Longitudinal Ma Xiao Xifeng chose to stay in the state animal husbandry house, and Huang Pusong was also very optimistic. He had a room cleaned up for him in the Intermediate People’s Court, and longitudinal Ma Xiao Xifeng was also considered to have fallen in the state animal husbandry house.

Tiffany Ting came to the inn and the guest room there was naturally returned by him. In the evening, Longitudinal Ma Xiaoxiao packed his luggage from Yuelai Inn and moved into the state animal husbandry office.
Lingyun didn’t go to the reception this time because the people in the government are responsible for leading.
Today is the fifth night after Lingyun’s wedding. Except for the first night, Lingyun danced with the wind for the last three nights, so she didn’t go to Zhang Xue’s yard during the day.
Tonight, Lingyun also doesn’t want to go to Zhang Xue’s place, but when Zhang Xue had dinner together in the evening, Lingyun looked at Zhang Xue’s eyes full of bitterness and her close-fitting servant girl’s dissatisfaction. Lingyun knew that it was really unreasonable not to go.
Although he doesn’t go to others to take it, he can’t help it. No one will force him to go, but he feels guilty.
No matter how much, he married Zhang Xue, is the media marrying back, and then he didn’t look at it. It really doesn’t make sense
Lingyun is not a heartless person, especially for the elderly, children and women, who really can’t be wronged.
Although Zhang Xue volunteered to marry him, Lingyun nodded in agreement after all. Now that he has married people back, he always has to take responsibility whether he is happy or not.
If you can not let Zhang Xue be wronged, don’t let her be wronged. If you can give her happiness, you will naturally give it.
Although I am very worried about what may happen later, I always have to face it.
After dinner, Lingyun and Fengwu first had a meal in the real world and Lingyun re-entered the game.
Wind dance is accompanied by light snow in the real world. This time, I didn’t follow Lingyun in.
Lingyun has also told her that she is going to Zhang Xuefang tonight. If she follows into the game and doesn’t want to sleep with three people, she can sleep alone in a big bed of more than two meters. It is better to accompany Xiaoxue to the amusement park outside.
But when I heard Lingyun say that she was going to Zhang Xue’s place tonight, the wind danced. Although she knew this day and this night would come, her heart was very lonely, but the pain was not painful. This was her original choice.
Just like children like toys borrowed most, they don’t want to borrow them, but they must borrow them because they know they will come back to them without pain, but they are reluctant to lend them even if they are borrowed for one night.
If you pull Lingyun hard and don’t let Lingyun go to Zhang Xue, you can’t do this kind of thing.
Lingyun will marry Zhang Xue, and she also played an important role in it. Now she will feel sorry for Zhang Xue if she tries to stop Lingyun from going to Zhang Xue’s room to dance in the wind.
It’s like saying that when Zhang Xue comes to my house, I’ll lend you my best toy to play with, and then Zhang Xue comes to dance and goes back on her word. Even Zhang Xue can’t touch it.
It’s really impossible to do such a thing. In character, she and Lingyun are still very similar. They are less sympathetic and can’t see others being sad.
Sometimes I would rather be sad than make others happy.
Zhang Xuefeng is also a sentient being, and he has regarded Zhang Xue as his good friend in his heart.
With sentient beings dancing naturally, I am even more reluctant to do things that hurt Zhang Xue.
Watching Lingyun dance with Zhang Xuefeng is definitely impossible. It is better to be out of sight and upset with Zhang Xuefeng than to watch Lingyun practice sword in the game.
It was already dark when the game entered again.
Most people in the state shepherd’s house are already lying in bed, and of course some people are chatting outside.
Lingyun also greeted them with a smile when passing by.
Go straight to the yard door in front of Zhang Xue’s yard.
Zhang Xue’s courtyard is really novel. It is a courtyard gate, but there is no door. It has an arched exit with a width of two meters.
Although it is a separate courtyard, the courtyard area is less than 30 square meters, with a stone table and several stone piers.
There are also two rooms, one large and one small, facing the courtyard gate side by side.
Lingyun went to the arch and was about to turn around and enter the courtyard when he heard someone talking in the courtyard.
The sound is very small, but it is low, even if it is heard by people.
"Miss, do you think your uncle will come tonight?" Tweety and Zhang Xue are sitting on a stone pier in the courtyard.
Lingyun stopped and didn’t go in. Although he knew eavesdropping was not good, he really wanted to know what Zhang Xue thought when he didn’t come in these three days.
"How do I know" Zhang Xue also low track.
"What if my uncle doesn’t come again?"
"Ah …"
"Do you think it’s the big lady who won’t let her children come over?"
"Don’t talk nonsense that my sister is not like that." Zhang Xue didn’t want to say more, "Well, go back to sleep."
"Oh," Tweety didn’t want to go to bed so early, but Zhang Xuefa said that she would be able to comply.
Lingyun, who was hiding outside, listened to the footsteps of the two men and waited outside for a quarter of an hour before entering the hospital.
At present, there is no light in one big room, one small room and two small rooms, but there is still light shining outside through doors and windows.
Although I didn’t hear Zhang Xuexin, I was very happy to know that Zhang Xue wouldn’t say wind and dance behind her back.
Going to the door, Lingyun knocked on the door to Zhang Xueyin. "Tweety, what else?"
"It’s me" Lingyun outside some sighs. It seems that Zhang Xue has recognized him before this and will not come to her tonight.
Lingyun can hear Zhang Xue’s footsteps outside the door. After hearing Lingyun, his footsteps are urgent.
House Zhang Xue hurriedly called Lingyun’s door in three steps and two steps after hearing Lingyun’s sound.
to be continued
Chapter 215 Thinking