"Where are the residual blood?"

They didn’t go to the river to kill the enemy, did they? They weren’t so radical, did they? You know, God’s Eye hasn’t been solved yet. That’s just picking luck and aiming at one and killing another.
"Brother Blood, they went to explore the cartoon castle."
Tang Yidao’s words almost didn’t make Ye Zhang choke. He looked at his summoned cartoon castle with some language and couldn’t help but worry again at this time.
He has seen the intensity of cartoon monsters. Although he can enter this castle at level 9, the intensity of monsters inside is 135, which is a level of elite monsters.
However, it is precisely because cartoon pets do not have grade marks that there will be no disgusting things such as attack loss.
Ye Zhang at this time also some stupid talk or go in and play?
Xu Yin and Ang Yan obviously went in. Ye Zhang took one look at Tang Yidao, and then they were about to set off when they saw a large army of players not far away. It seems that this group of people is also on the lookout for early adopters.
Ye Zhang hesitated. He didn’t worry if he didn’t close the cartoon castle and asked the two strongest magic runes in the Elf Spring not to be exposed.
Moreover, fairy tears are the only thing, which is absolutely impossible for other players to play again, so Ye Zhang is happy to let all players enter the game
Re-entering the cartoon castle, Ye Zhang and Tang Yidao didn’t encounter monsters all the way. It seems that they have all been cleared up.
When he knocked on the door, he immediately saw Xu Yin, Angry Residual Blood and Veteran.
"What a coincidence!"
Ye Zhang went to Xu Yin’s side and a group of people got together, but at this time, anger and residual blood were a little hard. They had just finished playing a cartoon mermaid and had a clear understanding of the strange intensity here.
You know, with the divine blessing, Ye Zhang almost never carried a cartoon mermaid and a cartoon goblin to attack the residual blood. It is very good that they can get rid of a cartoon monster with a strength of 135 in the first stage.
Ye Zhang also didn’t hide too much. He distributed cartoon castles to the public, saying that there were some chaotic demons in the top floor. When people heard that there were three? ? ? Level ultimate BOSS is a surprise.
Ye Zhang and Xu Yin smiled at each other. They were also tortured at the beginning. If Ye Zhang’s four demigod weapons were not awakened, his character would be transformed and he would not have defeated the chaotic magic.
With Ye Zhang’s participation, the fighting intensity has been greatly reduced. At this time, Ye Zhang can’t help but sigh in his heart that it seems that he hasn’t experienced such a team for a long time. There is a meat shield, an output and a nurse’s memory, which is still in Tutankhamun’s treasure. Three months have passed in a flash.
Following the road, one room at a time opened the strange treasure chest, and then at a fork in the road, Ye Zhang and others met Feng Zhi’s five-person team
When I saw the little beauty in Ye Zhang, I still had some aftertaste.
"Let’s go together. This place is very troublesome."
There is no problem with Feng Zhi’s export of residual blood. They have already seen cartoon monsters here. Moonlight can be said to be playing soy sauce from beginning to end, and Feng Siyi’s wet nurse is not very competent.
A large army of 13 people marched forward. This group of people can say that there are no monsters to resist here, and Zhang Yeji has never touched the body from beginning to end. He can touch the hidden gold equipment here, but what he wants is those magic and traps.
A white dragon arrival and fusion can make him summon? ? ? The level is the ultimate white dragon, so what effect can other magic combinations play?
Moreover, Ye Zhang also has an idea that this cartoon castle can be a secondary battlefield for him, and he can arm it into a truly movable fortress by magic and traps.
This will be a real pet army.
This time, it was lucky that Ye Zhang found the second floor passage, and at this time, they saw a crowd behind them, and the players seemed to be running for their lives.
Ye Zhang and others wondered what monster they had provoked, but when Ye Zhang saw it clearly, he was taken aback.
Chasing them was none other than the cartoon white dragon.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Difficult World War I
Ye Zhang suddenly had a heart attack. It was really that Mars hit the earth, but when he approached, he immediately entered a state of fighting, which made him suddenly come in vain.
This dragon is not a dragon, and this cartoon white dragon is not his pet.
Ye Zhang was stunned and rejoiced, and he was ecstatic.
He has been worried about the number of white dragons. He has a white dragon pet in his hand, and the magical white dragon can summon one, but the cooling time of the white dragon arrival is one hour. Obviously, it is difficult to get all three white dragons together.
And the appearance of this white dragon in front of him is different from letting Ye Zhang discover the new continent, if he is not encouraged.