Mad dog dragon said, "What do you mean by saying so much to me?"

Nightmare Crystal laughed. "Brother Gua alone developed this Loulan Empire to pioneer in the wild. Brother Gua is the top king. If you want to find the entrance, you have to rely on Brother Gua."
Mad dog dragon smiled. "You know there are a lot of things."
Nightmare Crystal said, "I’m willing to share half of Brother Gua if this feast comes true."
"Half?" Mad dog dragon is curious
Nightmare Crystal said, "I guess Brother Gua should also know that this kind of rune arrow can’t be made by one person. It needs several professional elites to cast it together, and everyone won’t tell others the key tricks. Then in the casting process, this is a team. Since it is a team, there must be people who give orders."
Mad Dog Dragon smiled, "So what you want is a drawing or a design scheme."
Nightmare Crystal said, "I judge it must be in the hands of this team leader."
Mad dog dragon said, "Why are you so sure?"
Nightmare Crystal said every word, "Because according to reliable sources, this team seems to be a studio of the Phantom of the Opera."
I’m mad dog dragon. That’s the real surprise. To be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Kidnapping
Recently, the phantom of the opera day has been frequently called mad dog dragon by people in this guild. I really have to pay attention to the phantom of the opera day in the period of clouds and clouds. It may be a store with much more material control, but now it has jumped to the top three, and such a big stall is absolutely supported by force.
The key is that this night he and Nightmare Crystal turned over in the ravine for a night and found no entrance. Mad Dog Dragon felt incredible, and even "Survival of the Jedi" could not see the flaw, which is strange.
Where the hell are these happy people?
In the early morning, the mad dog dragon had to rest on the line. This island is very big, and he is not in a hurry. He can always find clues when he looks slowly.
On the outskirts of Lake Yixing Rainbow City, where he was fast asleep, he pushed the door and came in with a calm face. He stood up in surprise. "Jane, are you here?"
Jane is behind the bald head, and both of them look rather ugly.
What happened here? Yan made yuhua district city also got up in surprise.
Bald head didn’t say anything directly before inserting a memory into the screen, and the video on and Yan Yuhua City soon popped up.
This is a dilapidated house. Ling Fei and her 10-year-old son were tied firmly by steel cables, and their mouths were stuffed with towels. Two deputy armed mercenaries next to them spoke with guns. "The grass-roots imperial pavilion hopes that you can get to Rose Star in five days and contact us when you can. You can choose not to come or be late, but we don’t mind killing the mother and son …"
On suddenly turned to Jane "Jane always what’s the matter?"
Jane gritted her teeth and said, "Phillips took her to Venus Water Park for a trip, but I couldn’t contact her from the night before yesterday. This thing was delivered by the delivery robot 1 minute ago. I know you are a student of Professor Bei, and maybe it has something to do with you."
"Did you call the police?" Yan made yuhua district city also nasty.
On motioning with his hand, "the police didn’t call the rainbow city police department to mobilize warships. There are warships from here to Rose Star to arrive in five days. It seems that they planned this time and calculated all the time."
"They" naturally refers to the Tianlong troops.
Yan made yuhua district city couldn’t help saying, "If you don’t join Captain Wang, this kind of thing can only be handled by a police station."
On nodded, but his face was particularly dignified. "The police station can transfer a boat at most. Rose Star has police status outside the five major stars, and it is impossible for people to land on that planet."
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng said, "What?"
Jiang Hua said, "If you haven’t been to that planet, it’s not normal people who can stay there."
The bald man couldn’t help saying, "Do you want to go there in person?"
On the silent but finally nodded slowly and firmly.
"You can’t go!" Bald head decisively stops
Jiang Hua said, "What can’t I do?"
The bald man looked serious and said, "If you fall into their hands, the consequences are unimaginable. You should understand what the consequences are."
"I know!" On the calm nod "but I can’t let LingJie die because of me"
The bald head said, "Let me go!"
He suddenly bowed his head and spread his hands silently and said, "I owe them for so many years. Let me do something for their mother."
Jane’s face muscles are beating. "Can I go with you?"
Baldheaded, "Manager Jane, you’d better not follow me. You’re not familiar with the situation of Rose Star. It’s not for people like you to go there."
Yan Yuhua City came along at this moment. "Captain Wang has received the news that he is coming to Lake Yixing."
She paused and said, "Do you want to inform Aaron?"
The bald man immediately waved his hand. "Don’t let him get involved again. I can handle it."