When I woke up the next day, Chi Xin felt pain all over, and the bone head was about to fall apart.
Look at this mess and be naked. She almost cried out in panic. Her head is still aching badly. She tried hard to remember last night. It seemed that after drinking orange juice, her head fainted, and then she met Xiao Yi …
Then it became like this.
What the hell is going on here?
Is she drunk and stronger than Xiao Miao or Xiao Miao takes advantage of it?
The man is still asleep. Yan Junmei breathes evenly. Chi Xin wants to wake him up. But if it is the former, at least he is a beautiful man. Will she be responsible for him if she sleeps so hard?
Look at that bed with a touch of rust red, and she feels wronged and a little tempted to cry. Last night was the first time after all …
For the first time in 20 years, she was in a daze after drinking. If she wanted Xiao Yi to be responsible for her, would he?
Never met such a thorny problem. Chi Xin’s head is still in a paste state. Forget it. Let’s escape first …
Sneaking on the bed, white and tender toes stepping on the soft carpet, trying to put on your clothes, you can find that your skirt has become a beggar. How can it become one piece?
How crazy and eager they were last night, or was this man too wild and wild?
How can she go out without clothes?
☆ Chapter 6 Shen Mei Wu You can really kill the donkey.
Chixin looked around the room and looked at the men’s clothes on the ground for a few seconds. Well, it’s so easy to be one.
I hurried to wear this ill-fitting man’s clothes and trousers, so I tightened my belt so as not to fall off. I picked up her handbag and wanted to leave, but I felt sorry for wearing his clothes. So she took out five grandfathers Mao from her wallet and looked at her torn clothes. She stuffed four grandfathers Mao back and pulled a hotel post-it note to leave him a message.
After ChiXin snuck out and gently took the door behind him, the man’s dark eyes suddenly opened.
What is that woman doing in her room after waking up for a long time?
Section 43
Suddenly I looked up and saw a hundred-dollar red bill on the bedside table and a note with beautiful handwriting.
With a twist of his brow, he picked up the note. After reading it, his face was as black as a letter from a government official, and he pinched it like a woman in the palm of his hand.
She wrote-you tore my clothes, so I put your clothes on, and it’s even. This money counts as my whoring, and you were very different last night.
It’s true that no woman dares to fuck him when he gives money to women.
What a Chi Xin!
There is movement in the other room of the "Moon Bay" Hotel. When Wu is sleepy, he sees a pair of shining black eyes staring at himself energetically. His eyes are slightly bent and contain a little bit of desire.
They had sex all night. I don’t know how many times they fought. Why did he plan to have it again early in the morning?
When his lips pressed, her palm pushed his cheek. "Don’t …"
"Shen Mei Wu, you can really kill the donkey!" Chi Muhan Zhan’s black eyes tightly locked her face. After a night’s work, her love tide had already receded. After being moistened by him, her little face became more white and ruddy. His heart moved to hold her wrist. "Last night, you entangled me like a snake essence, pulled me to kiss you, and forced me to do happy things with you. It’s good that I came closer at dawn, so you pushed me. What is this?"
Eyebrow Wu was embarrassed by what he said, and his cheeks suddenly turned thin and red.
She vomited some undigested medicine, but most of her memories are clear. It was her initiative last night.
But the initiative is also driven by medicine. Now the medicine used to be, of course she won’t …
"That … I forgot"
She snorted awkwardly, leaving her slightly hot face to one side, dragging tightly and being afraid to touch his eyes.
"It doesn’t matter if you forget. I’ll remember it for you." He moved closer and blew her ear socket with a hot breath. His voice was low and sexy. "Goblin, did you look bad last night? Do you need me to remind you?"
"Chi Gong, you … you know that I was-"
The woman was picked up by a man before she finished speaking. "I know you were obsessed with sex last night and robbed me, but you always have to pay it back when you robbed me."
Hot kiss branded in her sensitive ear fossa eyebrow Wu hide frown dissatisfied way "last night was so tired … why are you still …"
"Not have a rest for a night? Don’t you know that once Chigong is a slut, it will get out of hand? "
Love is full of eyebrows, and the doorbell is rung when he is about to get it.
Eyebrow Wu glanced at the door. Maybe the clerk came to Chi Muhan but didn’t mean it. She was even more anxious. "Chi Gong, don’t mess around. Someone rang the doorbell."
"What are you worried about? Can he break in if I don’t? "
The doorbell has been rung again and again, making people unable to act with peace of mind.
Chimuhan crossly turn over the bed and wrap the bath towel around the front door at will.
As soon as the door hits, it’s Xiao’s sisters.
"Brother Mu Han heard that you had a fight with someone last night, and your mobile phone couldn’t connect. I was worried about you."
Xiao Yinyin threw himself into his arms at the sight of Chimuhan.
He gathered his eyebrows and helped her to keep her at a distance. "I’m fine. I just turned off my cell phone."
Chi Muhan has been used to mobile phones for many years, and he doesn’t know how to use them. But he deliberately put them away. Yes, and love that woman Shen Mei Wu. Xiao Yinyin doesn’t know why he is so excited. They are the most natural husband and wife to do that, but she is crazy with jealousy.
Xiao Yinyin twisted her eyebrows and glanced through the crack of the door. The jealousy in the eyes of the woman lying in bed was more prosperous.
Xiao pity son came with her sister. She didn’t speak. She was staring at Chimuhan wrapped in that bath towel. It is conceivable that there must be nothing in it. She secretly pursed her lips.
Mei Wu, listen, it’s Xiao Yinyin. That woman robbed her husband in public last night. If Chi Muhan wasn’t with her, she wouldn’t have had such an accident.
Pearl made a circle to make her mind feel better.
She slouched at the door and snorted at Chi Muhan Jiao. "Is the husband a member? Let her prepare a suit for me. That evening gift is broken. "
"That skirt is broken?"
Xiao’s sisters share the same opinion.
Xiao Yinyin felt that Xiao pity’s reaction was bigger than his own.
She knows that the evening gift was designed by Chi Muhan, but she doesn’t know which woman designed it.
It is said that the ceremony has a special poetic name-beauty.
How beautiful is a dress named "Beauty" that deserves Chi Muhan’s treasure?
Xiao pity son seems to realize that his reaction is a little abnormal, and immediately adds, "It’s a pity that that dress is so exquisite as a collection that it is a perfect match for Miss Shen."
Chimuhan gave her a squint. "It’s a pity that a dress is ruined if it’s ruined. You really love to fuck this broken heart."
Just like anyone can recognize ChiMuHan this tone is holding the thin anger.
Xiao Yinyin is also a discretion. "Brother Mu Han, since you are safe, I will go back first."
ChiMuHan light "well" a "punch" a door.
Xiao Yinyin felt that Xiao pity’s body was slightly stiff, and his eyes stared at the door tightly, and his face turned pale as paper.
"Xiao Lian, are you all right?"
Xiao pity is not Xiao Yinyin’s own sister, but the woman brought back by her father. The woman who was born with her ex-husband remarried to her father and changed her surname to "Xiao".
Xiao Yinyin doesn’t like Xiao Lian in private. She is always called by her first name.
"Oh, nothing. I came here with you this morning and forgot to take my medicine."