"Whatever you want … just smile and say," If you need anything, just let me know. "

It can be said that Yu Long’s trip to another world is a perfect disaster. Ba Du, the wizard of the Three Realms, died and his woman’s ban was lifted.
Although these are all plots to respect God.
It’s a pity that Yu Long’s integration with the laws of heaven made him lose his sense of proportion.
In other word, his plot was foiled again.
Although the trouble of honoring God by light has not been completely solved in the end, Yu Long has won a staged victory. Now there are two choices before him. One is to find a way to avoid the laws of heaven when stipulated, and the other is to find a way to kill God by light.
No matter which way you choose, it is difficult, and Long Yu will turn back.
After returning to the real world, Yu Long told the people about the specific situation carefully, and the mysterious realm of life can be returned to the five parties.
Yu Wonderland is now devastated. It is estimated that even if you go back, you will be able to settle down.
Of course, it’s up to the fairyland to decide whether to go or stay. Long Yu is not rare for them to stay. The Queen Mother of the West and the Seventh Princess have reached a consensus on this. It is decided that the Queen Mother of the West will take some lucky fairyland warriors back to repair the palace and the living place first.
Princess Yu wanted to stay in the real world for a while, but now she finally hopes to come to Yu Long. She doesn’t want to leave so soon.
Chapter six and chapter seventy-seven found the method of destroying god.
Ba Du, the evil wizard of the Three Realms, has been put into the whole too mysterious mountain. Yu has not made it clear to everyone that the crisis of the Three Realms has not been completely lifted.
Long Yuqi told everyone that it is better to let them live in panic than to carry it themselves.
Two days later, the master of Wufang heaven and earth, except for the black heavenly fiend and the phoenix queen, has led their respective families back to their original territories.
The Queen Mother of the West also returned to Wonderland with 10,000 warriors in advance to clean up the mess. Obviously, this is a very arduous task.
It is conceivable that the Queen Mother of the West is about to face difficulties.
But this is also her own sin.
If she had listened to Yu Long’s advice, she could have saved millions of fairyland warriors.
This is karma.
The Seventh Princess is interested in getting close to Yu Long and has expressed her love for Yu Long many times in public. At the same time, she is not shy about letting others know that she and Yu Long are together.
Yu Long has nothing special about this, saying that everything is casual
The black wind on the moon roared and the night wind blew over Long Yu’s cheek. He sat in the heart of the Sun Peak and secretly thought about the countermeasures.
Today is the third day when he came back. He didn’t find out from the laws of heaven the method that can make the emperor of God’s blood and baby break away from the monitoring of heaven.
At the same time, he didn’t come up with the idea of killing the light statue of God in a peaceful way.
The problem is very serious.
I don’t know when the Seventh Princess quietly came to Yu Long and put her hands around his waist. Yu Long turned to show her arms and took her charming body into her arms. "Why didn’t you rest …"
The Seventh Princess whispered, "I see that you have a lot on your mind these days, and you don’t have to come to share it with me."
Yu Long kissed her pretty face. "Seven princesses still hurt me …"
The Seventh Princess smiled, "You have so many confidantes, and everyone cares about you."
Yu Long smiled and hugged her charming body and looked ahead. "You’re not jealous, are you?"
The Seventh Princess said, "Do I look jealous to you? I’ve met all your women, and each of them is excellent. I’m under great pressure. I dare not be jealous at all. Don’t worry, I will get along well with your sisters and will never give you any trouble …
Yu Long smiled and nodded. "Well, it’s good that you can think like this, and my heart is much relieved. I was worried that you would get along with them. Before, I thought you might have a superior thought if you were a princess in Wonderland."
The Seventh Princess smiled and said, "I am willing to give up everything if I kill you."
Long Yu sighed, "It’s a pity that I’m busy these days and can’t play with you well …"
"Can I help you?" asked the Seventh Princess.
"How?" Yu Long asked.
The Seventh Princess put the body near the man’s mouth with a vague expression and said, "I know that things that can bother you must be big things, and my ability can’t help anything, but I can do something that I can, such as reducing your stress and calming your mood …"
Said the seventh princess’s little hand has reached out to the man’s crotch and gently rubbed it. Long Yu laughed. The seventh princess said it well. She can really let herself vent her anger and be upset. His hand went deep into her chest along the seventh princess’s skirt and gently stroked her tall and straight chest.
Soon in the man: I can’t help but tremble slightly when I fondle the charming body of the Seventh Princess.
Yu Long said in a low voice, "You are very considerate …"
The Seventh Princess nodded shyly, grabbed the man’s wandering hand, "Let’s go to the room …"
Yu Long smiled and kissed her glittering and translucent ear bead light way "don’t go here … don’t worry, no one will peep".
Seventh Princess’s pretty face is red and her beautiful eyes are unusually bright. Although she didn’t speak, her eyes have acquiesced in Yu Long’s request.
Stroking each other for a while, Yu Long put her charming body across her arms and put her arms around his neck tightly on the man’s chest.
Long Yu found a smooth big rock and laid the seventh princess’s charming body flat. At that moment, the woman kissed Yu Long’s mouth with hot cherry blossoms.
Seven princesses are unrestrained. Since Long Yu tasted it, she has never deliberately concealed herself. In the darkness of sex, they removed clothes for each other and clung to each other.
The seventh princess’s skin was covered with a faint red halo, accompanied by a whisper, and she wrapped Long Yushen with intoxicating damp heat.
Yu Long’s hands hold the woman’s elastic hips and vigorously conquer her body. Pleasure comes in waves like high tide and waves. Princess Qi keeps swinging her nose and breathes seductively.
I feel that it’s about time for Long Yuli to attack her charming body. Seven princesses are wrapped around the man’s waist and thighs, twitching her charming body and cooperating with him, driving the two people’s bodies to surge with heat flow at the same time, closely combining with each other.
When Long Yu’s body exploded, the Seventh Princess bit his shoulder, shook her body and achieved joy at the same time. After a long time, she just breathed a long sigh of relief, and her charming body collapsed in the man’s arms. "I am willing to give you everything …"
Today is a good day, and the sun is shining. After Yu Long had a good time with the Seventh Princess last night, his heart became restless and his mind became sober.
He decided to talk to Taoist Bai Mei.
Maybe there will be something new.
The bridled road flyover seems to have been waiting for Yu Long to visit.
"There you are-!" When facing Yu Long, the bridled Taoist did not feel throbbing. Everything was as usual with Ann.
"Are you waiting for me?" Yu Long has some accidents.
"Yes, in fact, you should have come and looked for it," said the bridled Taoist. "I can answer some questions for you … to honor God."
Long Yuwen hurriedly asked, "What are you?"
"If I don’t tell you, even if you want to break your head, you can’t figure it out," said the bridled Taoist with a light smile
"Since you have decided to confess to me, you must play charades with me again?" Yu Long sink a way.
"That’s right …" Road flyover bridled with awe. "I’ll tell you now, but you should be mentally prepared … because the answer is that you never thought of it."
"Go ahead-!" Yu Long is full of expectations.
"I am a god in two places at once …" Road flyover bridled said seriously.