No matter how you play at half-time, if you can’t kill Lazio completely at half-time, then Lazio will rescue you at half-time.

This is the so-called "Lazio can’t be taunted at half-time"
When he lost the second goal, allegri was on the sidelines like a scarecrow.
Can he react?
He is completely unable to solve the problem.
Physical fitness is the foundation of everything.
No matter how much you have, no matter how good your tactics are, you can’t play it.
Of course, he can change people reliably and make adjustments, and he has done so.
But the physical advantage of one or two players is not enough in front of Lazio’s physical advantage.
Perhaps in a certain part, these new AC Milan players can take the lead.
But they can’t reverse the overall situation of the whole game
Lazio plays football as a whole. In most places, Lazio plays more and less. What’s good about your physical fitness alone? There are several people in Lazio!
When Lazio overtook the score, it was obvious that AC Milan collapsed.
AC Milan fans are no longer cheering in front of the camera and in the stands.
Other commentators and commentators are even more vocal about AC Milan’s physical fitness.
This is too slapping-slapping themselves in the face.
Now they know AC Milan. What kind of physical fitness is that?
Compared with Lazio, it was suddenly thrown out of the cloud!
AC Milan players frequently have cramps.
In this way, Lazio fans booed when they thought they were deliberately procrastinating-when the conscience of heaven and earth lagged behind! And they really got cramps!
But even if they frequently cramp and fall to the ground, it will help change their status quo.
In the fifteenth minute, Lazio scored a game and scored their third and last goal.
This ball was scored by Gotze with the ball all the way.
After running for more than ten minutes, the AC Milan players behind him couldn’t keep up with Gotze when he was dribbling in front.
This goal fully reflects the reasons for the failure of AC Milan.
How can a team win when all its players can’t run?
Finally, the game ended with a score of 31.
"The game is over! Although AC Milan dominated the wind at half time! And achieved a goal lead, but the game ended with a score of 31 Lazio! "
"This game said an easy-to-understand truth-leading Lazio by one goal at half-time! They can overtake the score at any time! "
Milan guests who support AC in live TV programs have to comfort themselves.
"allegri’s idea is to beat Lazio with better physical fitness and running ability than Lazio. I think allegri has given a new idea to the world football, which is better than Mazari’s sticking to the penalty shoot-out. This time, he lost because of insufficient preparation. When AC Milan pays attention to physical fitness preparation from pre-season training, touching Lazio will definitely beat them!"
He said it makes sense to listen suddenly.
But Lazio is not stupid. It is impossible to ignore the opponent’s response.
It’s not a year or two since the whole European football targeted Lazio, but did Lazio lose?
Lazio won the Champions League twice in three years, which is enough to prove what they can do in the face of those opponents’ chasing and blocking.
After the game, allegri was not very angry at the press conference. He also felt that his thinking was right, but he was not fully prepared. After all, he had prepared for a month. If he was asked to prepare for another season, he believed that he could beat Lazio.
"I think we have found a way to beat Lazio, which leads to victory. Our failure and tactics are just that we are not physically prepared …"
He said so.
This is indeed the closest he has ever won.
Later, when Chang Sheng came to the press conference, he heard the reporters’ remarks.
Then he smiled, "It is allegri who has found the way to victory, and he is close to victory. allegri is just one step away from victory. allegri is sure to win. allegri is confident that defeating Lazio will be the next fight … Which of these titles do you like? You can have it, no matter what I want, I’ll give it to you, but I have the best news headline: allegri found the road to victory and lost to Lazio again! How nice! "
The way in which a group of reporters roll their eyes is always better than sarcasm is really varied.