Before Mu Hua Sheng came to type, he saw someone at the nearby channel command post nine days later. They hung the infusion bag or bottle, and the gang couldn’t say anything at once. To be continued.

[141] Chapter one hundred and forty-three Grief infusion bag or bottle]
That’s all.
Mu Hua sheng shook his head and sighed in his heart.
This time, the object of killing is really tricky, although I am also very white. This soy sauce helps this pit attribute, but now that I have reached this point, I can comfort myself. Suddenly I have this powerful fighting capacity.
What else can we do? It’s all on their own. They’re crooked
Hang the bottle and drop the channel
Unlike the soy sauce gang, the whole gang hangs in the crooked hall, but there is no chat sound. Occasionally, there are some keyboard taps or game background music, but the whole channel is quiet again in a flash.
"Ha ha ~ Did you miss me very much ~" Suddenly there came a laugh that was very obscene.
Almost all hanging bottles are frowned.
Who is this?
However, on the eve of the killing, they were busy. Did they switch their faces and guess which one just joined the gang?
This time is not the time for education, or we should continue to set the foothold of Yanjing first and then wait for the pursuit.
"Hey? What don’t talk? Is this not * * me? " Come again, bitch.
Hanging bottles are busy at the keyboard, and their fingers suddenly stop. Which one is not ready to pick up a girl who is still talking with free wheat?
Why is this gang atmosphere suddenly …
Alas, hanging the infusion bag or bottle, everyone shook their heads. They’d better teach this new person a lesson, but don’t make it look like the people who play soy sauce.
Hmm? Soy sauce?
Hanging bottles suddenly realized that something was wrong.
I heard another strange music before I came to play. Hehe said, "Haha, fudge, you talk so much, and no one cares about you?"
Gummy candy?
These hanging bottles have completely stopped working. You know, there is no one named fudge in their gang, but they play soy sauce …
So they were shocked to find that the number of people in their gang hall suddenly increased at an unprecedented speed, and there were more and more white horses in the channel. At the same time, a noise that would never appear in their channel also rang.
"Oh, this channel is still good!" This is a completely rude goods coming in.
"Yes and yes, you see! Look! I cann’t believe they have a hang-up nest! None of us! " Here comes another spectator.
"Hey, little friends, this is not very good!" Another has the characteristics of playing soy sauce and talking about batting practice. The pit looks like a nod. "Look at us playing soy sauce! Never specialize! Want to play together! To brag, brag together! Apart from the gang, we can’t fight for the time being. There is a small nest for five people. Secondly, our sister paper has a boudoir! We have a gang hall! "
"Yes, yes!" A large group of people came to play with soy sauce.
It was soy sauce.
Hanging bottles with a wry smile, they really don’t know how this happened!
In order to prevent soy sauce from harassing them, they dare not write crooked numbers in the guild announcement in the game!
I am afraid that some newcomers will be exposed by accident when they see the horror of soy sauce.
Tell me about this thousand defenses, but nothing has been prevented!
Now, your sister can start the first-class alarm of the gang, okay!
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle in a crooked way no longer makes a sound, even the occasional tapping on the keyboard first can’t be heard.
"Hey? What is this? " Doudou Cat said, "Doesn’t it look like ignoring fudge?"
But we are ignoring all of you!
Look on your face and pretend not to hear the crooked voice hanging the infusion bag or bottle to help the people scream hysterically in their hearts.
"Right! Strange, isn’t it? " Soft candy also wondered, "Is it blocking the crooked sound?"
"You are stupid!" The round pie said, "The horse is going to kill you. How can you give away the crooked sound at this time?"! But also all human bodies? "
"If you ask me, I guess it will be like this …" Tell me the truth. The emperor touched the bar and analyzed, "Actually, this channel has two floors. Although we came in and saw them, we are still not on the same channel with them, just like they are separated by a layer of glass. They can see and communicate with each other on the other side of the glass, but we can’t hear them."
Soft soft sugar …
Beat the peas cat …
Hanging bottles to help the public …
"Right! There is one truth! " Call me the truth, said the emperor.
"The truth, how much have you seen in Conan recently?" Hello, left hand. I’m not surprised at all.
"I saw 465 in one breath! See it in a week ~ "For this kind of feat, the truth emperor has shown off many times.
"I knew it …" See you in the right hand and muttered, "You’d better watch less."
Soy sauce makers here have a sentence that they don’t think of this place as someone else’s territory after chatting, so they are naturally familiar with it and start talking.
Pastoral Hua Sheng was immediately startled when she entered.
Although his gang has a certain degree of discipline at ordinary times, the members of the gang are all stuck in their mouths. It’s hard to talk. You know, he is a normal human being! He will go crazy when he stays bored and follows the channel at ordinary times. So whenever there is no big event, he goes to the streets to chat with his good friends.
As a result, when he came in, the good guy scared him. After such a big chat, his head suddenly hurt.
A lot of white vests appeared on the channel, all kinds of whining, which was really fast.
As soon as he saw the nearby channel shouting and dropping nine days later, he rushed over, but he still didn’t come. Set a password quickly.
But hey? Why doesn’t anyone in their gang respond?