Sigh of the undead: After the failed coup was exiled, the skeleton general Gulen’s sadness was strong, and the negative emotion could weaken the 3% attribute of all non-friendly forces in Gulen’s 10m range.

Soul Belief: Skeleton General Gulen’s dark belief has a 4% higher success rate than the firm% chance of epidemic interruption skill in dizziness, confusion, hypnosis and other States.
Looking at the last two BOSS files, three women and one man didn’t talk for a long time. They didn’t expect the last two BOSS to be so powerful and abnormal. Is this still in the novice village?
In the face of these two powerful BOSS sea tactics, there may still be a chance to heap them to death, but there is no hope for Yu Fan and the four of them to kill these two bosses.
"A level 35 gold BOSS a level 35 odd BOSS I darling this is to play dead old niang rhythm! It’s so difficult to change jobs. It’s so difficult to hide professional wind dancers. Although the first place in speed is attractive enough, don’t get an odd BOSS here! "
It is taken for granted that it should be difficult for female hooligans to change their careers when speed comes first. After seeing the ancient ethics and abnormal skills, they also lost their former thoughts, so they complained.
"Cher, the head knight Carl, if you are lucky, you can still interrupt your skills, but this skeleton general Gulen’s attack power is too high and this skill of soul belief makes it too difficult to interrupt Gulen’s skills. The successful release of any skill means that we have to reduce our staff or annihilate Cher. We can stop here. My opinion is to retreat. If you really can’t let go of the hidden profession of wind dancers, sisters can also die with you several times."
After a long silence, Yaru expressed her views and opinions.
Have the soul belief% epidemic interruption skill effect level 35 odd BOSS, it is true that there are not four teams who can beat the situation. The highest level of these four people is only level 27, and Yu Fan is even more pitiful. The highest blood volume of the four people is only 2,000. No matter who is touched by Gu Lun casually, he has to go back to the city. Although he is unwilling, Ya Ru still rationally said the word retreat.
"Ah! Forget it, it seems that I have no life to change my job as a wind dancer. If only I had received this job change two months later! It’s just that it’s received now, and it’s still limited to three days to finish it. I know it’s not worth it to ask you to accompany me to send me to the death level. Let’s retreat! I’ll go if I don’t change my job as a wind dancer! Gege! What do you mean, we’ve decided to return it? Are you going with us or are you staying to play BOSS? Gege? Gege? Why don’t you talk? "
Although there are a hundred reluctant and unwilling feelings in my heart, Cher still agreed to Yaru’s retreat, and she didn’t have a fever to ask her sisters to accompany her to death.
Although she has confidence in herself and Pepe’s skill, she can ensure that Carl and Gulen can’t touch herself when attacking, but this is a game after all, and there are skills, and it depends on the data. Sometimes the data gap can not be solved by skill and skill.
Ya Ru talks to the female rogue. Yu Fan heard the female rogue asking if he was leaving or leaving a message. Yu Fan also heard it, but he didn’t answer. He was drinking magic potion and making krypton gold dog eyes at Gulen. (In non-combat state, detective can drink and sell magic potion at the same time.) I hope I can see through Gulen’s weakness. There are only two BOSS left. It’s really unwilling to ask him to give up Yu Fan at this time.
"ding! Detection failed! "
"ding! Detection failed! "
"ding! Detection successful! "
"ding! Detection successful! "
"ding! Detection failed! "
"ding! Detection successful! "
Skeleton general-Gulen (odd BOSS)
Grade: 35.
Privacy: The skeleton general Gulen throne holds the treasure accumulated in his life.
After nearly 100 times of success or failure in detecting krypton dog’s eyes, Yu Fan finally detected the information that made her eyes shine, and it was the first time that Yu Fan saw through others’ privacy after learning this krypton dog’s eyes skill.
And the word "baby" suddenly made Yu Fan’s eyes shine green. Even if you can’t beat the old, you have to steal some baby before you go.
"ah! Handsome boy, did you listen to your sister or not? If you don’t talk to your sister or reply to her, you can take her as your acquiescence! I took you straight home to the bridal chamber! "
Look at the female rascal who didn’t respond for a long time while holding out her white hands and groping around eating tofu.
"The bridal chamber is just not your brother’s home, but my brother’s home. I said it’s impossible to levy you from you. It’s almost good! Look at this! "
I have seen the privacy of Gulen, and my eyes are shining on the baby. Yufan finally answered the female hooligan’s words and released the information just detected to the team channel.
"ah! You pervert! I cann’t believe I’m spying on other people’s privacy You didn’t spy on my sister! If the privacy is peeped by you, then sister, I am not equal to being naked and being seen by you? "
Seeing the word "privacy" in the information shared by Yu Fan, the tough female rogue did not shine on the baby’s eyes, but instead put Yu Fan into the ranks of abnormal people who spy on others’ privacy, looking like a victim who has been seen by Yu Fan.
"well! Don’t look at me like this. I’m not a pervert who peeks at other people’s privacy. This is the effect of my detective skills. The probability of seeing through privacy is pitifully low. This is the first time I have seen through privacy since I learned this skill. Besides, I haven’t used detective skills on you. How can I peep at your privacy? "
Yu Fan looked at even Ya Ru and Pepe with their hands crossed on their chests, and she was afraid of being seen naked by Yu Fan for a while, sighing that women were indeed a difficult species and hurriedly explaining them.
"That’s right! It seems that the handsome boy’s eyes are always normal when he looks at his sisters, and he hasn’t changed his pink eye. Since he hasn’t peeked at our privacy, let’s think about how to steal this ancient treasure! That’s a baby! Sister, I like it best except handsome guys! "
After Yu Fan explained, the female hooligan thought that Yu Fan did not make any detective work for them, and immediately turned her attention to the "baby" face. The green light in her eyes was as long as two feet, which showed that the female hooligan was crazy about the baby.
"It’s impossible for us to kill BOSS with our strength. Now if we want to try to get Gulen’s baby idea, we have to find a way to lure Gulen and Carl away. We don’t know what the conditions are for getting this treasure. If the condition is to kill Gulen to open the treasure, it’s hopeless."
After the four people turned their attention to the treasure, Yaru analyzed the possibility of several people opening the treasure.