And this song "The Tide of the Blue Sea" is the first sound and wave skill that the prince got.

In order to prevent "The Tide of the Blue Sea" from attacking a sword to win the snow, we have to effectively block the sound wave damage.
However, in this way, the original is not good at winning the snow with one sword, and the physical consumption is particularly huge.
"Damn it, I can’t go like this or I’m afraid I’ll be defeated by him!"
When you look at the absolute wind, a sword wins snow and your body moves, you have to help him.
But at this time, those who followed the prince to this moon and moon as members stopped him from disturbing the prince to perform "Blue Ocean Tide"!
Seeing that a sword wins snow will make you hate it, but at this time, a sound that makes a sword win snow is particularly familiar.
"Small sword meets sword!"
As the voice fell into a flame, Changhong broke.
A sword wins snow and reaches into the fire, and then draws a lux crystal sword from the flame Changhong.
At the same time, the unified display also appeared before the sword wins the snow.
Without the slightest hesitation, the sword wins the snow and immediately clicked OK.
Suddenly a red pillar rose from the sword-winning snow body and turned into a flaming cloud floating on the top of the sword-winning snow.
Excalibur is here!
Chapter DiYiSanQi Take a long-term view
Pang Xia has been holding Yan’s sword for a long time, but he is not bound.
Therefore, Yan’s sword did not play any role in Pang Xia’s hands.
At this time, after the sword wins the snow and becomes the master of Yan’s long sword, this flaming sword finally shows its great power.
I can’t stop the crimson streamer, like magma constantly flowing around the sword and snow.
Mind move several firm but gentle from Yan sword generate.
Then as Yan sword gently waving those firm but gentle beating like a flame.
"A good sword really deserves to be the nine swords of Nuwa. It is really extraordinary!"
Say a sword wins snow. Hold Yan’s sword in one hand and stab it in the direction of the prince.
Great flame firm but gentle crashing toward the prince.
When the prince saw this, he immediately contracted the scope of "The Tide of the Blue Sea" to remain only two meters in front of him.
However, although the scope is narrowed to the extreme, the power is multiplied.
The shock wave impact of the huge flame immediately stopped in the sonic range, and then it was gradually decomposed by sonic vibration.
At the same time PangXia came to a read side.
He used his hands repeatedly to make his palm fierce.
Adding "Ten Hands of Dragon" means going straight to martial arts, which is even more powerful!
Every time you clap your hands, you will kill a member of the sun and moon or hit a fierce and powerful moment!
"hide! it’s the monster of fat shrimp!"
"Is that the one who defeated the monster of the fat shrimp?"
"Hide quickly!"
I have to say that Pang Xia is really fierce among ordinary players.
Although it is not possible to smell three hundred miles, it has indeed reached a daunting level.
Seeing these sun and moon, when players retreat one after another, Pang Xia doesn’t kill them.
He is watching a sword win snow and fighting with the prince beside Yi Nian.
At this time, the battle between the sword and the snow has become fierce, and both of them have played a real fire. It seems that if you don’t tell the outcome, then Root won’t stop.
Huang Yaoshi is suspicious by nature and wants to inspire his martial arts. The probability base is not much better than winning the prize.
However, if a famous np martial arts player learns the method, then the game must be unqualified.
The designers have designed a series of Huang Yaoshi’s theories, which may make Huang Yaoshi think you are pleasing to the eye and give you some martial arts.
The prince’s two unique skills, Jade Flute Sword and Blue Ocean Tide Song, were thus obtained.
However, with the help of the sun and the moon, Huang Yaoshi looks more pleasing to the eye and accepts his registered brother
Although he is not a real brother, he has finally got two famous martial arts bases in Huang Yaoshi, and his real brother is almost less.
A sword wins the snow, and the power of Yan’s long sword fencing rises greatly.
Because Yan’s sword attribute is the same as Qinglei’s dagger, but it has the abnormal attribute of swordsmanship level +3.
Therefore, the original ninth-level masterpiece "The Wind Sword Method" and "The Three Immortal Swords" directly became the twelfth abnormal level.
And the seventh layer of "Nine Swords of Dugu" has also risen to the tenth layer, which is not as powerful as before!
At this time, a sword wins snow in combat power, just like Pang Xia, unless Pang Xia displays the second type of "Sword over Heaven", the root method is better than a sword wins snow.
It is also because of Yan’s sword level bonus that a sword wins snow and has pressed the prince to gradually win.
Pang Xia looked at the sword and shook his head slightly, saying, "It’s a pity that the small sword didn’t learn, otherwise it all came from the martial arts small sword. With the help of Yan’s long sword, the sword broke."
As PangXia voice falls there war circle also has the result.
One sword is better than snow. Twelve layers of "The Three Immortal Swords" have three consecutive swords on the front, which are in the sound wave of Prince.
Break the prince’s "Blue Ocean Tide" in one fell swoop
Then the sword wins the snow. With that sword, the backhand sword hits a crit and directly cuts off the jade flute, the weapon in the prince’s hand, and turns him into white light.
Pang Xia took his blue thunder dagger out of the sword box behind his back and * * * waist scabbard.
Then directly threw the sword box to the sword wins the snow.
Sword wins snow took the sword box and put Yan’s long sword and his day-level sword in the sword box and then carried it on his back and equipped it.