"But young master, even if the news is false, the best we can do is ask them for some reputation loss. How can this mental loss come from?" Tiger vowed to carry the fool to the end, and he must ask the question to the end.

"They say that when I go out after my beautiful image department is destroyed, others will point at me. Even if a younger sister sees us, she won’t associate with us. Plus, if this matter comes to your sister’s ear, although she won’t say anything, she will definitely be sad in the dark. What is this not a mental loss?" Fan Xi-wen turned around and gnashed her teeth and said to the tiger, resenting the tiger’s stupidity and resenting the procuress’s shame.
"Well, we’ll go to Qunfangge for justice, and the loss can’t be less." Once things involve our dry sister, the tiger will never be willing to give up hearing Fan Xiwen’s explanation, so that if we go to our dry sister, we will secretly grieve and shed tears, and the anger will not be rushed.
It’s a great addition to the tiger’s voice, because there is a lot of anger caught in it, which soon attracted everyone’s attention. Tiger hurriedly bowed his head, and Fan Xiwen even put the company aside. Before things were solved, Fan Xiwen decided not to show off for the time being, otherwise he would definitely jump into the Yellow River and wash it off.
After tiger’s instigation and Fan Xiwen’s scrutiny, all the pro-guards were indignant and wanted to get back justice for Fan Xiwen.
They went to Da Qiao for the reason of Da Qiao, and they were usually very kind to them. They didn’t take charge of the mother frame. These pro-guards are respected in their hearts. Now that she listens, Da Qiao will be wronged. Where are these individuals still sitting still?
"What are you doing?" Looking at that there is a table high, Liu Xuanfan cherishes the text in distress situation.
"Brother, I’m going to get justice for my brother," Liu Xuanzhi said childishly.
"Forget it, Xuan’s brother has the heart. Xuan’s son still stays in his room and waits for his brother to come back." Fan Xiwen waved his hand and laughed. Have you ever seen a fight with a seven-year-old child?
Today, Fan Xiwen is really angry. He wants to take people to smash a field this time. The so-called begging for mental loss and reputation loss is just a small heat after the fight.
"Master, let’s eat first? Anyway, he ran there and couldn’t run. If he didn’t eat this morning, it would be easy to have no fighting capacity. "It is also very reasonable to talk about Wang Fan and Wang Fan."
"Your ya is a foodie, why don’t you eat to death?" Fan Xiwen also knows that Wang Fan dialect is very reasonable. Now this group of people have not eaten. If you don’t give force when you hit the store, it will be not fun.
So I ordered a few good dishes, which is both a banquet for Xiao Liuxuan and a reward for my parents. There is a requirement that I should show myself well in the next activities.
Wolf down dinner, Fan Xiwen took people out, but soon Nai ran back, and Wang Fan and others conveniently gave the door.
Outside, literati dressed in very bright colors are rushing here crazily, shouting "Wenxuan Wenxuan" in their mouths. This situation is like a beast of the trend, impacting the hearts of Fan Xiwen and others, and even hiding in the inn, they feel very scared.
"This is the power of fans." Fan Xiwen was in shock. Even if he saw so many enemies on the battlefield, he wouldn’t be afraid. Because he had a pike on the battlefield, Fan Xiwen didn’t even have chopsticks in his hand here.
It’s probably hard to get out of trouble if you are surrounded by so many people.
Difficult to swallow the saliva Wang Fan said to Fan Xiwen, "Master looked at the posture and we went out through the back door." Such a large group of cremation can’t fight and the Lord can’t be taunted.
"Good Wang Fan, you led two people to block here. The rest of you followed the young master to the back door. When the time is right, Wang Fan, you are playing the gate and then mixing it out. We will meet." Fan Xiwen immediately ordered that Wang Fan had nothing to say and was depressed alone there.
Say that finish fan precious little article and went away, of course, without Xiao Liu Xuan, not today, the participants directly took Xiao Liu Xuan to run by hand.
A small gap was pulled at the back door of Longmen Inn to reveal a pair of small eyes. After looking around, the small eyes found that there was no one outside, and then they pulled the back door through a gap and came out. It was a child who looked around the alley outside and shouted "Brother is nobody" at the back door.
Then dozens of figures flashed from Longmen Inn, all bent like thieves.
(Look at the recommendation to make sure that when an outbreak occurs, save your strength before you recommend it, and wait for the outbreak or wait for friends to call Gaga.)
Chapter 10 Climbing the window
It was Fan Xiwen and his party that Fan Xiwen and others bent out of the back door to get to the small alley, just like seeing a ghost. This is what Liu Xuan said: nobody? See outside the alley, scholars are constantly flocking to Longmen Inn, but fortunately they haven’t noticed them yet.
"What about young master?" Asked the tiger
"What else can I do? Get along! Anyway, they don’t know us. "Fan Xi Wen Li said a sentence in his heart, which is quite a language for Liu Xuan.
"It’s quite difficult to get past the young master. Although they don’t know us, someone will think of something just because we are here," said a pro-guard.
"Ah, go back and discuss countermeasures." Fan Xiwen hit a hammer on the wall, and his hatred for Qunfangge and Baihualou was limited.
When everyone went back to the inn again depressed, everyone turned their attention to Fan Xiwen because all the guests in his inn were so worried! There are hundreds of men knocking at the door outside.
Is it necessary to be so excited about a good breakfast? Fortunately, it’s breakfast, otherwise it’s estimated that there will be a big battle in this inn to drown Fan Xiwen.
"I’m sorry that there was a little disturbance outside. It’s definitely the most safe place to have a young master guarding you. If you think it’s noisy outside, the young master can teach you a trick of mental transfer, and treat them as an art to enjoy after singing to you." Fan Xiwen was embarrassed to say to those guests who were watching him.
All the guests suddenly said, if it weren’t for you, where would those scholars outside be like buying food? And have you ev heard such awful music?
But all the guests didn’t say it. Judging from the reaction of the group of scholars outside, this young man with a mouthful of nonsense is noble, even if his identity is not so good, but the dozens of guards with knives behind him are not ordinary people to provoke.
"What’s the matter?" Liu Xi, opposite Longmen Inn, looked back and asked the man some unhappiness.
"Master, the fan children are really romantic. There are dozens of scholars outside Longmen Inn who have asked to see him. As a result, the door has been blocked." The man is wry smile. It seems that this fan’s precious charm is not covered. The posture outside is estimated to be that Cai Zhonglang, a great scholar, is close to the scene.
It’s hard to imagine a ten-year-old boy. How did he get such a high reputation?
"Ha ha so you wait first! Let’s see how he deals with this matter, "said Liu Xi, who was very calm, adding a test to Fan Xiwen temporarily."
"Nuo" male replied to Liu Xi’s fuels that he had a long sword in his hand.
In the inn, Fan Xiwen didn’t know that he was once again temporarily put to a test by his good father Liu Xi. Now Fan Xiwen’s mind is already thinking about how to find Qunfangge and Baihualou’s procuress. As far as this posture is concerned, it seems that these two brothels are definitely not less even selling information.
w w w
But even if they didn’t make any money, Fan Xiwen wouldn’t be soft-hearted. This time, Fan Xiwen came to Beijing to keep a low profile, but his whereabouts were exposed so thoroughly and he was humiliated. Fan Xiwen was very angry. He wanted to vent how many decorations the two brothels could have, depending on whether the pro-guards had eaten enough this morning.
Yes, Fan Xiwen has made up his mind to go out. The first thing to do is to smash the Qunfang Pavilion and Baihua Building.
"I don’t think it’s the right way to go so far." It’s the owner of Longmen Inn who is happy and worried now! I’m glad to have such a good name as Fan Xiwen’s couch. The Longmen Inn will be quite happy in the future, and it’s time to get a new door.
"Boss, is there any convenient way out here?" Fan Xiwen asked
"We are facing a big house next door. Why don’t we go through the window?" The boss thought for a long time and finally came up with an idea.
"If you can’t wait for honor, can you do those window climbing activities?" Van precious little wen hasn’t come to think about this problem Wang Fan immediately objected.
In the eyes of the ancients, climbing a window is a shameful behavior, which is worse than visiting a brothel and drinking sanhua. It is against etiquette. Plus, Fan Xiwen, a county magistrate, is a sesame official, but after all, it represents the image of Le’ an. Visiting a brothel has made the whole city of Luoyang know that it is already very shameful. If you climb the window again, you will have to lower your head to be a man in Wang Fan.
"All right, do something secret. I have a command body." Fan Xiwen’s face is very serious and a bit serious appears in his face.
"Pa" in addition to the two pro-health who are holding the door, all pro-health departments are making a ceremony towards Fan Xi Wen.
"Wang Fan, you take two people to stay here and temporarily stall the rest of them. All of them smashed the Qunfang Pavilion and Baihua Building with less time." Say that finish, Fan Xiwen ordered.
"Yes" all pro-Weiqi should way.
"Please," said Fan Xiwen, turning to the boss.
"Should adults please come with me," said the boss, smiling at Fan Xiwen, and then turned to lead the way.
At this time, after the pro-guard was finished, there was a lot of laughter and laughter, but I couldn’t say how serious Fan Xiwen was. Since the tone of command was changed, everything was military action, and everything was serious.
"Adults can just turn over from here." The boss came to the second floor with a group of people who cherish van Wen, and pushed one of the room windows and said to van Wen.
"Well" Fan Xiwen nodded and took a closer look at the window. It happened to be a garden, and no one there was a good time to climb the wall and smuggle.
"My Lord, I’ll go to scout first," said the tiger.
"Be careful" van precious little nodded and said.
"Haole" tiger answered briskly, then grabbed the window shaft, propped up, stared at the wall with his legs tightly, and then fell easily. Fortunately, it was on the second floor, which is not difficult for training pro-guard soldiers frequently.
Immediately after the tiger jumped, he looked around. When it was confirmed that no one was there, he made a good gesture to Fan Xiwen, and then he waved his hand and all the pro-guards took action one after another.
Chapter 19 You’re an apprentice
"pa" with a light ring Liu Xuan feet fall to the ground fan precious little article a line of people seventy-two people here.
It is such a huge team that it will always be delayed inadvertently. Even the first pro-guards take the initiative to investigate, but at least it is someone else’s home. Pro-guards also control the access to the park, but even so, if someone comes, pro-guards will not be able to knock them out or stop them.
When this family name is so difficult, all the pro-guards secretly took a deep breath, and all the pro-guards were relieved as Liu Xuan landed.
Fan Xiwen waved to the pro-guards who were on the alert, indicating that they could retreat, and Fan Xiwen was also prepared to let the pro-guards explore the path and slip directly through the back door.
It was the emperor who inadvertently played a joke on Fan Xiwen. One day, April Fool’s Day was extended here in Fan Xiwen.
At this time, Fan Xiwen, who has almost completed his merits, is carefully lurking out in the garden by relying on trees with his pro-guard door. What do you think of it like? How do you look like a thief?