Among the five roads, Chen Yucheng and Li Xiucheng took a pincer-like offensive. It is scheduled to meet Wuhan in the following spring to mobilize and besiege Anqing enemy. The other three roads are mainly to contain Hunan troops in southern Anhui and Jiangxi and wait for an opportunity to annihilate the enemy.

But in this case, Zeng Guofan can still be unmoved, that is, he is surrounded by Anqing.
This kind of strategic execution is compared with all the generals in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Perhaps Zeng Guofan’s soldiers are not flexible and alert, but for an army, strategic execution is more important. He can adhere to the strategic policy in the situation, even if the emperor is in danger, even if the rear road is in danger, he can not move. It looks rigid, but this is the performance of an veteran who has been refined to perfection.
The Taiping rebels failed in Anqing, and at this time, Li Xiucheng kept heading for the sea. Perhaps it was also an important strategy for him to control the sea. First, it was an important place for wealth to get the sea, which would greatly improve the financial capacity of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Second, it would also win the Taiping rebels a window to the outside world, but the second goal was that they had not considered that they had achieved a sea tax of several million yuan a year.
However, Anqing fell, lost the erosion in the north of the Yangtze River, and Chen Yucheng was captured. Ceng Guoquan’s army entered Nanjing, Zeng Guofan and Hu Linyi deployed in the periphery and copied Anqing’s situation in Nanjing. This time, they will die around Nanjing.
After Xiang captured Anqing, Zeng Guofan set up a camp here. At this time, his prestige was greatly reduced due to the death of the emperor and political change. The Qing court could no longer stand Zeng Guofan and could win over him step by step.
Zeng Guofan was ordered to co-organize the university students to govern the military affairs of the four provinces of Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang. This time, Zeng Guofan attacked Jinling and set a military action. Ceng Guoquan Department went straight to Jinling from Anqing along the north bank of the Yangtze River; Zeng Zhen cadres attacked Wuhu from Chizhou; Peng Yulin led the Xiang navy along the river to cooperate with the actions of the cross-strait marine divisions and bear the responsibility of transportation support; Bao Chao’s department attacked Ningguo House from Jiangxi to Anhui; Zuo Zongtang’s troops attacked Zhejiang Li Hongzhang’s troops attacked Taiping rebels around the sea and then marched west.
Zeng Guofan deployed a general assembly battle around the center of Nanjing, including all areas of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. In May this year, the Xiang army captured Dangtu, Wuhu, Banqiao, Moling, Dasheng and Sancha River. On May 3, Peng Yulin led the navy to berth at the mouth of Jinling moat, and the Ceng Guoquan department matched the Yuhuatai Zeng Zhengan with his army.
Nanjing is already in jeopardy. The most important thing is that this egg was held in Zeng Guofan’s hand by Li Xiucheng, and the Tseng brothers were unmoved. And once Li Xiucheng was too happy, they pulled the egg in their hands. A pain in Hongxiu would make it easy to recall Li Xiucheng again and again.
After Li Xiucheng attacked the sea three times, he had to return at last because of the Nanjing crisis. Since then, the strategy has been completely passive.
Zhu Jinglungen, a freak of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, has no interest at all, but in fact, everyone knows that this is the history of China, not the craziest evil organization in human history, but the darkest and dross hybrid monster in eastern and western cultures.
Zhu Jinglun ignored them, but they found the door.
A businessman-like lobbyist came on behalf of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to present Zhu Jinglun to them, and the heavenly king, a minister, was willing to canonize Zhu Jinglun, the king of Guangdong.
Prince of Taiping heavenly kingdom? This is tantamount to swearing. It’s a good thing Zhu Jinglun didn’t cut the goods.
Later generations know that the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom abused the king, and some teachers also put on airs to satirize the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom’s more than 2,000 kings. Don’t you know that Hongxiu is unhappy when he is not?
This kind of person, no matter how you despise him for his outburst and manner, despises him for inciting fools, but you have to admit that this kind of person is definitely not an idiot. It is impossible for an idiot to encourage tens of millions of people to gather and kill ten million people in Yu Sheng.
The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom really abused the title of king, that is, in recent years, it was still very difficult to seal the base in the early days, that is, these princes in the southeast and northwest really induced the title of king * * * * or the Tianjing chaos, in which East Wang Yang Xiuqing was killed and Wei Changhui was killed by Shida, and then Shida and Hongxiu left Germany and left Tianjing.
At this time, Hong Xiu had had enough of the pain of being ruled by these princes. Just like Zhu Yuanzhang later, he believed that his family had conferred titles on his two brothers, Hong Renfa and Hong Renda, which angered the generals at all levels who were leading troops in the Taiping Army. At this time, Chen Yucheng was not the king.
In the dissatisfaction of the officials, Hongxiu was able to appease and cut off his two brothers, Wang Jue. However, two years later, Hongxiu’s younger brother Hong Rengan came from Hong Kong to Hongxiu’s old habit and made a seal. Hong Rengan directly let him take charge of the affairs of state affairs. Hong Rengan is still a little different from Hong Renfa and Hong Renda. He is a scholar and has been in Hong Kong for several years, so he still has some knowledge.
However, officials, mainly the army, are still dissatisfied with the fact that this person can easily seal the king just because he is the Hongxiu brothers. At this time, the desperate battle has become the pillar of the Taiping Army in the later period. Chen Yucheng has not yet sealed the king. It may also be that Chen Yucheng promoted the final Hongxiu to seal the king of Chen Yucheng.
Li Xiucheng, another general who sealed Chen Yucheng, couldn’t come out and said that the Qing army wanted Wang Jue to surrender Li Xiucheng, so Li Xiucheng was also sealed as a loyal king, meaning that he was loyal and would never betray him.
Soon after the two kings were sealed, they led the troops and sent out a letter to the senior colonel generals. At this time, it was really worthless. What took refuge in the mountain king and sealed Wang Hongxiu’s family? The brothers all sealed the king and donated money. The landlord was the king, and the old brothers were not dead after coming from Guangxi. In this way, they finally expanded to more than 2,700 kings.
However, this kind of abusive sealing method really doesn’t look like an intelligent person. Either Hong Xiu is crazy at this time or he has other feelings.
Zhu Jinglun tended to the latter. At this time, the crisis in the late Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was reversed, and the system of commanding officers of the fifth army was restored, that is, the system in which the kings in the southeast and northwest each ruled the army. But in fact, the main force of the Taiping Army was still in the hands of Chen Yucheng and Li Xiucheng. Chen Yucheng in Jiangbei and Li Xiucheng in Jiangnan not only had their own brave soldiers, but also occupied the territory. The fact is that the land was divided from the male captaincy.
Because of being threatened by the East King, Hong Xiu was able to instigate the Tianjing Incident at all costs. It can be seen that this person is unwilling to accept being held hostage, but the consequences of killing Yang Xiuqing and Wei Changhui are too serious. He can never afford to come together again, but being bullied by generals again and again, it must be difficult for him to accept the indiscriminate sealing of the king. It is even more a check and balance to seal the king of Chen Yucheng and Li Xiucheng and his brothers.
Alas, before the day comes, how can the kingdom of heaven be unbeaten in all kinds of fights?
He almost performed all kinds of misdeeds that happened in a farmer’s office in a short time, killing each other and containing each other. Zhu Yuanzhang also killed heroes. This is caused by the mind of a farmer king. People who come out of a small family have a character that can share weal and woe, but it is difficult to share wealth. Perhaps it is a small family that cultivates narrowness. Everything is my psychology.
But Zhu Chong, the patriarch of Hong, didn’t want to share wealth until he had finished his trouble. At this level, the level of the two people is really too different
This kind of stuff now sends someone to Zhu Jinglun to say that he wants Zhu Jinglun to minister to him?
This is a businessman. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is different from the Qing court. They are still very supportive of doing business, not because they are open-minded, but because they can’t do it. The biggest output of land is highly commercialized economic things such as tea and silk in the south of the Yangtze River, and even food is not enough. They not only do business with foreigners, but also secretly do business with businessmen in the Qing court area. The merchants of this Taiping Heavenly Kingdom chartered country still have braids without shaving their hair.
It was such a businessman who was sent to Guangdong. He never met Zhu Jinglun. In fact, he himself knew that Zhu Jinglun could not surrender to King Hong. He casually said that if he was willing to surrender to King Hong and seal the queen, he would no longer talk about business.
If he insists, Zhu Jinglun will tear him up if he doesn’t say anything about Wu Chongyao.
Fortunately, he is Wu Chongyao. If Chen Zhiting is still in guangzhou fu and falls into the hands of Chen Zhiting, I am afraid he has been beheaded.
In business, whether to sell them weapons and equipment, especially whether to sell them warships, Zhu Jinglun was ambivalent.
Selling is tantamount to aiding and abetting the abuse of Jiangnan, and many people will die. But their fact is that Zhu Jinglun is an ally, and they must deal with Zhu Jinglun against Xiang in the future.
Now Zhu Jinglun must make a choice between conscience and diplomatic interests.
Section three hundred and twenty-six US military advisers
The problem the Taiping rebels are facing now is that they can’t mainly attack the Xiang army’s camp outside Tianjing. Zeng Guofan summed up his own tactics, that is, it’s not that simple, but their camp construction is really very good. The Taiping rebels still dig tunnels in the old way of attacking the city.
However, the Xiang army used digging to dig each tunnel, smoked poisonous smoke or poured dirty water or wooden stakes to block the hole, which made the Taiping Army tunnels fail again and again.
The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom hoped to buy heavy artillery from Guangdong to collapse the Xiang camp.
This businessman was entrusted by Hong Rengan to come to Guangdong. Hong Rengan once knew Zhu Jinglun in Hong Kong, but Zhu Jinglun had not stolen Guangdong before he left, but Hong Rengan still had ties with foreigners.
When Hong Rengan first arrived in Tianjing, Hongxiu did let him take charge of state affairs, but he had no prestige at all. His generals said that all the Taiping rebels fought and fought, and they constantly encouraged Hong Rengan to go out of the city to fight a war. The result of the war was a crushing defeat. From then on, Hongxiu was unable to stand in court and was arranged to take charge of diplomacy.
After staying in Hong Kong, he can speak English, which is also suitable for communicating with foreigners. In this respect, he has made some achievements, such as purchasing arms and food through ocean merchants, mainly because he is in charge of liaison. However, when Li Xiucheng attacked the sea, he was cheated by foreigners and secretly made an appointment with foreigners to be neutral. Li Xiucheng took thousands of people to receive the sea carelessly. As a result, when he was close to the city wall, foreigners had already laid an ambush gun. After Qi Ming almost killed Li Xiucheng, Hong Rengan’s situation was even more difficult and was squeezed out by real people such as Li Xiucheng.
Because of this, Hong Rengan will come from Hong Kong to his foreigner priest Luo Xiao’s servant and kill the chicken face to face to show the monkey.
Hong Rengan, who is also in charge of the foreign affairs office, knows some foreigners. He learned from the foreign population that Zhu Jinglun actually mastered the great things in Guangdong. According to the foreigner’s words, a coup has been launched and a government is being established. According to Hong Rengan’s understanding, Zhu Jinglun has become a separatist province at this time, and he did not dare to fight with the court.
After all, he knows something about the East and the West, which is true, but he mistakenly thought that Zhu Jinglun was afraid of the Qing Dynasty revenge and was afraid to stand on his own feet. The king wanted to win over Zhu Jinglun to the throne of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and Zhu Jinglun dared to rebel with the support of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which was somewhat naive.