[Nearby] Banlangen in the mountains, I rely on you to dare to be red!

[Nearby] Cool Cool Cool Hum
[Nearby] Narcissus, you not only directly rob the dart car, but also directly target people. It’s outrageous!
[Nearby] Xiao Apple doesn’t just talk so much!
Ah, ah, it’s really messy. Zuo Tangtang almost made a noise in front of him. Is this going to fight?
[Team] You don’t get close to the hoof ~ You can just go to other places to play.
[Team] Beique is right ~ Just leave it to us!
Watching red mist hanging over the crowd, Zuo Tangtang still has some worries.
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed or you’d better not come!
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed. It’s quite messy here now …
[Team] Don’t worry about hooves and hooves after nine days. Don’t take part in fights like you.
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew = = Are you despising your sister ~
[Team] After nine days, I’m serious/I’m not contemptuous of hand disability.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters …
Zuo Tangtang didn’t stay far away in the end, but hid in the nearby Woods to continue her life as a little cook.
While frying steamed bread with a spatula, I watched the people in the team appear on the map bit by bit until they got closer and closer.
I have to say that the world has a day to make trouble everywhere, so there must be that kind of idle grass people.
Xiao Pingguo At this time, most of the people in the team are chatting and can’t talk anymore, but they really want to find something to look for, just as Xiao Pingguo cries out that kind of passion in the world.
They are the kind of people who are happier when they are in chaos. At this time, watching the group of people who have just escorted the darts, the more they want to really fight.
How to put it? They are similar to war criminals, but unlike them, most of them have a good time for robbing the dart buff, so they don’t add red and killing.
Zuo Tangtang is also white about this, but now the problem is that the other party has already had a red dot, so this is not necessarily about the interests of the escort car
In the field, some people are often sent to the red before they know it, and then they are killed and sent to prison for one day.
What is red?
It is in the red state that the other party deliberately died in the hands of the red man, so that the killing of the red man went up instantly. At this time, a group of people came to specialize in killing this person and forced him to die before being sent to death row.
Because death row is a law to destroy wealth and eliminate disasters, that’s true. Going in today will not be released until the next day at 3: 30 noon.
It seems that there is nothing wrong with not playing games for a day, but in this battle, the other side is equivalent to really losing a fighting capacity to be continued.
[159. Chapter 161 Affect the city]
Zuo Tangtang has to say that sometimes he is quite cautious. At the thought of this situation, he quickly expressed his concern in the team.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew us … Will we be sent red?
[Guild] Master/Nine days later?
Gee, pig! When soy sauce makers saw this place, they shook their heads. A bunch of pigs didn’t even know to send red? Gee, it’s so ignorant. How can you unify the rivers and lakes like this?
Compared with soy sauce, they nodded their heads with relief. Their younger sisters are so clever that they know everything. They can also worry about the most fundamental situation. It’s worth moving them for several days.
In fact, it’s not surprising that nine days later, after all, the word "send red" is often known by people who fight. Suddenly, the word "send red" comes out of their own cognitive handicaps, so everyone should stare blankly. This is a normal reaction!
After nine days, I don’t know if his normal reaction was severely despised by a group of abnormal reaction goods, but even if I knew that numb heart, I guess I wouldn’t care.
[Guild] Master/Nine days later! You said to send red!
[Guild] Master/It’s okay after nine days. We still have masks here.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew and bite fingers/masks?
Deputy Wang/Beique of [Guild] Yes, it’s the time. I told you that the mask of counteracting killing is the most effective way to prevent being sent red.
[Guild] Stewed pig’s trotters and nodded/Oh, oh, I see …
[Gang] Stewed pig’s trotters. That’s good. That’s good
Yes, it’s really good, even if they encounter such a cruel role, this move can be completely prevented. Fortunately, this was prepared when the friends were fighting earlier, but it’s not due yet. Just teach those bastards a lesson.
Beique and nine days later are all like this. It’s wonderful to think about it. No wonder they think so. After all, it’s a natural step! Is there anything wrong with it? No, everything is reasonable ~ yes ~ everything is so natural, there is no problem …
But is there really no problem?
[Gang] Soft soft candy!