This is a melee gang, a gang, a human body

Zuo Tangtang hesitated at the entrance of Yizhuang, Chengdu, because of its remote location. Here, Baicaotang can almost go out from an exit.
The "exit" does not mean a simple exit, but means that the unprotected area coming out of the Fuxing’ an area of Baicaotang successfully broke away from the red name hunting route near Yizhuang by jumping off the roof and climbing over the wall and leaning against the mountain behind Baicaotang.
For example, Suzhou Yizhuang Baicaotang can avoid the enemy by jumping over the wall and drowning in a nearby lake, or a Baicaotang around Jiming Post, with a simple shed, can escape with a quick jump. What’s more, the left side of Yizhuang Baicaotang in Yanjing City can not only climb over the right side of the city wall through a ladder, but also has loopholes …
And Zuo Tangtang in Yizhuang, Chengdu, even if she is in the department, she can clearly know that there is only one way to get around the wall quickly, climb to the roof and jump back to escape, and that is to lead to the exit outside the wooden fence.
It is best to be surrounded by a place here, which should firmly occupy the outside of the roof fence, but it can be said that it is difficult for people inside to fly.
Thought of here Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help sighing.
Originally in this war, it was mainly permeated in Suzhou, but I never thought that there was also a first-line northern finch catwoman Pikaqiu in Chengdu. Several people told her not to go to Suzhou, which was too easy to be accidentally injured, but now …
Zuo Tangtang looked at the figure that was fatally fallen by a group of tricks outside the fence. If she remembered correctly, this person was still beside her when she just sent it …
There are more and more people around him. Zuo Tangtang’s heart is very white. This is sent from other places to avoid trouble. People can know that they don’t have a gang name or that those gangs are just friends and relatives, but even they didn’t expect it to be "lively" in Chengdu.
Alas, do I have to learn to hang up with these people here? And then quietly wait for the curtain call of this battle that ends at an unknown time?
Zuo Tangtang’s heart is somewhat inexplicable and agitated.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. People here should disperse soon.
At this time, Zuo Tangtang tried to persuade himself to turn the mouse consciously in Yizhuang Department and watch his character’s hair dance with his turn. It was not a moment before he felt chatting. Zuo Tangtang ordered a friend list again.
Zuo Tangtang felt that he was carrying coals to Newcastle before sending the typed words.
Ask them if they are fighting?
Think about it and you’ll know the answer. This is not a good scene.
Forget it. Let’s stay for a while and see what happens.
Although this is the decision, Zuo Tangtang’s mind drifted to the question just now.
We won’t take part in this fight, soy sauce and Heifengzhai, regardless of the fact that the strength of soy sauce is declining in the eyes of outsiders. What are the plans of the leaders of Beique in nine days? Just say that Heifengzhai was originally a small group gathered by scattered people. It is not known to the public in the Jianghu. It is really unwise for them to expose themselves so early and hide their strength quietly. The most important motivation is the storm theory. Don’t make a move now or in the future.
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help patting his forehead-even she can think of things. Can these people think of it?
I’m really worried
Zuo Tangtang could not help but shook his head in disapproval.
But then again, what are these people fighting about? One of these must be in front of the fuse. What is it? She knows that peace and harmony on the surface is the eternal way to erase grievances and hatred, but she didn’t expect that it would be so quick to tear her face. She always thought that this incident would break out after the cross-sectarian war, but …
Thinking about this, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help looking up at the scene on the screen again.
The chaos continues …
Maybe she’s right. The battle was a mess.
Because the gang groups involved are too extensive, it must be cumbersome to talk about the formal way of chasing each other and being protected by the government. In addition, some gangs have deliberately deleted their hostile gangs to show their determination. Now, conflicts have broken out and all the gang groups, large and small, have chosen a rough solution.
tangled warfare
Formed a number of field regiments, Suzhou Yizhuang Yanjing Military Racecourse, Luoyang Fuhu Mountain … Every place is full of fighting, and every important place in the city is surrounded by wild regiments, and there is no patience to tell whether the other party is a passer-by or an enemy. If it is not for the team members, they will kill each other in one word.
There is no so-called government protection and hunting, and there is no so-called gang launching a war. Red-skinned and bloody, holding a knife and clinging to a sword, they walk in the crowd and harvest everyone’s life.
In the killing mode, everyone who is not in his own team is his own enemy, even if he is not in a group for various reasons, even if he is an acquaintance, even if he is not involved in this operation, I am sorry that passers-by were killed, but they have no time to tell.
If it’s a red name, then kill it
In the nearby channel, besides being cursed by the killed people, there are countless people shouting and killing. People in the team have gone and scattered, and several people have left this posture, but countless people have also joined in.
But even in this case, gangs do not have their own good karma because of pre-contact or so on. Although it seems that each group has formed a group, some groups have an unspoken tacit understanding or, more accurately, an alliance that has not been put out
The respective groups of these alliances have not fought together. After all, the accidental injury in their present way will be something that can be avoided by law. Therefore, each group can greatly avoid this situation when it goes to different places. It is precisely with the passage of time that each group leader makes such a decision in unison, which has increased the intensity of fighting everywhere in the Jianghu.
After waiting for a long time, Zuo Tangtang walked carefully to the right side of Yizhuang. He just tried to jump on the roof by the ladder, but he didn’t expect a figure to fall directly from the sky. Zuo Tangtang’s conditioned reflex immediately returned to Yizhuang’s security area and mobilized his eyes to watch.
….. The figure doesn’t like to jump but like to fall?
Zuo Tangtang looked at the white name and stumbled from the ground and thought, but he was surprised to see another person jumping from the roof, but his blood and fog were unusually conspicuous relative to the passerby.
It can be said that it is gorgeous and sharp, and even in a trance, I saw the dagger looming when the sleeve was turned over and wiped, and the red blood blade brought by the cold light assassination. Bai Ming repeatedly stepped back, bent back and bowed, and saw that the red name had little strength to fight back. Once again, he stepped on the light achievement and stepped on the roof, leaving only one body.
Zuo Tangtang’s consciousness retreated again. She knew that if she tried to leave through the roof, a body would be her.
Road Closed
Zuo Tangtang’s mind came up with these four characters.
I don’t know when it’s the end, but it’s a long wait. Zuo Tangtang thinks that it’s a headache to finish what he has to do every day today, so it’s a problem to go out at this time.
Especially just now, she received a message from Mao Erniang, and realized that the situation was grim at this time-Chengdu map people could not squeeze in. To be continued.
[354] Chapter three hundred and fifty-five The situation has shifted]
What’s it like when a map can’t fit in?
I was stunned by Zuo Tangtang when I received the news. Until now, I can still vaguely remember …
Every year, it is rare to see a large area, and the four novice villages in this area like a novice village best-Chengdu is crowded with people on the first day. On the street corner or in front of a wild tea stall, almost all the people can be seen, but even so, Chengdu can still include everyone at the beginning.
Later, a festival activity np appeared in Chengdu at a fixed time. At that time, Zuo Tangtang really understood what could be called a grand occasion.
Almost all online players came to Chengdu more than half an hour ago, silently waiting for np refresh, but there were still countless people stuck outside the map outside Chengdu. From the most foothold, it was said that "the number of people on the map was too full to enter" to the back, everyone thought about the usual impassability and made ideas, such as riding in a carriage, being summoned three times through a close friend, traveling around the world, or being challenged by forces. At that time, these methods were almost eye-catching, but in the end, there was still nothing.
Listen to the cover stuck outside the map at that time and talk about other maps leading to Chengdu. There are countless carriages stuck in the interface. Pedestrians on the road can’t be accommodating at all, and their best friend died three times in a row. This … The attitude is even better. Cold means that "the number of people on the current map is full and can’t enter". After that, I didn’t take that pathetic so-called best friend into account.
How did she get in then? Zuo Tangtang touched Ba very seriously. Oh, by the way, because of her habit, she didn’t find it convenient to spy on the sects like ordinary people. Instead, she chose the place where the protagonist came from-Chengdu, which was chosen from the three options popped up after breaking the meridians, and then she could be safely back on the streets of Chengdu.
Speaking of it, this may be a small bug.
But in any case, at that time, the world was full of heroic posts, and I tried my best to get into the map. Zuo Tangtang can still recall that kind of power now.
And today? Right now?
Can’t get into the map of Chengdu?
Zuo Tangtang couldn’t believe the truth of this statement.
Since the event that the map was full, it is actually understandable to calm down and think about it carefully.
Because this game is similar to the particularity of the progress, it can be said that the number of people in the district is the highest. The official stopped coming less than three days before the pre-registration. After this move, we can see how hot the number of people was at that time, not to mention the number of people registered in the latter part of the district.
In the initial crowded situation, although the largest and most lively novice village had many ways to play in Chengdu after the protagonist’s story, the biggest reason must be that there was a slight mistake at the time, even though there was the hottest main drama, there were still many novices scattered in Qiandeng Town, Yanyu Village, Villain Valley, so Chengdu was not full of people at that time.
And then? It can be said that after np activity, all online players want to enter the demand at almost the same time because of the activity conditions, which leads to the situation of entering the map.
By …
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang frowned and looked at the information sent by Cat Ear Niang.
Now he means that this battle has nearly included all online players and the main battlefield has developed in Chengdu at this time?