Aside, Zhao Linger said with surprise, "The water has returned to normal flow."

Chapter 16 Unified release of pets
Yue Bai leader’s life is full, but when he was complacent, he saw the lake suddenly drop from the sky and return to the lake.
Aside, Zhao Linger said with surprise, "The water has returned to normal flow."
Yue Bai leader looked at the normal water flow and said with a trembling voice, "The earth force … is back?" He believed this fact and roared, "No! No way! Nothing can restore the earth’s force from me. This is absolutely impossible! "
Li Xiaoyao dragged his body like a cripple and looked at it. The leader of Yue Bai firmly said, "Just because Yue Bai leader Li Xiaoyao said that you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just now, my life-force Excalibur has destroyed the earth force you controlled. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect the earth force to regenerate you before it was destroyed. If I can cast another blow, I will definitely kill you."
Tough No wonder the vitality of Excalibur can be so powerful. This lifelessness is greatly lost. Li Xiaoyao has rapidly aged from a 20-year-old boy to an old man in his sixties. It can be seen how deadly that move of Excalibur is just now.
"Free and unfettered brother, don’t be discouraged and shine." Zhao Linger’s hands pressed the method and the soft light enveloped the 60-year-old man Li Xiaoyao’s body and sharingan’s operation. I immediately knew this trick. The powerful dream-returning spell of Nuwa’s descendants allowed the subject to go back to the past for 1 minute.
Zhao Linger actually intends to return to the past and return Li Xiaoyao to the past. If so, Li Xiaoyao will be able to return from an old man in his sixties to a young boy in his twenties, and at the same time, he will be able to cast his sword again. Although it can last for 1 minute, it will be enough to kill the leader of Yue Bai.
Li Xiaoyao felt and regained his vitality. He knew that this was the last blow for Zhao Linger to fight for himself. He dared not neglect to hold the seven-star Excalibur again. He took a bad look at the leader of Yue Bai and suddenly realized something. "Free and unfettered Dionysus curse!"
(Free and unfettered Dionysus Curse Li Xiaoyao’s epiphany skill at the last blow combines the free and unfettered Excalibur and Dionysus Curse. Copy of sharingan Method)
Seven-star Excalibur Dionysus Gourd flew out together and banged on Yue Bai hierarch’s body. 1 The bright red damage value floated from Yue Bai hierarch’s head. I counted it carefully … 100 million damage was very good and powerful!
Yue Bai hierarch was immediately killed by this strong attack and dissipated directly in the air, which made me most depressed. Yue Bai hierarch is also a level 1 NPC. How can nothing be critical? It’s a little stingy!
After 1 minute, Li Xiaoyao’s physical vitality was lost again and he returned to the age of 60. It is hard to imagine that he also played the highest super damage in Shuo a minute ago.
"ouch!" Yue Bai hierarch was seconds kill water of Warcraft nature also sensed a roar in the sky and go like crazy to Li Xiaoyao swoops down to want to tear him to pieces.
Zhao Linger’s frightened magic rushed out and forced the water Warcraft back to the form of Nuwa in the lake. She had the ability to fly and quickly came to the semi-water Warcraft to fight. Unfortunately, the water Warcraft is a super water Warcraft. On how much mana Zhao Linger consumes, it will eventually hit its health value by 5%.
In order to protect the earth, Zhao Linger did not hesitate to give up her life. She went back to the water and looked for Jing Yuan.
I know from the roots that I fought in the body of Warcraft in the water, but from the outside, the body of Warcraft in the water is painfully twisted, so I can know that the fighting inside must be very tragic.
I don’t know how long it took, but it seems to be instantaneous. It seems that one month or one year, when the body of Warcraft exploded, Zhao Linger, the shape of Nuwa, reappeared in the shooting lens and fell from the sky into the lake.
"ding!" Just as Zhao Linger fell, he said, "The seven-story battle of Nuwa Temple has ended, and the player’s dragon soul has cancelled the stealth function."
Aging Li Xiaoyao saw it suddenly appear on the seventh floor, and I immediately said, "This warrior, my friend, fell into the lake. I wonder if you can help me save her?"
Just when I was thinking about whether to help Li Xiaoyao, I said, "The player Dragon Soul NPC Li Xiaoyao entrusted the player Dragon Soul Water to save Zhao Linger. Does the player accept this?"
Huh? Li Xiaoyao entrusted me with water to save Zhao Linger, which is still not true!
Although I was curious about the difficulty of this, I took it quickly, and Zhao Linger got dizzy at the bottom of the lake. At the same time, I canceled the state of Nu Wa and returned to the original state. I immediately rescued her from the shore. This is relatively simple. I wonder what reward Li Xiaoyao will give me.
Li Xiaoyao saw that I rescued Zhao Linger, and quickly felt his pulse before and after, frowning, and said, "Warrior Shine’s injured soul has entered the edge of dissipation. If you want to heal, you must find the five spirit beads and five spirits of the Nuwa family to save my vitality. I really have no strength to look for five spirit beads. I wonder if the warriors can look for them? There must be a big thank you after the job is done. "
"ding!" Tong Shi sent it again. "The player’s dragon soul has been rescued by Zhao Linger, who was seriously injured at the bottom of the water by Warcraft, which triggered the only hidden’ Save Zhao Linger’ in the SS class of Tong Da. If you can find five spirit beads in one month and return to the seventh floor of the Nuwa Temple, it will be judged as complete. Do you accept this?"
Is the only hidden! I haven’t finished revenge in sharingan, and now there’s another one to save Zhao Linger! Forget it, I won’t take it too much!
"ding! Because the player Dragon Soul has accepted the rescue, if Zhao Linger finds all five spirit beads in one month and returns to the seventh floor of Nuwa Temple and gives them to Li Xiaoyao Tong to automatically judge the failure and punish the player for failure, the player level will return to the first level, and the equipment department will drop the gold coin recovery system. "Looking at the system to give the failure punishment, I have an impulse to cry. What bad luck is my pity …
Li Xiaoyao saw that I accepted, took out a white egg and a scroll from my arms, and handed them to me and said to me, "This is the pet egg of the holy horn flying horse, which was sent to me by my master Jiu Jianxian. Unfortunately, there has been no drop of blood to recognize the Lord. Now, just consider it as the first reward!" This is a special scroll. When you collect five spiritual beads, you can return to the seventh floor of Nuwa Temple. "
Grade 99 NPC is just different. It’s a first-hand pet egg, and it’s still the initial reward. Hey, hey, I look forward to this follow-up reward.
"ding!" Just when I got the pet egg of the order pet "Holy Horn Flying Horse", I said, "Congratulations to the player, Dragon Soul has accepted the rescue, and Zhao Linger has won the first prize. From now on, if you want to kill the monster, you will have a certain chance to get the pet egg. As the pet will be announced, will the player’s dragon soul hide his name?"
"ding! Players get the pet eggs of the flying horse of the holy horn, and put the pet system smoothly. From now on, if you want to kill the monster, you have a certain chance to get the pet eggs to hatch the pet. "
"ding! Players get the pet eggs of the flying horse of the holy horn, and put the pet system smoothly. From now on, if you want to kill the monster, you have a certain chance to get the pet eggs to hatch the pet. "
"ding! Players get the pet eggs of the flying horse of the holy horn, and put the pet system smoothly. From now on, if you want to kill the monster, you have a certain chance to get the pet eggs to hatch the pet. "
"Pets are officially placed in the list from low to high. Pets are divided into first-order pets, second-order pets, third-order pets, fourth-order pets, fifth-order pets, sixth-order pets, seventh-order pets, ninth-order sacred animals, tenth-order beasts, first-order pets, ornamental pets, no attack ability, and the stronger the fourth-order class, the stronger the strength."
Chapter 17 Holy Horn Flying Horse
My pet, the flying horse of the sacred horn, is not bad. It seems that we should hatch quickly and have a look.
Take out the pet egg from the baggage. "Does the dragon soul sting the player hatch the pet egg?" Send a sign.
"ding! Congratulations to the players for hatching their pets and successfully obtaining the flying horse of the holy horn. "
A snow-white white horse hatched from a pet egg. It is particularly remarkable that the white horse has a sharp horn on its head. Wow, the white horse is getting bigger and bigger, and soon it grows into an unusually strong one. At the same time, it grows a pair of white wings on its back, which is worthy of being a flying white horse.
Pegasus is so beautiful and cute. Let’s look at the attributes first.
Holy horn flying horse light pet level 1 life 4 magic 4 attack defense method attack defense agility skill therapy can carry out simple treatment without consuming mana level 3, and the rider can ride together.
It’s not bad. It’s only a level 1 holy horn flying horse that can have such strength to fight monsters against me. It’s a great way to fight equipment, and once you upgrade to 3, you can ride and ride together. Whether to help me fight monsters or soak up MM has great advantages (note that a player can have three pets but can summon 1 to help fight every time. If you ride one, you can summon another one, which will strengthen the upgrade speed in disguise)
"ding!" Tong said, "Congratulations to the player that the Dragon Soul has the holy horn flying horse. Please name the holy horn flying horse temporarily."
"Little White" holy horn flying horse body is white, and it is perfect to call it Little White.
"ding! The player Dragon Soul, your pet Holy Horn Flying Horse has entered the pet list. Do you want to hide your name? " Tong Shi sent it again. If you don’t say it, you must hide your name.
Play pet leaderboard
The name of the owner of the first-class pet sacred horn flying horse is hidden.
The pet list is very dazzling in the loneliness of a flying horse with a holy horn.
By the way, I looked at the other list bases, and there was no change. It was the second place in the ranking list, and it rose from the original level 1 to the 11 th level, which was quite fast.
Just when I was going to lift the flying horse while the iron was hot, I couldn’t help feeling how quickly it passed. "Healthy game advice: resist bad games, refuse to steal games, pay attention to self-protection, beware of being cheated, enjoy a healthy life when moderate games are beneficial to your brain, indulge in games and hurt your health. Players’ dragon souls are exhausted when you play games. If you don’t line up for three minutes, you will be punished in addition to forcing the line."
I didn’t expect to consume the game time so soon. Forget it. Go back to the back line.
I returned to Nuwa City to see off the battle. I just learned the game and took off my helmet. Although I didn’t feel anything in the game, I realized that I was hungry when I left the game. I looked at my watch and thought it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. You know, I ate a little lunch and after four hours, I was not hungry.
"Hey? Why didn’t Xiaolong play Say? " Just after leaving the dormitory, I saw Zhang Guoqiang, who lives in the dormitory next to mine, lying on the windowsill, blowing a cool breeze. When he saw me coming out at this time, he asked curiously.
I smiled and said, "It’s time for me to play the game. By the way, Xiaoqiang, aren’t you going to play Say? Why is there a cool breeze blowing here? "
"I have run out of games like you," Zhang Guoqiang paused and said, "Since we have run out of games, why don’t we go out for dinner together? It’s my treat. It’s noon today and I haven’t eaten well. Now it’s natural to have a good meal."
"Ok, where shall we eat?" I’m really hungry. Since Zhang Guoqiang is willing to treat me, I won’t refuse.
Zhang Guoqiang thought for a moment and said, "It’s too luxurious to go to a big hotel and too tacky to go to a small restaurant. By the way, it’s good to have a cafe called Little Sheep in the city center. Besides coffee, there are steaks in it, which can fill your stomach. It’s also a 1-minute drive from school. It’s quite convenient. How can I get there?"
I stand stand hand casually said, "it’s up to you to treat me anyway and I don’t want to pay."
"Well, then go to Little Sheep. My car is in the school parking lot. Why don’t we go now?" Rich people are rich people who study at school and even have private cars. I have to say that there is a gap between rich people and us civilians.
Little Sheep Cafe is in a street that is not very lively, which directly affects the business of Little Sheep. Fortunately, the owner of this shop is a rich man, and his family is rich. This little sheep seems to be on a whim, so although he loses money every day, Brother continues to maintain the operation of Little Sheep.
Xiaoqiang and I are sitting by the window, and we have eaten almost all the steaks and so on, and our stomachs are almost full, so now we are slowly tasting coffee, lamb. Since it is a cafe, this coffee is natural and pure, which makes the air full of coffee’s rich fragrance.
"Xiaoqiang, what brings you here?" At this time, a handsome boy wearing a brand-name sportswear came by, watching the compliments from the staff around him, and I didn’t want to know that this handsome boy should be the shopkeeper-Li Fei.
Zhang Guoqiang took a look at Li Fei and laughed. "Why don’t you welcome me? Then I’ll go. "And he really got up and planned to leave.
Li Fei stopped him laughing, "how can you not welcome! I’m curious. You should be playing Say, too. Why do you have time to come to my cafe? If my people hadn’t reported that you were here, I wouldn’t have come out of the game. By the way, what did you come to me for? Don’t tell me that you have nothing to do and come here for dinner. I won’t believe this. "
"Ha ha what also can’t hide from you" Zhang Guoqiang face a is seriously said "Li Fei, you should also be playing" say "game? Then don’t talk to me. The business opportunities in "Say" are limited. I’m afraid I don’t want to work with you alone. "
Li Fei bowed his head and thought for a long time before saying, "I hope we can get along well. Xiaoqiang should first talk about the name of our gang. After entering the game, I will let people go to the city to recruit people. Personally, I think the name Qiangfei Gang is not bad. It has both the word" strong "and the word" flying ".