Chapter 131 Solving problems

On the eve of ga competition, the formation of the I club changed. The original main gunner Zhao Xiayang retired and Tian Wei replaced him as the main player. The original main sniper Thomas lost to the substitute in the main battle and became the main sniper in the south.
Compared with the previous array, the strength of this array has not decreased, but has increased. Because it has been gaining momentum for a long time, it has defeated Thomas as the main player in one fell swoop. It is surprising that his sniper rifle method has been tilted in Yuzryha. This guy has also grown very fast. He has become the main sniper in less than half a year since he joined the team as a substitute, and his marksmanship is better than Thomas’s. The shooting speed and hit rate are quite good.
Tian Peng is an unconventional machine gunner, who can play with any gun and play with it. He can pick up any gun and continue fighting. Moreover, he is the kind of intermittent explosive player, who may have a surprising performance of team elimination, but he may sleepwalk all the time.
He is not perfect, but he can withstand the pressure at the critical moment. He used to be a soldier with a good sense of strategy. Compared with Zhao Xiayang, he dares to confront the enemy ace gunner without fear.
This array of leaves is still very satisfied, and it is not a tacit understanding problem that everyone trains together, and they can play the game without running in and combining together.
Before the ga contest, the night before, the leaves fell so that Pearl Krabs could play the game happily, so he made an appointment with Dami and Su Yanbing to have dinner together and planned to tell them about Pearl Krabs.
Big honey, their restaurant business is quite good, and they have already been on the track. They don’t need to go to the store every day to watch their lives. When a person with good ability is the store manager, there will be more when they are free.
The three of them didn’t eat in their restaurant because there were too many people to eat. They didn’t want to go to Park Jung Su to take a table, and it was not convenient to talk there.
Ye Qing chose a western restaurant. The environment is very good, and the most important thing is quiet.
After the three of them sat down, Ye Qing talked about the white field. "There are two things to invite two beautiful women to dinner today. The first thing is that I made some money to take you to eat well. Thank you for your support as always. Although my ability to make money may not be as good as your store now, I can afford to support you two even if you two lose all the stores now. I still want to thank Honey for helping me so much."
Big honey quickly waved her hand and said, "Do you really treat me like an outsider by saying such kind words to me?"
"It’s not how to treat you like an outsider. I really want to thank you. In retrospect, I would never have been brilliant without your help. You are really a very good person. Although sometimes you are fierce and domineering like a female Han, you really have nothing to say to your friends." Ye Qing is very serious and tunnel.
Su Yanbing also nodded his head and agreed with the tunnel, "Yes, I think Honey, you are really very kind to your friends and you are very considerate, otherwise I wouldn’t be with Ye Qing."
Big honey can’t help but feel a little embarrassed and hurriedly said, "Come on, don’t praise me. I’m a little embarrassed. Ye Qing, just say the second thing quickly."
Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "The second thing is not in a hurry. I’ll talk over dinner later."
"It’s quite mysterious. What are you selling? Hurry up and say it." Big honey said.
Su Yanbing also urged at the side, "Just don’t grind and haw, and say quickly that I am very curious."
Ye Qing is very naive. "Well, since you insist so much, I will say that it is actually Yu Zhenzhen’s thing."
Big honey smell speech immediately facial expression, a change and then stared at Ye Qing eyes. "Didn’t you promise to tell me that you and she can’t be together? Do you regret it now? "
Ye Qing sighed, "I went back on my word. At that time, you said that you could accept Pearl Krabs, but I didn’t think it was fair to you. I don’t know what I thought at that time. Anyway, I refused your kindness. Just consider me a bitch and now I want to be with her because I accept her as someone else’s girlfriend and marry someone else to have children."
Big honey shook her head and said, "Is that why you and Yan Bing got back together?"
"No, I never let Yan Bing go. I was with Yan Bing briefly before I was with you, and I never forgot her after I broke up. This is different from Pearl Krabs. In fact, you promised me at that time, but I just want to ask if your attitude is still the same now?" Leaves some asked without confidence.
He’s worried that Big Honey will change her mind, which is different from what she thought at that time. Then he really can’t talk to Pearl Krabs.
Big honey looked at him and said, "Do you think I’m easy to bully?"
"It’s not that I’ve never felt this way, and I won’t bully you. I know it’s selfish to do so, but I just can’t be sorry." Ye Qing bowed his head and was very sorry.
He did do a lot of things that hurt Da Mi, but Da Mi still sticks to him and refuses Li Zhihao, and he knows very well that he owes Da Mi a lot in his life.
Big honey sighed, "I remember telling you that I don’t want to hear you say sorry to me again in the future. I don’t want you to say sorry to me again. Every time you say sorry, you will hurt me. Do we really owe you?"
Su Yanbing couldn’t help feeling the same way when he saw Big Honey’s sad expression. "Ye Qing, you didn’t do it right. Although I’m not qualified to say these words, I just don’t think you did it right. If possible, I hope we’ve never met each other so that you can be with Honey wholeheartedly."
Big honey shook his head and said, "Yan Bing, you are wrong. I can’t blame you for this. Even if he doesn’t meet you and Pearl Krabs, he will meet other girls. If he has been in contact for a long time, he will have feelings. If a person’s heart is not satisfied, it is impossible to be wholeheartedly with a person."
Ye Qing was ashamed of this remark when he bowed his head and sighed naively at Su Yanbing. "You are right, but there is nothing we can do. Who told us to like him?"
Big honey also nodded, "Yes, the most annoying thing is that we all like what he does to him, but it is because he is so reckless."
Ye Qing has always felt that he is a very single-minded and upright man. Before meeting these girls, he was indeed a single-minded person. He never thought of finding several girlfriends or having such a beautiful girlfriend. If he had one, he would be heartbroken.
Making that girlfriend in college is also very general. Compared with Da Mi and Su Yanbing, the gap is quite large, which is a world of difference. But after meeting Da Mi and Su Yanbing, he can’t control his feelings completely. Is this to blame him? Of course not. Blame it on these girls who are so attractive. Ye Qing thinks so.
"I was wrong. I regretted it. In fact, I don’t want to hurt anyone. The only way is that I leave all of you. I don’t fall in love. You all forget me and find a reliable man to marry. Is that okay?" Ye Qing raised his hands very seriously. He was going to surrender.
Big honey was amused by his remarks. "You don’t fall in love? Ready to be a monk? Have you thought about the method number? "
"I’m serious. Don’t joke with me. Will you be serious?" Ye Qing is very authentic
"Yeah, then I’ll be serious and tell you that you can leave us? Have you ever thought about how we felt after you left? Will it hurt us more? " Big honey asked a series of questions that made Ye Qing speechless.
He said, "What do you think we should do?"
"If you want to be with her so much, then be with her. What else can you do?" Big honey shrugged his shoulders and said
Ye Qing smell speech immediately got up and rushed to the big honey’s side, holding the big honey and forcibly kissed him. He pushed him embarrassedly and laughed. "What are you doing? So many people are watching in common occasions. Do you want headlines? "
"I’m sorry that I was excited at the moment, but I’m a public figure now. There are so many people who know me that it’s easy to make headlines in competitive magazines." Ye Qing said with a smile.
"You can show off in an ostentatious manner and get the second place in the world. It’s your turn that the popularity of cattle has soared, the endorsement has also increased the income, and you have the confidence to speak." The big honey joke tunnel
"Honey, thank you for your generosity! I promise … well, I don’t know how many times I promised, but I can really say that this is the last time. I will keep my distance from other girls, right? I kept my distance from her, and loli. Isn’t loli beautiful? There are many people chasing her, and they are all rich and powerful people, but I haven’t touched her. Believe me, I won’t bring you this trouble again. "Ye Qing patted his chest and tunnel very seriously.
"Line line you also don’t give somebody else he and Lori to pull water I believe you again can eat now? I’m starving. "Big honey said.
The waiter has already served steak and spaghetti. Ye Qing nodded, "Let’s eat. If it’s not enough, it’s my treat. Don’t mention it."
Chapter 1319 Won the Grand Prize
Ye Qing solved the problem between him and Pearl Krabs with a meal, and got a big honey bag, Su Yanbing, and of course he wouldn’t object.
After dinner, Ye Qing invited two beautiful women to do a spa, which was simply a great attempt to please Da Mi and Su Yanbing, and then Da Mi Yuzryha invited Pearl Krabs out for dinner one day, and then the three of them got together again to make sure about it and try to get along together.
This means that I want Pearl Krabs to move in and live together. After all, it’s another thing to be able to play together. It’s the easiest thing to have conflicts when several people live together, especially when women say that lives of three women happens to be three. If they don’t get along well, they will be sad in the future.
Big honey and Su Yanbing get along quite well, and there is almost no dispute between them. This is mainly because Su Yanbing has a good personality and feels a little competitive. Everything in the store is almost decided by big honey, and she is not afraid of losing money. Anyway, how to do it well in dividends has never been disputed. Of course, big honey is not that kind of calculating person and will never play any tricks to treat her friends badly.
In life, honey is a little clumsy, but Su Yanbing can manage everything smoothly and do well at home, and never care who does more and who does less, and who is at home and who gets along well with each other.
If two people don’t get along well, three people don’t necessarily get along well. Honey just wants Pearl Krabs to live here and get used to it first. Everyone tries to get along. If not, it’s better to separate Ye Qing and make a decision early. Otherwise, it’s more troublesome to wait until we get along later and try to find a way.
Ye Qing also agreed with Da Mi’s suggestion, so he decided to talk to Pearl Krabs about this idea and see if Pearl Krabs would like to.
The next day was the place where the ga Competition was held, of course, in Shenzhen. Ye Qing and the team members flew there early in the morning and arrived in Shenzhen only at nine o’clock. There were almost no competitions in the curtain ceremony and some performances. They were not in a hurry to arrive at the couch hotel. After they got there, they packed their luggage and took a rest before taking the bus to the competition venue.
By the time they arrived, the performances were already at the end, but it doesn’t matter. They were not interested in those performances. Their arrival caused a sensation among the audience, especially the appearance of Ye Qing, which caused the scene to shout and shout like a tsunami. This popularity was too high.
There is a very surprising news in this contest that the nb team did not participate. What is this? Is it because you look down on this level of competition? Of course, it’s impossible to compete in ga, but it’s one of the best competitions in China. The competition specifications are still quite high. Winning the championship of this competition really helps the popularity. It’s impossible for nb team not to participate in the competition for this reason.
Many people are very curious about all kinds of speculations, but this news is undoubtedly good news for the participating teams. The absence of nb team means that the championship ownership will not be lost early, and everyone can compete for one.
Arguably, if there is no nb team, the favourite to win the championship is naturally fpl runner-up ag team. This team has always been regarded as second only to nb team, but now it is different. Most people are more optimistic about Club I, you know, Club I has won the second place in the world. Although wem’s influence is not as good as wg’s, it is already quite good.
Club I has become a favourite to win the ga contest. Yuzryha suddenly understood that the nb team didn’t participate. This must be Jiang Yuhan’s meaning. He didn’t lead the team to participate. Just give Club I more opportunities. I hope Ye can lead the team to win the championship and raise the visibility of the players so that the players can make money, so Ye can join the nb team as soon as possible.
Giving up a heavyweight champion to urge Ye Qing to join as soon as possible can be said to be a good heart and sincerity. Ye Qing can’t help but be very moved. If K retires after the ga contest, he will choose to join the nb team immediately.
Nb team members are watching the live broadcast of ga contest in the team lounge at this time. The team members are more supportive of Jiang Yuhan’s decision. They also hope that Ye Qing can join the team and fight with them as soon as possible. K also expresses to Ye Qing that Ye Qing promised to join the team. He can retire at any time to give up his position. Now he feels that his state is slipping badly. At the same time, the new worker has decided to come there and urged him to retire as soon as possible.
Jiang Yuhan believes that if they don’t take part in the competition, the I club will certainly win the championship today. Ye Qing is unstoppable, and the ag team can’t stop him. It’s a pity that without their participation in the competition, an I club has sprung up to stop them from winning the championship. Although their personal fame is loud, the team won few honors.
In fact, Jiang Yuhan has always felt quite indebted to himself as a disciple. He came back as soon as he made a name for himself, and he has always monopolized the champions of various competitions. It is difficult for the Tiger Brotherhood to stand out again. Now the rise of the I club has once again blocked the Tiger Brotherhood’s road to the championship, and then he will quit the I club and join the nb team. By then, the strength of the nb team will be stronger and it may be the strongest in history. The Tiger Brotherhood Day will be even more sad.
Xiao Ran himself thinks that there is no such thing as the stronger his opponent is, the easier it is for him to grow. He thinks that if his strength is constantly rising, his personal reputation will not drop and his business value will naturally be high. He doesn’t have to win the championship to prove his value. There are many champions in sports. They have never won the championship in their lives, but it doesn’t prevent them from becoming superstars.
Xiao Ran has finally won several championships, and he may become the Lord of the Rings throughout his career, but he is still a famous star player in the F professional circle. No one dares to underestimate him, and no one can ignore him.
His fans are still numerous, and his Taobao shop can still make a lot of money. What does it matter whether he wins the championship or not? He has never been a complacent person. He is also a competitive player with a champion heart and is not afraid of difficulties and obstacles. Even if there are more and more opponents in the professional circle, he still believes in himself.
After the afternoon performance, the organizer took stock of the fastest-growing team in the year, the most popular team in the year, and so on, and will give corresponding awards. Club I won two awards, the fastest-growing team in the year and the biggest dark horse of the year. Ye Qing received the award twice on behalf of the team and delivered his acceptance speech, which caused a sensation at the scene and was quite popular.