In fact, it is very simple to deal with the problem of borrowing equipment, just quit the game and get an iou, and also get an iou in the game to write down the loan terms. Even if it is ok, he will not return at night, and now he can afford to lose this suit of armor.

If you don’t come back at night, you’ll leave with a heavy fire armor.
Lin and Long Zhi discussed it again.
Long Zhi "Go to the Secret Institute?"
Lin "won’t go!"
Long Zhi "What do you mean?"
Lin "Go to the Secret Institute, but don’t go in. I’m going to blow up the valley and bury them in it."
Long Zhi "What?"
Lin "I think there must be something I can’t cope with oss when I go to the institute this time, whether it’s the rebel army or the allied army!"
Long Zhi "What do you think?"
Lin "of course, there is a certain basis! When I was in the army city, I went to the military quartermaster’s office and met a man wearing a yellow armor … I always wore an ordinary armor, that is, a little advanced armor. It was not until I got the gold armor and saw the heavy fire armor that I found that it was definitely not a gold armor or a heavy fire armor. It should be a flaming gold armor! "
Long Zhi: "It’s hard to tell the difference between gold armor and heavy fire armor if you have never seen gold armor. The color base is also slightly different in armor style."
Lin "Yes, I brought up the video material and compared it with the heavy fire armor and gold armor I got. The difference is very small. Then I compared it with Der goldene Handschuh, a wise brain and a material representation. Imagine that in the lowest city, there is wearing a gold armor that makes the F-class universe rare metal phlogistic. Isn’t there a city with ten times gravity? Even if there is no more than less phlogistic golden armor, there should be the same level. "
Long Zhi: "It’s really possible … but I guess that level should be the last defensive force in the city!"
Lin "The attitude of those field officers towards the secret research institute shows that it is possible to dispatch the strongest armor in the city … and there is also an undercover on the alliance side. No matter what level of armor is moved, the rebel side must be clear and it is impossible to dispatch the weak armor."
Long Zhi "Your purpose is …"
Lin "trapped the rebel army inside and then we went to the rebel military base to get some anti-gravity devices."
Lin’s plan is to take advantage of a large number of rebel oss to enter the institute, and they will take advantage of this opportunity to go to the 16-fold gravity area to get some 16-generation anti-gravity devices at the rebel base. With the 16-generation anti-gravity devices, they will continue to get the 17 th generation, and then the 10 th and 19 th generations will enter the 20-fold gravity area
Then why blow up the valley?
This game is equipped directly to the body, so that the technology products need to be decrypted and installed in the armor modification factory.
Once again, once again … This is not something that can be done in two or three days, at least it will take two or three weeks before it is possible to enter the 20-fold gravity area.
Long Zhi: "I’ll just go there!"
After Lin finished, I didn’t expect Long Zhi to say such a thing … But it makes sense to think about it carefully. Now Long Zhi is wearing a field officer’s armor. Garin’s combat program can’t cope with the field officer’s handling of a lieutenant officer. There is no problem. The anti-gravity device doesn’t have to be obtained from the field officer’s body, and it can also be obtained from some small soldiers.
Long Zhi just said that sentence without stopping and continued, "And there is no way to trap them just by blowing up the secret research institute. There may be one channel for a research institute to enter from the outside, but there is definitely more than one channel from the inside."
"…" Lin thought for a moment and said, "Well, you go and get busy, and I’ll go around the secret institute!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Enter the Institute!
When Lin arrived, the valley was alone.
The gate of the Secret Institute has been called. Behind the gate is a car that can go directly to the Secret Institute Department by car.
Now the car must be gone, it was damaged in the battle, and there are metal fragments everywhere, leaving a long dark passage leading to the depths.
Lin wanted to see the nine keys that had always been leaning against the wall and damaged the steel gate. Lin didn’t think much about taking the nine keys and putting them away, and then drifted into the passage at leisure.
First, it floated hundreds of meters ahead, then dropped hundreds of meters to the bend, followed by a 100-degree turn, flying hundreds of meters directly to the left, and then to … it took more than ten minutes to reach an accessible, left and right intersection.
"I depend!" Lin Piao swore at this intersection "two more than the intersection …"
Forest selection direction
"Holy shit … and!"
"No.Is this a maze?"
"Don’t be sure it’s a maze … but it’s no wonder that this institute is called the Secret Institute, just don’t want to be discovered by people."
Lin watched Zhinao record maps, routes and data calculations. Now it is less than two kilometers away from the gate of the Secret Institute … This is the advantage of Zhinao. I am not afraid of losing my way anywhere, of course, that is, I am not afraid of losing my way. There is no other good way to encounter this maze except to try and experience again and again.
Lin didn’t stop for a long time and continued to wander around the maze without taking the route … Fortunately, this game is more in line with the real situation. If it is a unified online game, it is not a good game design without putting a lot of monsters and a few oss in it. In the end, it is definitely necessary to kill oss one by one before you can get out of the maze.