Shao Feng Zhi is still a fair and honest villain. He is crazy about his face and can’t see through the bustling secular Ye Zhang at all.

However, fortunately, the trouble of Xiaoyao Family is over. When the Elf Players Department supports the prosperous secular side, a large number of players join the yoga blue night, Ye Zhang can also go to him with peace of mind.
"Brother Feng, what do you think of the prosperous and secular people?"
Ye Zhang suddenly wanted to hear Feng Zhi’s opinion, but Feng Zhi gave Ye Zhang a look back and despised the tunnel slightly.
"How to consider the consequences now?"
Ye Zhang look one leng, he had a presentiment of some unusual places, but he couldn’t say why. A sigh came from Feng Zhikou, but it shocked Ye Zhang even more.
After Zhi Ruohui and Ye Zhang decided to go to glitz 15 years later, there will be no worries and anger this time, and others are still reluctant to leave them and are more keen on digging secrets in cartoon castles.
When Ye Zhang Qimen entered the glitz after 15 years with Zhiruo, he was immediately shocked by the world that appeared before him.
"What are so many door deliveries for?"
Ye Zhang saw the huge gates in front of him and then saw several ships passing through them. When he also tried to enter one of the gates, he suddenly saw himself entering a town after a burst of dizziness.
Playing the big map, Ye Zhang is stunned again, because the big map has disappeared, leaving the town of Cologne where they are now.
"This is Cologne?"
Ye Zhang and Zhiruo looked at each other. This change is too great. In the past 15 years, this once high-speed development of the main city of mankind has become like a future world viaduct suspension flying car. The grotesque high-rise buildings have dazzled Ye Zhang.
Walking in the street, Ye Zhang and Zhire’s dark gold equipment attracted many NPC onlookers. Zhang Ye could walk forward with his head down naively, while Zhire pointed to a place from time to time, which attracted Ye Zhang to look in the direction she pointed.
As they approached the so-called town hall, an intelligent robot stood in front of them.
"Detected the Ann in static code analysis …"
Ye Zhang one leng at this time the intelligent robot hair out of the red alarm and then Ye Zhang and zhi if immediately entered a state of combat.
They were shocked, but at this time, Ye Zhang immediately opened a sacred blessing. Although it was an inter-generational war, the damage system should also be common
Zhang Ye-li felt the ground shake when he resisted the robot attack, and then a huge six-tube turret appeared in front of them.
"Be careful, this is a monster mosaic dragon. Be careful of those six cannons."
Ye Zhang was wondering if Zhi knew and at the same time paid attention to it. At this time, the mosaic super dragon muzzle gathered the ball of destruction. Ye Zhang was startled, but he still crustily skin of head and prepared to resist because it was too open-minded to avoid around here.
Ye Zhang was shocked by the first attack of Chimeric Super Dragon. A 2-point damage appeared on his head, and he was under the illusion that this 2-point damage was just like a fixed value. He felt that the divine blessing had no effect.
"The characteristic of embedded super dragon attack is to determine the attack damage according to the number of enemies. Everyone will do 1 point of damage, depending on all defense effects."
Zhi Ruo’s words made Ye Zhang feel depressed. He frequently attacked Chimeric Super Dragon in Rapier, but the effect was not great. Zhi Ruo didn’t move aside, which made Ye Zhang feel depressed.
When Zhang Yegang wanted to stab back, he suddenly found that the embedded super dragon root was not a monster, but a building, just like a fixed turret. Zhang Yegen attacked him by law.
"What should I do?"
Ye Zhang, some nai can’t just be passively beaten. At this moment, the chimera super dragon stopped attacking and walked out of a person on a slowly rising platform. The distance was getting closer and closer, and when this person showed his unruly and elegant long hair with his helmet, Ye Zhang suddenly showed a very surprised look.
Ye Zhang was absolutely dazzled by himself, because in front of him, this man and Walcott were almost carved in a mold, and the other party hesitated when they heard Zhang Yeyin.
Just then, a message appeared in the Ye Zhang message bar.
"Saving the future human crisis and eliminating the remains of ancient giants of the psychic elves and semi-dragons" Completion /2 "
Ye Zhang one leng, when he saw this time, his heart obviously had a little hesitation. Although the names of the elves and the semi-dragons have changed, they still represent two different races. He was slightly surprised at this time.
Is there a way to destroy aliens like to revive mankind?
Ye Zhang suddenly remembered the word "how to fight" and smiled slightly. Just when he wanted to give up, he heard an alarm in the central brain of Cologne.
"The five-level alarm psychic is approaching quickly!"
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Red-haired man
When Ye Zhang saw a creature with pointed ears and a detection scanner in one eye, he almost didn’t see that it was an elf NPC.
In the past 15 years, human beings have not changed much, but the elves are not the original elves. This may be an evolution, but for Ye Zhang, it is like seeing a new race.
However, at this time, I have come to watch the other party’s coming quickly. After crossing the delivery door, it is all over the sky, and Ye Zhang is very interested in the middle unit.
At this moment, Zhi Ruo made Fu Shi come first with a gravity net, and the agility of flying units of both sides dropped by 5%. When this trap Fu Shi was cast, the flying unit department landed on the ground the day after tomorrow.
However, Ye Zhang still didn’t dare to rush to embed the super dragon, which caused him a little psychological pressure. Although the future world war will still be calculated damage, the local fine sniper rifle can be used to make Ye Zhang white. It is different from the original world.
Sure enough, there is a blue energy bar on the other side’s blood bar. This energy bar is like a protective film, and the player needs to destroy this protective film before attacking the body.
In this way, the fighting intensity has been limited and increased. Fortunately, Ye Zhang is not alone in fighting human beings. There are also many future fighters. These high-tech equipment NPC psychic elves are fighting, but both sides have great casualties, and the different attacks have caused great damage to the surrounding buildings.
Just as the chimera dragon rose again, the offensive of the six cannon fire mind elves was gradually stopped.