Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "If Chen wears bright red, this is the newlyweds offering tea to their parents."

Hearing Mu Tianxuan’s words, Hu Yingxue hardly strained her expression. She didn’t listen to Mu Tianxuan’s words. She really didn’t feel anything. Now if she looks over there, she looks more and more like it. Chen and Xu Feng are older and younger, and Chen is older and Xu Feng is smaller and left. It looks like Xu Feng is married to Chen. She is not a rotten woman, but I have to admit that these two people are quite pleasing to the eye.
In fact, Chen and Xu Feng also feel uncomfortable in the eyes of the public. They can crustily skin of head and follow the steps arranged by the courtesy officer. Chen has nothing to worry about. Xu Feng has decided to go to the etiquette officer who is suspected of being lazy and have a good talk. When he finishes his duties, the etiquette officer retreats to one side and shudders as soon as he decides.
The maid took away the teacup, and many people stretched out their necks. Because one link was that Tao Zheng should give two new disciples a gift. Tao Zheng didn’t let them down. The maid stepped aside and saw that he took out a jade bottle. "You already have a sword and a sword code. I will give you this creature Dan."
Chen did not immediately reach out and pick it up, but said, "Brother Xiu’s realm is still in the realm of the elixir. Please keep it."
Tao Zheng threw the jade bottle directly to Chen. "If you give it to you, you can keep it in our house."
What is the creature Dan? I haven’t had a chance to see its efficacy, but many people took out a creature Dan in Tao Zheng to make a new apprentice a gift. It’s already amazing. Who would have thought it was even more amazing? Tao Zheng even said that their family doesn’t lack this kind of thing that will make people crazy.
Eyes swept away from Xu Wenshan and Jane Mo. Many people in Zhao Hang were jealous of the red fruit in their eyes. Not many people connected Zhao Hang with the half-life old man. When Cang Shuozong met this Dan Shi and then borrowed his hand, Hu Yingxue, Wei Zhe and others were not weak in Dan Dao in the future. I couldn’t help secretly hating knowing this Dan Shi who was not them, or they would be a group of people smiling now.
Then they saw that Tao Zheng took out a sword. "This sword is refined from the main raw material of your brother’s blood bone and sea dumpling closest to the heart keel."
Immediately around the frying pan again small talk.
"Is there really a bloody sea dumpling thing?"
"Of course, and it’s not one. It’s two."
"How do you know?"
"Idiot, he is Cangshuo."
Not to mention the small-scale laughter caused by the dialogue here, Xu Feng’s hands took the sword from Tao Zheng in the middle of the hall, and when his eyes were calm, he went to half of his fingers and touched the blade, and he found that his hands were shaking. The reason was that there was a way to restrain joy from rising from his heart.
Practitioners know what this feeling means, and the way to suppress joy is because Xu Feng can feel how well the sword fits him. He didn’t hesitate to draw the palm of his right hand with the blade of the sword, and at the same time said, "My blood molds your soul."
The dark sword with the blade rose from Xu Feng’s hand and turned around Xu Feng several times. After seeing this, it melted into his Dan House. Even if it wasn’t Jian Xiu, I knew that he had made the sword his life weapon.
A person can have many swords, but he can raise a better sword. Of course, he can choose to give up his original sword, but no one will do so. The sword is not so good to raise, and it takes more thought and investment to repair it than not.
Seeing that Xu Feng took the sword and didn’t take a good look, he made it a life sword. To be honest, it really scared many people. Although Xu Feng, a state governor, can’t say that it is raining, someone will send him a lot of things when he beckons. Among them, it is not rare to make a life sword, but he chose a general sword that can’t be separated from simplicity from the appearance.
Mu Tianxuan smiled at Hu Yingxue, "Look at those people whose eyes are glaring and the beads are almost falling out of their eyes."
Hu Yingxue swept a circle of sounds to Mu Tianxuan. "Is there something special about that sword?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "In fact, there is nothing, that is, the order can rise with the master’s realm."
That’s nothing. Hu Yingxue’s mouth shook slightly, and where a growth weapon appeared would cause some contention. If Xu Feng didn’t let others know that the sword was a growth weapon, even if he was a young gentleman, he would be stared at. Of course, one of them was to snatch the sword.
Chen and Xu Feng accepted Tao Zheng’s gift, even if it was a gift. When they got up, Zhao Hang threw them a jade bottle. "I will give you these pills if I don’t keep them."
Then Jane Mo-li, Zuo Tao and Shi Bin gave them gifts one by one because they were patriarchs, elders from Dongfeng and elders from Xifeng, and they gave Mo Shao-yu a few steps forward. "When the master was not there, I gave him his gift." Say that finish, like Zhao Hang, I threw two jade bottles to them respectively.
Jian Mo-li, Zuo Tao, and Shi Bin gave the meeting ceremony, which can be said to be quite satisfactory. Everyone was curious about what Dan medicine Zhao Hang and Hu Yingxue gave Xu Feng and Chen. Even though Zhao Hang and Hu Yingxue didn’t give a hint, others were still sure that the Dan medicine in the jade bottle was terrible. After all, one was an Dan Shi and the other was a Nine Dan Shi meeting ceremony. How could they just fool ordinary Dan medicine?
Although the Dan medicine in the bottle is good, it’s all others. The Cangshuo people sent the gift to the ceremony officer at the door. At this time, they sent the carefully prepared gift to you to sing. I came on stage. Xu Feng and Zhen Chen received some soft hands until Xu Wenshan announced that the banquet was ready.
Look at them, although they received a lot of gifts, they were relieved when they stopped. Hu Yingxue secretly thanked himself for being alone when he was a teacher, or worshipping Qingyang with a wisp of Yuan God. The process is quite simple.
Because of the large number of people, the banquet was placed in the garden around a crescent-shaped lotus pond. In the middle of the lotus pond, there was a waterside pavilion with many layers of veils, but the figure was faintly visible. Everyone sat in the corresponding position under the guidance of the waiter. The veils of the waterside pavilion were rolled up by the wind and floated to one side to reveal that a group of veils were dancing inside, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively.
Hu Yingxue doesn’t like this kind of occasion very much. Fortunately, there are not many people around a big table, and at most two or three people eat at a table. Most of them have a small banquet, and few people go to other people’s seats to walk around. They are all members of their own family who don’t worry about who will have different goals if they don’t pay attention.
There is also a windfall. Xu Wenshan asked people to prepare several spiritual fruits. She didn’t eat the pulp in the secret house, and threw the stone or other types of seeds into the secret house. When Laobai got the stone and other types of seeds, he ran to sow them. Soon, there were several more forests full of mature fruits in the secret house.
No one knows what has happened in Hu Yingxue’s secret house. When she saw that she had eaten several spiritual fruits, she looked a little serious and smiled. One of them got up and turned his hand and took out a rare spirit. Sure enough, he walked slowly to Hu Yingxue. "If you have offended these before, consider it my gift."
This man is Cao De, who believes that Dan Meng brand can’t be a problem. The balance in his heart suddenly tilted to Cang Shuo Zong’s side, and he quickly came to find an opportunity to improve it. He and Hu Yingxue were stiff.
"Elder Cao is in strict accordance with the standards and doesn’t need to make a gift like this." There is an old saying that Cao De, a person who reaches out without smiling, has a kind face full of smiles, and Hu Yingxue is not good at giving him a look. But she was so impressed by this person that she wouldn’t forget that he had stopped them from signing up because he deliberately smiled kindly.
Cao De smiled wryly. "It won’t happen again."
"Elder Cao" someone ran to Cao De’s ear and said a few words.
After eating a nail that is neither soft nor hard, Cao Dezheng is worried that he can’t find a suitable reason to go. After listening to the bearer’s report, he looks apologetically at Hu Yingxue. "Sorry, there are some things that I have to go back to deal with. After Danby, Cao will give a special banquet to make amends, and then please attend." Say that finish, you can’t Hu Yingxue’s response and follow them to find someone else to leave.
Looking at Cao De hurried out of the back of the garden, Hu Yingxue swept Cao De and asked the maid next to her to bring the exotic fruit in front of her. "Is it better for him to do well with me or is it a trick to relax my guard so that I can fall into their elaborate trap?"
Mu Tianxuan held his glass and his eyes rested on the opposite waterside pavilion. "Cao De is a famous swing. It should be planned in both cases, depending on which situation can bring him greater benefits."
Seeing Mu Tianxuan looking at the waterside pavilion, Hu Yingxue frowned lightly. "Are they beautiful?"
Mu Tianxuan looked back and smiled and replied, "When I saw them, I couldn’t help but think of the scene where a group of musical actors changed zombies. It was really lively."
Hu Yingxue pulled the corners of her mouth, saw the beauty dancing and thought of killing zombies. What should she evaluate?
Chapter 17 Believe it or not, the strength is there.
Although the state government has become the younger brother of Cangshuo Sect, Cangshuo Sect will not be directly qualified to join the Lotte League. The next day, they appeared in the state government martial arts field like other people who came to attend or watch the League. This time, they received extra attention, and there was a scene of sudden silence.
It’s not surprising that, like other states, all the allies are Dan Bichang Baichuan States. Although there is no Dan Zong alchemist, there are quite a few. Except for the scattered Dan Shi, there are no Danfeng or Dantang branches. Most of them have Dan Shi, and everyone’s original level is almost the same, but Cang Shuo Zong suddenly fights out a bunch of high alchemists.
Although those high alchemists are not competing with them, those who participated in Danbidi in Cangshuo Sect have to be afraid. In addition to fear, they are more jealous. It is definitely better to have someone to give advice than to build a car behind closed doors. Cangshuo Sect has more than one person to give advice or several high alchemists who participated in Danbidi Sect.
In fact, not only were they shocked by Cangshuo Sect, but others were also shocked by Hu Yingxue and a group of people. Wei Zhe and Su Yi were promoted to Qidan Division not long after Cangshuo Sect, but when they arrived at the state capital, they became Dan Division Min Shao and Zongjiu. It was not because they didn’t have the strength to be promoted, but someone had to play with some people.
The thirty brothers have also been promoted, three of them are from Sandan, but they have not been promoted to the level of Dan’s teacher, but seven of them have been promoted to the level and level of Dan’s teacher, two of them are former four Dan’s teacher, and five of them were former Sandan’s teacher.
That is to say, Cangshuo Sect now has one Dan Shi, one Nine Dan Shi, two Dan Shi, one peak seven Dan Shi, one peak six Dan Shi, two five Dan Shi, four Dan Shi and twenty three Dan Shi. Don’t say it’s called the first Dan Zong in Ganyuan world, but there are also intermediate Dan Zong who can be sent there.
Seeing that list, many people sympathized with the Water Accord. They were able to get into the title of the First Danzong, and they seldom provoked those who could not easily provoke sect forces. So-called caution is probably the reason why the ship sailed for ten thousand years. Unfortunately, the recent two generations were not as confident as before, not to mention the excessive expansion of self-confidence, and they also carried forward the arrogance to a certain height. Seeing that they finally provoked people and hated them, many people were happy to invite friends to celebrate.
Of course, there are also people who are firmly on the United front with Shui Accord. When they saw the list, their reaction was to give it to them immediately, but they didn’t have a strong physical strength. They didn’t know Shui Accord’s master’s position in the sect was very high, but when the list reached Linli, they were already sitting in the state government martial arts field in Changqing.
When I saw the list, Lin Yi’s father’s first reaction was not to believe the second reaction or not. Their two fathers spent a lot of money to buy a lot of Dan from the mixed world, but they were promoted to Liudan Division. As far as they know, Cangshuozong has not sent anyone there in the past three years, and no one has come to Cangshuozong’s side.
Lin Ran, the elder of the Water Accord, stroked his chest and deliberately left it for more than a foot. Hu "Is it possible that Yi Lian was the teacher you did? For example, the man named Zhao Hang Yidanshi was invited from the mixed world. "
Lin Yi Lian’s look immediately turned cold. "My second uncle, the dying old thing, has dismissed the mentoring with me. Don’t put that name on him again."
Lin Ran’s eyes flashed a trace of dislike, but the cover-up was very good. Lin Yi Lian, who was sitting in the first place and standing beside him, found out that he didn’t entangle the address problem. Lin Yi Lian continued, "It shouldn’t be that although he has always been wary of me, his bottom was still known to me. Although there are many roots in his collection, he can’t compare with our water accord, and others are very lonely. Don’t say that there is a mixed yuan world, and there are no friends here in the dry yuan world."
Moreover, if he can invite a Dan Shi or have the ability to help so many people to upgrade to Dan Shi level in a short time, how can he stay in Dan Shi level for more than 300 years? He has not yet entered my Dan Shi level and stayed in Wudan Shi. He has also thought of many ways for me and given me many high-level spiritual plants. The result is not without a point. "
Lin Li frowned. "As far as I know, Dan Meng won’t pass this list on at Dan Shi level. I also believe that he doesn’t have the courage to deceive us."
Lin Yi Lian turned to look at Lin Li’s eyes and couldn’t tell whether he was jealous or angry. "Father, you just believe that the list is true."
Lin Li stared and lost his composure. Lin Yi Lian "At least we can’t find evidence to prove that it is false now."