.
The sword of thunder is the second of the five swords in the sky.
Thunder sword is slow, but it can lock all the enemy’s retreat and make the enemy have to thunder sword collision.
This is the passive attribute of the thunder sword!
SiMaKeQing feel locked by this sword after the brow to detain screwed up.
Anyone who is dodged by someone else’s sword locking method must be a little uncomfortable.
It’s a feeling of control.
SiMaKeQing bitten to grind to smash this sword.
There are thirteen changes in Sima Keqing’s moves at this moment, each of which offsets some power of Lei Ming’s sword.
It is after these thirteen changes that the power of Lei Ming Sword remains 10%.
This ten percent has no counterattack force. The back of Sima Keqing’s knife repelled Sima Keqing by more than ten feet.
There was an uproar around.
Sima Keqing also narrowed his eyes and felt that his voice was sweet and he almost spit out blood, but he didn’t spit it out after all and didn’t fall.
"Very good, very powerful sword. It seems that Xu Zhang has a lot of opportunities. In this case, I also want to move my last card! Xu Zhangmen, if you can take my last card, you will win if you don’t fail! "
It seems that the last card is enough to draw all the strength of Sima Keqing.
Xu also narrowed his eyes and his thoughts fell to the third place.
For Xu, Hengshan fencing is the third and last card.