Fei Fei’s classmates lay down their guns again, and the mage no longer asked if they were slowly retreating for a while, then turned around and fled wildly.

Mad dog dragon didn’t pursue him either. He was sure to kill the other side, but he wasn’t sure to kill the other side. He fought too hard in this battle and almost lost his life. It was unwise to pursue him again.
"Ha, I didn’t expect you to kill a stalker!" On a sunny day, my classmates came running to raise my hand, and the mad dog dragon released a healing light.
Mad dog dragon disdained, "It’s a piece of cake!"
His answer was easy. Actually, it was extremely dangerous just now.
What, he can see the invisible man in gray? The answer is simple, because he was given a pack of powder in advance on a sunny day, which is called "sunny powder". If this is a skill, it belongs to the category of "purification", but if purification is applied to himself, it can remove the negative effects of his own body, while if it is applied to the enemy, it will remove the auxiliary effects of his body.
Of course, this bag of sunny powder can’t be sprinkled in front of the right side. If you want to sprinkle the powder on the gray man unnoticed, you must first get close to him, and you must get a knife from the gray man first. If you want to let the gray man get caught without noticing it, you should just flash him blindly. This is what the gray man will think of the mad dog dragon as a plug-in.
The latter thing is simple. Lying on the ground, pretending to be dead, yelling at the sunny day, mad dog dragon is 100% sure that the gray man and the mage will hunt down the sunny day. The trap has been formed. He doesn’t believe that the gray man can be bombed three times.
"Ha ha, I didn’t think you really have two!" Smile and praise him on a sunny day. "In fact, I can also deal with the stalker alone and I can poison him directly."
She still thinks too simply. If Yuanfei is really present today, he will definitely treat the mad dog Longpei.
He won’t envy Mad Dog Dragon’s technological props and abnormal properties. What he admires most about Mad Dog Dragon is its accurate calculation and instant response to the psychological changes of players.
The action of robbing the van of the Eastern Dynasty left a deep impression and lesson for Yuanfei. This newcomer, who is less than level 1, really understands people’s psychological activities in the battle. Because of this profound benefit to people’s hearts, the environment and limited ability at that time created all kinds of impossibilities. It is impossible for skills, equipment and power to achieve results, and this … is the real competition for the talents of the rivers and lakes.
"Let’s go now and accept it when you are ready!" Mad dog dragon thought that it was really necessary to leave this time. If we delay, it would be really not fun today if Caesar’s palace came to help again.
"Ha ha I send you a small gift? Why don’t you try this opportunity? Maybe there are unexpected big gains? " Smile on a sunny day
"Ahem!" Mad dog dragon pretends to be serious. "Classmate, I said that your thoughts are impure all the time, and the dead are dignified. We can’t kill people and whip corpses. That’s not good because I want to be one of the top ten outstanding young pioneers of the year this year …"
That’s what he said, but it’s faster than the package of "Bone Powder" has been scattered on the body of the gray man
After 1 minute, they finally saw what is called "super fate". The gray man’s body ———————— nothing exploded, and not a hair was left.
You stare at me, and I stare at you for a long time, and I can’t say a word. How explosive is it? It’s so unscientific.
"Do you want to get rich?" Mad dog dragon put this sentence out again.
"think!" Students are always honest on sunny days.
Mad dog dragon said, "Come with me if you want!"
"but if you want me to go with you and be your little wife, I won’t do it."
Mad dog dragon said, "Of course I’m not asking you to be my little wife."
"Then what do you want me to do with you?"
Mad dog dragon sticks up a finger. "I know a place where the well-paid working environment is ideal, and the basic salary is added to the year-end bonus. In December of each year, there are three days of classes with public holidays and maternity leave. The mobile sea view suite has more work and less work, and it has to be allocated according to the needs. Buying a house in a metropolis is no longer a dream. It is no longer a dream to do two votes to join the society and do three votes to directly talk to the president of the federal government. Don’t hesitate any more. What are you waiting for? Would you like to go with me? "
(Don’t forget to vote when the tickets are so low.)
Chapter ninety-six Consumption out
The night in Teisburg is quietly coming again. Tonight, the top floor of the Royal Princess Hotel is still resplendent and crowded. This place is held almost every night. pary is lively and carnival every night, and you can see all kinds of celebrities every night.
Love sin is sitting on a sofa smoking at the moment. He has never liked this high-profile and luxurious environment, because he was not born with a golden key. He used to follow the grass in the novice village one step at a time to climb to where he is today.
For the so-called social communication, he has a kind of rejection but retains a nostalgic feeling for the past experience.
But today he must also attend this grand event, not himself, but on behalf of the Eastern Dynasty.
Caesar’s palace recently built a rune workshop in the exile. It is said that this workshop is still very large and will soon be an international business. Caesar’s palace sent invitations to all the important people in Teisburg to welcome Zhang Daji.
Caesar’s palace is currently ranked first in the ninth continent, but it ranks third in Teisburg, second only to the Oriental Dynasty, which sent a love crime to congratulate it.
Love crime feels that it is too much for Caesar’s palace to come in person, but today Caesar’s palace is a little reluctant to give him a face, and even a heavyweight is not coming out to receive one.
At present, there is an elder woman sitting on the sofa opposite him. The woman is really fashionable and enchanting, but the problem is that his aura is too strong to make the other person dare not talk, sit or walk, and sit there awkwardly.
Love crime sneered at her, "Go, I think you might as well not sit!" "
He was even more afraid to leave with such a mouthful of women, but then a voice came next to him, "Love the boss and let you go. Are you still going?"
When the woman looked up, she got up and flew as if she had been pardoned.
I only smiled when I saw the newcomer sitting opposite me with a few followers who loved crime. "God, there are so many people. We old friends are here, and an elder can be an equal with us."
In the face of his words, how can you not hear them if they are not full of surprises? He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed it to a crime of love, then slowly said, "It’s better to be equal or less without killing koo indiscriminately."
"Huh?" Love crime looked up and glanced at him. "I’m not too proud of your words. Please tell me more."
Tianqi took out a lighter and lit a cigarette. "I heard that there was a newcomer named Yuanfei in the Eastern Dynasty?"
Love crime immediately became more vigilant. Flying far away is not only his office, but also his key training object. This is the pillar of the guild in the future. He is a card to train.
"There is a man named Yuanfei!" Love crime replied quietly.
Tianqi said coldly, "He killed nine people in Caesar’s Palace at the magic crystal refreshing point in the northern area yesterday afternoon."
He also didn’t say that self-fragrance of flowers was the key training object of their Caesar Palace. Yesterday, he was killed and fell back from the key level of 19 to 16, in which the loss was measured by law and money.
Love crime also lit a cigarette and took a long drag before answering, "Is the dead important?"
Tianqi sighed. "I’m sure I’m perfunctory if I change this to someone else, but it’s different if you ask."
Love smiled, and now he finally understood why Caesar’s palace would neglect himself today.
Tianqi continued, "I can tell you one thing. One of us will fall from level 19 to level 16. She shouldn’t have died so badly."
"White!" Love sin said lightly, "I believe it if it is said that the long-distance flight can kill them, but I am responsible for saying that it is absolutely not!" "
"Oh?" Tianqi stared at him suspiciously.
Love sin said, "There will be several of us who can prove that Yuanfei never went out at the headquarters yesterday afternoon."
Tianqi was silent and stopped talking. He wouldn’t doubt the words of love crime. Because of the status of love crime, there are too few people worth lying about.
Love sin said, "I’m surprised why you doubt flying far away."