"Of course, I also advise you to care about yourself once in a while!" Unexpected things happened. Coke with ice suddenly sounded around the guy who hypnotized him. What’s more, the iconic ice sword with coke with ice has been put on the guy’s neck.

"Our pastor can not only attack others, but also she has a strong pastoral ability. She has successfully helped me dispel your hypnosis idiot!" Coke and ice sword oozed a burst of abnormal cold and frozen breath, which crept into his neck.
"And your companion asked him to pay attention to his back!" Coke with ice corners of the mouth lifted up. The guy who put the machete on his neck behind the spokesman of death is not feeling well now, because the immortal sword will never bypass him so easily. The dark Excalibur suddenly strangled the guy’s neck from behind and then pulled it back.
"body double operator-puppet body double! 」
The guy with the machete thinks that the situation is not right. The horse pulls out a yellow paper symbol from his arms and sticks it to himself. Then the immortal sword is just a puppet whose head you cut off.
"Hum really has a set?" The guy with the machete also tore off his face covering cloth and jumped back. His two companions were together.
The guy who just turned into a mountain has now turned back into a human form, and the three of them have finally got their information together.
The dark sickle and the enemy leave a remnant army with the forbearance method that the enemy is good at, but it is not as good as their predecessors who can start level 1 BOSS with the help of paper operators.
The dark mutant can get the shape he wants with the help of paper symbols, and his cell tissue is extremely unstable and has a strong sense of change.
It’s hard to tell whether this guy is a man or a woman. He has two faces, one is always smiling, and his attack will be very feminine. If his face becomes an angry man’s face, his attack will become masculine.
There were three guys with dark prefixes at a time, but they didn’t expect that the Dark Bone Dragon Knight once said that there were seven heroes in the dark, and now there are three at once.
"Hey, hey, actually, we have a lot of bosses with dark prefixes, but the seven dark heroes are people who have already lit up the dark bones, dragons, knights, Darth night, dark elves, and the three of us who have never appeared. We also have a lot of dark prefixes." The dark sickle explained that although the hand sickle death spokesperson looks similar, it is very different. His sickle is much smaller and I believe that he will definitely not launch the death spokesperson’s signature death cross.
"Maybe one of the three of us is not so conspicuous, but once it is combined, it will be extremely powerful." The dark mutant proudly said that on his side, the dark yin and yang are still shy. "You damn fool see what you say."
"I think we should know each other, too. Well, let’s play games now." When the Dark Yin and Yang people talk, they can’t help laughing. Now that they have obtained his information, they don’t think this guy is so mysterious, but he is just a shemale.
"I warn you, if you look down on others, they won’t bypass you." Dark Yin and Yang people burst out laughing when they saw him talking, and they couldn’t help laughing. They said angrily, and in order to highlight the fact that he is a transvestite, this guy is still very feminine and stamped his feet, which made everyone more heart-warming.
"You hate it!" The dark yin and yang people finally got angry with the shemale face. Suddenly, his face turned into a dark face and full of stubble like Uncle Zhang Zhongnian.
"I want you to look good." The middle-aged uncle’s body rushed towards everyone to see him, just like a menopausal husband cow. The other two BOSS didn’t hesitate. Everyone took out their own paper symbols from their own pockets and threw them at the body. The dark mutant turned into a snake with a green pattern and a sharp head. When he saw that it was a poisonous dark sickle, he continued to play his ninja skills. When the paper symbols were thrown in the body, her body disappeared or more precisely disappeared.
"What a combination of Yin and Yang!" The spokesman of death frowned and said that now the three of them really complement each other with Yin and Yang, and the dark Yin and Yang have now taken the Yang route, while the dark one has become a serpent. Although it looks clumsy, it has an unusually feminine skill.
The most depressing thing is that the dark sickle has disappeared. Who knows what kind of form this ghost guy will appear after a smoke bomb?
Dark Yin and Yang punched a coke with ice and coke with ice without fancy. Seeing that this punch was fierce, I knew that I couldn’t stick my body and think about it, but suddenly I felt that a guy behind me actually hugged him with ice and couldn’t see who was doing this kind of thing, but the horse also thought that it must be the dark sickle who had this ability.
Now the situation is critical. Coke and ice used his quick wits to suddenly think of turning his ice sword into a huge round shield in front of him. The dark yin and yang punched the round shield.
A powerful fist punched the round shield through the fist. One goal of the fist was to add coke to the head with ice. This was a love affair, and finally the dilemma of adding coke to the ice was discovered. The horse released a bright light and wrapped the coke with ice tightly around the dark sickle, which startled him and accidentally revealed his shape.
The Dark Yin and Yang encountered something that made him depressed. Coke and ice were added. With the extension of the battle again and again, his magic control ability has reached the point of perfection. Just as the Dark Yin and Yang fist penetrated the ice shield and instantly repaired itself, it instantly turned into an ice handcuff and sealed the whole arm of the Dark Yin and Yang.
"So it’s over? Very early! " Coke with ice now concentrate on dealing with the dark yin and yang in front of him. Seeing that he is trying to get rid of the ice handcuffs, the more he tries to get rid of them or throws them away, the stronger the handcuffs become, and the deeper his hands get. When he tries to break them with his other hand, the handcuffs actually seem to be alive and instantly close his arms.
"Death is in your hands." Coke with ice retreated and turned to the dark sickle. The spokesman for death received instructions from Coke with ice and moved towards the dark yin and yang who had been handcuffed.
"Sacrifice to take blood! 」
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Is it Yin or Yang! Dark Sanjie (3)
Forever Fairy Sword is now engaged in the battle between the dark mutants who have turned into a big snake. This big snake has a very fast attack speed. Although its bucket-like body makes him look heavy, whether it spits venom or dances fangs like bayonets is not limited.
Forever fairy sword, of course, is still playing his elegant characteristics, and his body can reach a soft state like a serpent. After fighting with him for dozens of rounds, the dark mutant gradually feels a little different. Forever fairy sword opponent’s body slams back to its original shape.
"What’s the matter? Don’t play? " Forever XianJian withdrew the sword potential smile Mimi looked at dark vision way
"Hum, I’ll play with you in another form." Panting, the dark mutant said that Xianjian was always graceful and didn’t move, but still smiled and watched him act.
Suddenly coke with ice shouted behind him, "Watch your back, Xianjian!" The immortal sword cracked a big hole in the back, and the dark mutant became a big snake, which emerged from the inside and bit the immortal sword with its mouth open.
It’s really surprising that the dark mutant who has changed back into a human form has emerged from the ground again, but now the situation has to be considered so much forever. Turning over and jumping over, the serpent dodged a fatal bite, but the serpent doesn’t seem to give up. It has risen to the middle of the school and sprayed two venom towards the fangs of the immortal sword forever.
Forever Xianjian waved the light and dark Excalibur and drew a circle to stop the venom department. At the same time, he looked at the face. It turned out that the dark mutant was actually a body double. There is no doubt that this must be the skill of the dark sickle.
"Ninjutsu is not necessarily to escape by yourself, but also to help others. This is the place of Ninjutsu!" Dark sickle said as he waved his sickle and threw a long chain at coke with ice.
After listening to his words, the spokesman of death seems to understand what is in front of him? ? ? "bang!" In front of the spokesman of death, the dark yin and yang turned into a smoke screen, and it was indeed a dark sickle. The spokesman realized the danger, but it was too late to turn into a smiling face. The dark yin and yang suddenly appeared at his side, chopping the spokesman of death and the sickle flashed past, and then his body suddenly became as soft as a snake and firmly entangled the spokesman of death.
"We look like we’re fighting Hani alone, but we’re directly echoing quite strongly. Otherwise, how can we merge into the dark three heroes? ? ?” Dark Yin and Yang people stretch their bodies to tie up the spokesman of death more tightly and put their heads in the ear of the spokesman of death and said
"Oh, I see. No wonder." But it never occurred to the dark yin and yang that it was the spokesman of death who hung the same smile at his side.