I didn’t inform Gai Yi Zuo Tangtang in the game private chat, so I sent it directly.

As soon as I entered Gai Channel, I heard her laugh abnormally. Zuo Tangtang quickly turned down the stereo. It’s still a ghost movie at night!
Before Zuo Tangtang could see what had happened, he heard a Nainan say, "Gai! You calm down! "
"Ha ha! Husband! Do you think this is true? "
"Uh-huh ~"
"Ha ha that’s so funny! Well, I have to hold back … "Gai seems to be aware of his image problem and is trying to hold back for less than a second." Haha! It’s really not working! The more I think about it, the funnier it gets! Bang bang … Ha ha! Haha! "
Listening to the ear, Zuo Tangtang said that she was really going to get drunk about it. It’s very lucky that this product is so careless that it’s rare not to dislike tut-tut.
"Well, stop laughing. What should I do if I laugh and my stomach hurts later?" Bottle gentle said
"Oh, I won’t!" Guy doesn’t care and says
"So in this case, I can leave you alone?" Bottle threatened
"Don’t ~ husband ~ I was wrong! Watch me! " Cover a rare coquetry way
The dialogue is still going on, but Zuo Tangtang suddenly can’t stay, or the two of them don’t feel anything, but Zuo Tangtang is almost envious of all kinds of Xiuen * * statements.
The soul is weak!
Zuo Tangtang slapped a table angrily!
Muzzle that wood! Always busy! Don’t even spend time with her! She is short of calcium and * *! If he is so busy! I will definitely ignore him myself!
Zuo Tangtang is very proud to think.
"All right, cover, I’m going online. You have to go to bed early!" Bottle is very gentle told the lid.
"Uh huh know! Don’t worry about it ~ sweet dreams! "
"Be sure to go to bed early! Don’t play too long! " The bottle is not assured to emphasize again.
"Come on, come on!"
"Don’t perfunctory I know! Going to bed early is good for your health. "
As the bottle spoke, it hit the crooked panel and just wanted to quit when it suddenly appeared on the channel. Zuo Tangtang said, "Ah, hooves are coming!" "
Zuo Tangtang is preparing to quit the channel because she found that these two goods Xiuen * * really want to make her all kinds of envy, jealousy and hate. She can’t stand this stimulus, and the preparation is still a step behind schedule!
"Hey, hey, hey, yeah, I’m coming." Zuo Tangtang was caught laughing awkwardly.
Although it means it, it would be a bit bad to let them know that they have listened to so many words, so Zuo Tangtang quickly added, "I just came here! I listened as soon as I came. Are you leaving? "
"Yeah, yeah, I have to go to work tomorrow!" The bottle replied.
"Hoof hooves! Hoof! " Guy is very cheerful shouting Zuo Tangtang’s name.
"That’s it, then. You play with Gai. I’ve lost my hoof. Bye!"
"Good bottle bye!" Zuo Tangtang said goodbye
"Ah? Wait, I’ll add that you should go to bed early! Don’t stay all night! " The bottle folded back again and said to Zuo Tangtang, "Hoohoo, you help me supervise this cargo. She is not honest!" "
Looking at this heart-covered bottle, although I have some envy in my heart, I am still very happy.
So Zuo Tangtang smiled and answered, "Well, well, you can rest assured! I’ll let Guy go to bed early. "
"Why haven’t you gone! Come on! Come on! Go to sleep! " Guy is somewhat dissatisfied with this nagging.
Bottle nai smiled and dropped out.
"Look at your temper!" Zuo Tangtang also accepted, "You are careful to get angry with the bottle!"
"If you cut your breath, you will go!" Guy is still stubborn there.
"You have to be less duplicitous," Zuo Tangtang scorned. "Don’t tell me if you are so excited to see your bottle."
"oh! Don’t worry, "I heard Zuo Tangtang say that the cover is not good." It’s okay. My bottle has a good temper and won’t go. "
"I don’t think you have a line these two days?"
"Yes, yes." Zuo Tangtang was very sad at the thought of it. "My old lady has to go shopping. I can’t help it. What my old lady said is an imperial edict. I dare not disobey it."
"I’m exhausted." Zuo Tangtang burst into tears. "You don’t know that I have hated shopping since I was a child."
Listen, Zuo Tangtang complains that Gai laughs. "I know what you are not good at! If we get together in reality, I will definitely pull you all day! "
"Do you know what the title of elder sister is?"
"What is it?" Zuo Tangtang gawk asked
"It’s a street fighter!" Guy’s proud is almost going to laugh for three minutes with her hips akimbo.
Zuo Tangtang also wanted to laugh, and the fact was that he did.
Guy is a black line, listening to the slap in the face and laughing, but also hearing Zuo Tangtang’s "stuttering" from time to time? Stuttering! Ha ha! Stuttering! Hahahaha! "
I don’t know if guy is familiar with this scene of abnormal laughter and batting practice. After all, this happened five minutes ago.