On the one hand, the aggressive soy sauce gang, on the other hand, the angry night game "Master Jun", the atmosphere between the two sides is very tense, and no one knows which side to go to.

No, there are probably masters who don’t know, right?
After all, soy sauce makers have always had a belief that they will die!
This time, the masters played very well, very well.
It lasted ten seconds longer than the previous two times!
Its even recruit its defense and so on, everything looks so wonderful.
After the rampage, Master Jun can’t win the wild boar after all.
They were killed again.
The soy sauce makers didn’t love fighting, and they looked back quickly when they fell to that moment.
Look back?
What? Nothing?
Huh? Isn’t that right? Was it in that direction just now?
Why is it gone?
The soy sauce makers looked around in confusion, but they couldn’t find the figure of Beique after nine days.
That’s right
Look at the map!
Soy sauce people have ordered the map and carefully watched the location of the map flag.
But it is strange that almost all the flags are in their place at the moment!
Root didn’t care about the figure behind him, full of unwilling to fall. They were divided into two teams, one team was very serious about clicking the name of the map flag, and the first team was hanging around here hoping to find their own pigs in the crowd.
[Team] Soft soft sugar is silly!
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar They have already quit the team, okay!
What? ! !
The soy sauce makers were surprised, so it was really like this when I went to the team panel
Forty people in the team stood out in those two positions.
This ….. This is definitely just when they killed these people to quit!
There are times when they will ignore the team’s kindness!
There must be something! There must be something!
Always * * hexagrams * * join in the fun to play soy sauce. At this time, the sadness comes from it. This kind of poking hand can get new talk, but it was missed by their Jianghu little creatures.
This is really …
It’s unforgivable!
Playing soy sauce with hatred eyes, the masters fell to the ground again in large numbers.
It’s your fault, your sister!
The masters didn’t get up for a long time, and they were completely stunned at this time.
The soy sauce was sharpened, but it was somewhat frustrated because the opponent was lying dead.
Looking at a few piano sisters not far away, I don’t know when I will secretly resurrect in situ and I am very persistent in playing the piano.
The soy sauce makers hesitated.
After all, this is a sister. Although they claim to treat their enemies equally, they are slowly angry and really slaughter them, okay?
Shook his head and looked at a few lying on the ground. They combatively went to the pianist.
[Gang] Night Nuo Nuo, they are coming again!
[Gang] We will be killed again in Nuo Nuo at night!
[Guild] Wang/Night Love Nuo Nuo? Nuo Nuo? What’s going on?
[Gang] The group of people who were cooking soy sauce in Nuo Nuo at night are coming to kill us again!
[Guild] What’s wrong with Master/Night Thousand Feelings? How many people?
A few "masters" would like to say that this is because there are too many people, but after all, they can’t face it if they lose.
[Gang] The night is shallow and deadly. Small sea bag, these people are simply not.
[Guild] It’s shallow at night, but it’s not in the guild channel yet. I don’t know what my mind is when I say I need support.
I’ll go to this girl! Although the pianist is important, he should be chasing after the real combat effectiveness! If you don’t have a pianist, you can!
How come these girls are so ignorant!
But I probably don’t know the truth, but I lost my command at night.
[Guild] Leader/Night Thousand Feelings, hurry up and go in a team!
[Gang] Nuo Nuo can’t do it at night. They are the whole gang of soy sauce!
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Ye Qianyi What?
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Ye Qianyi Xiaobai, do you still have soy sauce over there?
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Ye Qianbai Without us, we haven’t seen soy sauce now.
[Gang] Wang/Night Thousand Feelings Ouch, I’m going to get soy sauce. What am I going to do?
[Guild] Wang/Night Thousand Feelings Hehe, since you want to watch our logistics, let’s move to them together!
[Guild] Master/Night Thousand Feelings must have just helped hang the infusion bag or bottle, which has provoked us!
[Guild] Leader/Night Thousand Emotions all kick over! Nuo Nuo! Report the coordinates!
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Night Thousand White Thousand Feelings This is not good. It’s hunting …
Only to find that the night thousand affection roots ignored it. It is estimated that the previous strong attack of soy sauce made him angry and roared in the air.
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle once again saw what the scene was out of control … To be continued.
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