Shallow water counting nodded and said Bai Biqing also coldly, "This is not Pingyang’s complicated terrain. Without the infantry formation, it is not easy to expand the results, and the in-depth pursuit can play an effective role."

"It’s also obscure Europe … it’s my mistake. I didn’t expect obscure Europe to suddenly butt in." Shallow water smiled and looked around. Zhou Yingyang Banner soldiers had a few left.
Last night, the battle was fought in shallow water and clear water, and the fighting ability of the elite soldiers in the cold wind was really learned. Even if Zhou Chun died in the rainbow, the ghost rider didn’t collapse. They were still desperate to tell everyone that even without confidence in victory, they still had the courage to fight to the death. As a result, 10,000 ghost riders died in the battlefield, and none of them turned their backs on the enemy, and the eagle flag fighters almost died. After a day and a night of hard work, there were more than 2,000 eagle fighters left.
Zong Zhuo, the owner of the prison camp, died in the health school. Lv Bin died in the health school. Haishan died in the health school. Chongyuan seriously injured Shigang camp owner Shao Feizhi died in the health school. Shi Jingze died in the health school. Wei Yiyu died in the Jinsha camp owner Shi Cheng seriously injured in the health school. Jiang Ranguang died in the health school. Wu Zhixiang died in the health school …
Officers in each battalion were killed and wounded. Three battalion leaders were killed. Two nine health centers were seriously injured, two were slightly injured, and the rest were all dead. Ten brigade commanders were left. There were four angry eagles’ flags, which were soaked in blood, and they were completely damaged. Few people were soaked in blood, and people could not stand it without minor injuries.
This is the biggest loss in the local battlefield since the shallow water Qing entered the rainbow. Nearly 6,000 soldiers were directly killed by the obscure European cavalry. Although he rode step by step and was tired, it was very difficult for him to win the new force. But it still made the shallow water Qing feel sad. When the iron wind flag hit Pingyang, he faced 200,000 troops, but he died 5,000. Yesterday, during the day, the eagle flag resisted the enemy’s attack of 100,000 troops, and more than 1,000 people were killed by the obscure European cavalry. Together with 6,000 people, he almost turned over
The life and courage of the rainbow ghost riding his own life proved the dignity of the rainbow warrior.
However, with the great shortage of troops in the plan and tactics of defending the Eagle Eagle Banner in situ and clearing the shallow water, the sweeping formation is no longer only relying on the impact formation to destroy the enemy, which also puts great pressure on the other three flags in Tiexue Town. The coach Lu Qing organized the last 5,000-strong team and fought to the death, disintegrating the opponent as soon as possible and avoiding the enemy camp. This center expanded its combat power, and Bi Qing made it necessary to destroy the enemy in the shortest time at all costs.
After paying a heavy price of 1.5 thousand casualties, Lu Qingren, his opponent, was finally killed as quickly as possible, and he was also killed on the spot
Without this, the final obstacle to the Jinghong army’s fighting spirit and rout was difficult to fight until then. However, it was not without finding the changes in the rear. Because of the concern for the safety of shallow water and the lack of support from the infantry sweeping formation, the soldiers of the Three Banners dared not do face-to-face pursuit as planned, and lacked in-depth pursuit and rout. Therefore, the results were limited, and the plan to wipe out the enemy’s big goal in shallow water was not successful.
Or Fang Hu comforted him by saying, "Forget it, don’t think about it. Even a talented warrior can’t take every possibility of the battlefield into account. If you can count the obscure European action in shallow water, you are not a man or a god. Don’t you always say that there are no victorious generals in this world? War always wins, and there is an invincible way to deal with the 300,000-strong army of Jing Hong, which makes you work hard. Even if you are calculated by the enemy, it’s nothing. Europe is arrogant once, but if the battlefield is against you, we believe that he is by no means your opponent. "
Shallow water smiled bitterly. "You are small enough to comfort people."
Fang Hu hehe said, "Besides, he didn’t do anything to you. You are still alive."
"But I’m flying the flag … it’s ruined."
"If you can catch the Liang Qiu Xuying Yangqi brothers, you will not die in vain."
Shallow water Qing heaved a sigh of relief. "It is even difficult to capture Liang Qiu Xu alive. Mo Ou is not attacking our team, so he is likely to save Liang Qiu Xu and I don’t know what happened to Lal and them now."
There is a faint worry in my heart, and I can feel Rahl and others in shallow water, and I’m afraid they haven’t finished.
When the morning sun rose above the horizon, a strange army appeared again in the distance of the main battlefield.
This army is completely different from the regular army in appearance. They wear various weapons, such as resisting big axes, holding epees, carrying spears and carrying sledgehammers. Their ranks are scattered in the endless wilderness, and the number of thousands of troops covers almost the whole plain.
The flag of this army is a jumble of flags, including huge waves, bloody battles, sea sharks, etc.
This is what Shallow Water Qing entrusted Larch to spend a lot of money to hire mercenaries to fight in the urban alliance. Now they are at the forefront, and a group of big and burly giant Hanral is impressively among them. These people are the leaders of the mercenary corps.
These hard-working guys have two brushes at the bottom of their hands, and their individual kung fu is extremely tough. Just from their weapons, we can see that most of these guys are strong and desperate. They are good at making heavy weapons be good at ambush, night attack, small-scale organized warfare and other unconventional tactics. Although they are in a loose state when they come here at this moment, once they start fighting, they also have their own discipline and organization. Therefore, Shallow water and clear water can so safely return the ambush of Liang Qiu Xu and his ten thousand body guards to them.
Mercenaries have rich combat experience and are absolutely qualified to destroy their opponents.
However, at the moment, looking at their depressed expressions and tearful faces, Shallow Water Qing shook his head. "Lal failed and they failed to catch Liang Qiu Xu."
Fang Hu and Bi Qing sighed at the same time.
There is no doubt that this is Ou Jie again.
Shallow water Qing sent Lal to bring 10,000 mercenaries to ambush Liang Qiu Xu. The plan suffered a major setback because of the emergence of obscure Europe. At that time, a large number of mercenaries had killed Liang Qiu Xu’s troops by surprise attack. Seeing that Liang Qiu Xu was about to get it, he did not think that the obscure European cavalry appeared behind them like a ghost.
The command war in obscure Europe really has its own set. This man’s eyes are sharp, and he can see at a glance that this mercenary unit is composed of less than ten mercenary groups, so there are serious coordination problems and command problems. Therefore, on the one hand, he launched a storm against its weak links, on the other hand, he sent elite cavalry to the core of mercenary command to use his best decapitation strategy. Two mercenary group leaders died on the spot, and the mercenaries in the urban alliance suddenly became miserable. These guys joined hands to make a fortune. There’s no problem at all. It’s a little difficult for them to join hands to help their allies by giving up their lives. Mercenaries form a battle to protect themselves. Mo Ou took the opportunity to lead his 10,000 cavalry to come and go among the 10,000 mercenaries in the urban alliance. He fought his way out and took Liang Qiu Xu away from the crowd, but fortunately Mo Ou didn’t take care of Liang Qiu Xu when he saved Liang Qiu Xu from others. The big fish ran away, but with him, many fish and small fish were arrested. Except for a few people who ran away, many senior officials and dignitaries died in World War I.
In this way, the two-way cavalry in Europe almost made the situation of the main battlefield in shallow water clearing unbalanced, and the other way rescued Wang Jia, which can be said to have completely and completely destroyed the plan of shallow water clearing.
When Rahl came back from the battlefield, he saw the shallow water and shouted angrily, "This bastard! There are still 20 meters and 20 meters before we can catch Liang Qiu Xu! However, our rear road just failed to stop those cavalry wearing ghost masks! That lonely ou came straight at Wang Qi and killed me. I have several brothers who are gone! Gone! "
Fang Hushen said, "It seems that Mo Ou is destined to be our new trouble. If we don’t solve this person one day, there will be no good life in Tiexue Town."
After a long meditation in shallow water, he sighed and said, "I can’t get into trouble without a tiger and a lonely Europe. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be on the battlefield to solve trouble."
"You mean …"
"To issue a notice to the mainland, I said … self-iron town entered the rainbow and people came to the shallow water. Wan Li has experienced many battles and never lost. Since then, people have been able to compete with the enemy. General Mo Ou never thought of the Mid-Autumn Festival World War I, but he who sees through the tricks of water clearing, but he who knows the enemy plane can make a move first and then attack me firmly. I am determined to win the battle. Among the real people, the hero is not willing to worship the wind and be ashamed. From then on, it is better for General Fan Mo to bow down in the shallow water and dare not show his respect.
"What did you say? Are you crazy? " Fang Hu shouted
"I’m more awake than ever," replied the shallow water coldly. "Send out the notice as I say."
In the Mid-Autumn Festival, Cheng Mo-ou and Qian Shui-qing performed together on the stage, which made him famous in mainland China. He became the first general in mainland China who successfully sneaked into Qian Shui-qing and caused great losses. He was also the first general to snatch food from the mouth of Qian Shui-qing and eat people. At the same time, he was the first general praised by Qian Shui-qing as "not afraid of the enemy"
Relatively obscure Europe, 20,000 cavalry performed brilliantly, but the performance of the main army was terrible. Not only did they have no confidence in victory, but they also lacked desperate courage. Both of them led to defeat, and the main reason for this was that they originated from the good example of Liang Qiu Xu, and the retreat of Liang Qiu Xu caused a group of generals to follow the escape of 200,000 troops, so that all the fighting forces disappeared overnight and won easily in Tiexue Town.
If it weren’t for the surprise attack by the silent European cavalry, this battle could be called the most perfect battle in the history of shallow water and Qing Dynasty.
Even so, in addition to Liang Qiu Xu who took away 30,000 people who died in the daytime, there were 190,000 soldiers left in the Jinghong army. More than 60% of the soldiers either died or were captured in the Iron Town. They achieved the most brilliant results in the first world war, but they also paid the greatest price for entering the Rainbow to fight. Nearly 10,000 soldiers died in the battlefield, and the troops in the Iron Town lost one third, leaving 21,000 soldiers.
The worst thing is that the two strategic goals in the shallow water clean-up plan have finally been completed half.
Sometimes in war, it is not only the number of deaths that determines the key to victory, but also whether the expected goal can be achieved. If the goal can be achieved, the loss will be great, and it can also be called victory if the goal is not achieved.
Every time a war is fought, it is necessary to calculate the general ledger of the whole war situation in addition to the detailed account of the war.
Shallow water Qing this campaign has set two strategic goals.
The first goal was to capture Liang Qiu Xu alive. As a result, due to the intervention of Mo Ou, Liang Qiu Xu escaped and tried to walk away from the rainbow by holding the other emperor. The second strategic goal was to destroy a large number of enemy troops. Once the plan to capture the king failed, Tiexue Town won a greater maneuver, but it also completed half of it. Tiexue Town paid a heavy loss and finally achieved a total of 160,000 enemy troops. However, 140,000 people escaped from the plan of clearing the water for a long time and paid a major feast, so they were forced to sit in a hurry.
So before the war, I was still full of ambition. After the dust ended in this war, my face was covered with clouds …
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Blackmail
The two strategic goals in the plan failed to achieve themselves, and nearly 10,000 military forces were lost. This is a big defeat for Shallow Water Qing.
Despite the overwhelming body count, they can bear the heavy losses to those who have exhausted their troops, but shallow water can’t bear such consumption. The eagle-hawk flag was almost exhausted in World War I, and the wind flag also suffered the first major loss since the entry. The whole town of Tiexue recovered to the level of combat power after the first encirclement and suppression. Although shallow water can make a number of mercenary troops, this army is not his command after all, and it has many troubles and elbow.
Don’t say that this post-war pension alone has caused a lot of blood in shallow water. Although the material support of the Xifu people has been delivered, the greedy appetite of thousands of mercenaries is like a huge black hole. No amount of money can be enough to fill it.
And the most important thing is how to go in the future after losing the important goal of Liang Qiu Xu?
Some people insist on continuing to follow the original practice and continue to wage guerrilla warfare until the Jinghong people can’t stand giving up the encirclement and suppression and sending the iron blood town to stop.
Some people think that it is not appropriate to fight again at present. Although the Jinghong army has been defeated, the Iron Blood Town needs to enter the rest stage again.
Others believe that we should immediately launch a counter-offensive to attack Jinghong in urban and rural areas and let the Jinghong people rule the snow and frost.
Every method has its reasons and shortcomings, and there are supporters and opponents. However, if it is easy to leave the rainbow in a short time, it is impossible to expect that the quagmire of long-term war has been revealed, and from the current situation, the dead noose is still hanging in the head of Tiexue Town and has not gone far.
And the most important thing is that shallow water must immediately decide what to do next.
"Let’s go and see our prisoners of war first. Maybe we can get something good from them."
Shallow water is so decided.
In the afternoon, a large number of Jinghong officials were arrested by Rahl and other mercenaries and sent to the parliament hall of Caisang City.
I have to say that it is really high for mercenaries to catch fat sheep collars. Although the silent European raid has caused heavy losses to mercenaries, these guys have almost the same intuition about money. Even if he wears ordinary soldier clothes, they can recognize whether the person is an official or a soldier at a glance.