"How is that possible?" Looking at the boom in his chest, I can’t believe it! After all, the dragon soul made an ice explosion during the war just now! This is just a short time, and the ice explosion has passed the skill cooling time?

No way!
This is absolutely impossible!
Although Aino Mina can’t figure out how the ice explosion of the white dragon soul recovered so quickly! But the death signal has gone with the wind! This means that Aino Mina has once again been defeated by the dragon soul ice explosion and lost to the same skill at this last moment!
Ice burst!
I’m afraid it’s hard to forget this trick in a short time!
Ding! Players love Kono Mina’s death! 》
Ding! The destroyer fell! 》
Ding! Wood blade, fall! 》
Ding! Wood blade, fall! 》
Ding! Wood blade, fall! 》
Ding! Wood blade, fall! 》
This time, the number of dropped wood blade is ten times as much as just now, which makes the players ready to compete for it sad! All kinds of expressions can be said to have everything! After all, you will know how depressing it is when you see that the strongest weapon, the World Destroyer, and the weakest weapon, wood blade, are mixed and hard to find!
"So many wood blade? Aino Mina will really give us a problem! " Looking around, there are ten times as many wooden swords and dragons as just now, and I can’t help but feel that my head is a little big. "When you have ten minutes, let’s find it quickly. Be sure to find out the destroyer!"
"Look for it!"
"Be sure to find out!"
"Everybody find! Don’t wave! "
As a result, players once again entered the ranks of looking for the world-destroying device!
"This is not the way to find it!"
The dragon soul looked at the player who was still looking for the destroyer, and he couldn’t help but frown! After all, after the accident just now, the players’ minds are all smart! Therefore, even if I find the device to destroy the world, I am afraid I will hide it in secret!
"What should I do? I’m afraid we can’t find out if someone pockets himself! " God naturally found this phenomenon when directly relying on the dragon soul to discuss it! After all, it’s hard to hang up Aino Mina, and it’s inevitable that the Buddha will be destroyed. Nothing can be given to these sneaky players!
"Now I have pinned my hopes on God’s help! If they want to find the destroyer, then these players will choose to quit! " I want to go to the Dragon Soul, and finally I will pin my hopes on the ordinary people who are searching for the God-eating Sect!
If you really appear, I believe that no one dares to compete in front of the dragon soul and the god!
In three minutes!
Just when both the Dragon Soul and the God Eater felt that the chances for ordinary members of the God Eater Gang were slim, they suddenly saw the search equipment inside. A gang raised their arms and said excitedly, "Master, master has found the instrument to destroy the world!"
Almost instantly, all eyes were on the player!
Then every second, the fireball and arrow feather attacked quickly and planned to kill people and steal goods! It seems that it’s impossible to scare those players by biting the title of the God Sect in front of the Destroyer! After all, it is much more important than destroying the Buddha and a level of experience.
In the future, I will be hunted by the God-eating gang!
These things have long been forgotten!
"Day Wu Shen armoured-three angels dance! 」
Fortunately, God-eaters are a little worried that when they help people find the world-destroying device, they will be attacked by players around them. Therefore, Wu Shen armored energy mobilization in the highest three angels is ready to rescue at any time!
So at this moment, even if there are tens of millions of magic and bows and arrows, they can exert their power in the face of the three angels’ round dance! Moreover, the bite of the gods is faster, and Panlong Excalibur has quickly attacked those players and easily solved dozens of players!
"Who else is going to help the enemy with me?" Kill dozens of players in a row, bite the gods and shout at the players around, and at the same time look at the bottom players! Therefore, the result is that all players who have been bitten by the gods have retreated without exception!
"Little Three, give me the destroyer!" Seeing that no one eats God again, he took over the destroyer from a small three players. "Very good! When mistress returns, she will reward you with 5,000 gold coins! At the same time, you are the personal assistant of Wang after you have been promoted to the third level in my God-eating gang! "
"Thank you, Master!" Small three Shane at the same time will destroy the Buddha device transaction out! In the eyes of the public, although some players are eager to try, when they see the cold and biting eyes, they are eager to try, and their mood is instantly pressed!
If you want to try, you have to have strength!
Therefore, almost at the same time, those non-devouring players immediately turned their eyes to the dragon soul! After all, at the moment, I’m afraid there will be dragon souls in the players here who have the strength to compete for the destroyer! Moreover, just now, it is obvious that the love of Kono Mina was killed by the dragon soul.
All the players present have a mind that the dragon soul and the devourer will compete for each other, and then both sides will definitely lose each other! Then you don’t have the possibility of fighting for the world-destroying device again? You can’t miss the destroyer!
"God-eating Wang, you and I are half a catty, even if we fight, we will both lose!" The dragon soul can’t help glancing around while talking, waiting for the player to say faintly, "I think so!" Why don’t we decide the ownership of the deity in the simplest way? "
"The simplest way? Let’s hear it! " God-eaters are also quite afraid of players who are eyeing around! So listen to the dragon soul has the simplest way to immediately ask "first of all, say yes! It’s not interesting to compete for the strongest attack. If this is your way, then you won’t say it again! "
"We have already tried the strongest attack competition. If you still can’t win, I will come again?" The dragon soul looked pleasing to the eye at the bottom players and said slowly, "My method is very simple, which can keep the strength and the face of the losing players!"
"oh? What is it? "
"Very simple! A three-year-old child can play games! " The dragon soul suddenly laughed and said, "Stone-cut-cloth! One game decides the outcome! And the winner will have a deity, such as? Is my game very good? We both rely on luck! "
"It is very good! Finish the game of luck! I agree! " God-eater nodded and said, "Then let me see if today is your Avenger Dragon Soul lucky or my guardian God-eater lucky!"! You and I will decide the outcome in one game! "