Imagine the storm is so heavy, the wind is so fierce, and there are so many voices around you. Your mad dog dragon can hear it, so it is as loud as possible when people shout.

But now he is really afraid to see it again because of him. The man brought out tonight by this shepherd’s war is a bowman, and it is estimated that it is an elite force of a branch of the Arctic divine power, which is specially designed to deal with him.
One enemy and many mad dog dragons have this ability, but in the face of seventy bows, he roughly judges the attack density and intensity of the other side, and estimates that he can hang up in one second at most, while sniper rifles and bomb props are estimated to hit in the middle of the night.
What should we do?
He was still thinking about Yan Sha and smiled smugly. "That’s what forced me to explode. I’m finally a grandson this time. Haha!"
"Why? Killing brother, have you been played by that little one? " There is a population.
"How to talk to you? Isn’t this coming back? " Yan kill don’t refute "Oriental dynasty? What jb thing? That’s all! Is it true that there is no one in the Arctic? "
"It is the forced guild that really thinks that it is the boss in the exile, and anyone who comes casually will rob our industry."
"I didn’t say I saw it kill!"
These people are still talking about the pastoral warfare and clap their hands. "Okay, brothers, come on, everyone doesn’t think it’s not enough this time. So what about the Eastern Dynasty?" Let’s just throw away their goods and fuck them, and some of them have fled with their tails between their legs. They want to make trouble in our territory, and the myth of the sanctuary doesn’t have the guts. Now, let’s go to the road and kill him as soon as we find that little one … "
The last few words of pastoral warfare finally hit the nerve of mad dog dragon.
Yes, isn’t this time I’m here under the signboard of the Eastern Dynasty? As a result, the car was robbed, the goods were destroyed, and they were ambushed. Finally, they fled when they got cold feet. Even if they can find a way back in the future, they will lose face.
Let you guys hold back tonight and see what is really awesome.
Mad dog dragon made up his mind and immediately pulled out a beautiful white handbag from the baggage.
After the box was hit, it was spread flat on the ground. Two footprints were stamped on it. After the mad dog dragon stepped on it, it started the box to brighten up. The energy finally started the intelligent processor and made a sweet beauty sound.
"The future warrior system is now in countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and now it is synthesized!"
See the box suddenly pop up with a crystal clear steel plate. All the steel plates are embedded in the mad dog dragon body and automatically assembled.
"The defense system has been generated!"
"The weapon system has been generated!"
"The scanning system has been generated!"
"The automatic repair system has been generated!"
About a minute later, the archer’s department on this side of the Arctic Shenguang arrived at the ground, and a large number of people were still laughing, grazing and fighting, and suddenly they waved their hands with a dignified expression.
Yan killed them and didn’t ask anything. After quiet, everyone heard a sound.
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
This is definitely not a muffled thunder, but this muffled sound is very similar to the thunder in the clouds. Listen carefully again, it seems that the sound is coming from the front along the ground, just like a huge monster is coming this way step by step, and the ground is shaking slightly.
Everyone suddenly felt a sense of foreboding that danger was approaching!
"Click" flashed to reproduce the surprise. Everyone saw it clearly, and at the same time, everyone’s eyes were wide open, and the thief’s mouth became an "O" shape, just like seeing something that he shouldn’t have seen. He was too surprised to say anything to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Future soldiers
There is no longer a mad dog dragon figure in the grass, but a mighty and domineering humanoid mecha.
The mecha is about 3 meters high, and the whole body metal is white and bright, showing a light blue overall shape. The square head is a cylindrical helmet similar to a medieval knight, but the face is covered by a piece of black plexiglass.
This is the advanced scientific and technological product of Mad Dog Dragon, which has been developed many times, exhausted several efforts, and has many functions, including attack and defense-the steel suit for future soldiers.
Because the overall weight is a little too heavy, the ground is rumbling with every step.
However, the exaggerated shape of this armor really scared the Arctic Shenguang group of sticks. In fact, many people can see that this is a machine problem. It seems that this machine actually speaks through a smart loudspeaker.
"See the power of science and technology!"
This is exactly what the mad dog Longyin has called "That’s the little brothers who fuck him to death!"
Suddenly, the light in the forest was big, and seventy archers lined up in two rows of arrows of various colors, just like a colorful meteor shower, which enveloped the mad dog dragon in a spectacular way.
This time, the archers made all their efforts to shoot all kinds of skills, and the mad dog dragon root was surrounded by a mass of chaos mixed with ice, wind and three magic flames, and the sound was as dense as a rainstorm.
No one can be strong in this fire, and no one can face such a crazy arrow rain
But fifteen seconds later, the people here in the Arctic Shenguang stopped decisively.
When the visual effects of various arrow skills disappear, everyone’s bow hangs down.
Mad dog dragon’s steel arm released an energy from the back of his left hand and formed a huge white semi-transparent cross holy shield in front of him. All arrows were blocked outside the shield and touched the body.
And the penetrating magic effect burns to the body, and the steel armor body doesn’t even show a trace. Anyone with a little vision should see that this thing is invulnerable and fire-proof.
Of course, this is a theory, not a real enemy
This is a common physical attack in which Mercury source energy is pumped out to form a shield block, while fine steel, the beauty super, can resist other damage.
These attacks will not cause harm to Mad Dog Dragon, but will reduce the durability and energy consumption of the armor.
At this moment, Mad Dog Dragon in Armor Department can see all kinds of combat data displayed on the face projection glass through the scanning system.
Durability of battle suit 997/1;
Energy consumption 4/1;
The current number of enemies is 4/4;
I have to say that so many people are still very powerful when they are on fire. In just 15 seconds, the energy consumption is 16 percentage points.