Are more let a person know again now this team.

However, the EH performance is still somewhat worrying. Will an auxiliary position and a pseudo-nuclear position let newcomers do the team better?
Blizzard Invitational Tournament gives you a desired answer.
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Lao Pei insisted
If the first team is in an average state and its strength is still average, it is not surprising that he was eliminated from the Chinese region of the expert like Yunblizzard invitational tournament.
If this team has also experienced salary arrears and teammates’ disagreement due to morale problems, then it is very normal for this team to be in a bad state.
It is not surprising that even the Golden G League team did not qualify for the Blizzard Invitational Tournament LGM team.
Because their state is really not good, one of the advantages of the young soldiers is that they are very easy to get out of state. Once they are in state, they are not afraid to meet A, and they dare to play group battles with them. When they meet DK, they dare to fight with their opponents.
If EH, Fan and Lin Feng are a bit of a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers and newcomers.
Then the LGM team is full of newcomers after the change of blood last season, which makes people feel that this team has fallen out of the G League championship.
The reason is very simple. LGM, the two relegation teams, CA and D, were closest to the relegation zone last season. After leaving Mu Xiaofeng as the team leader, the first team has now scored two points in five rounds, which means winning two games.
Moreover, from the video, it is the opponent’s own array problems and unfamiliar cooperation that give LGM some profitable opportunities.
Otherwise, this team may have been shaved all the time, and it may be necessary to score directly.
The flag is a newcomer, and it is as unstable as the previous demotion D. A team plus the original team Mu Xiaofeng left LGM.
Now LGM can’t find herself in a state.
Together with the other two PLU teams that advanced to this season’s G League, they became bad brothers and bad brothers in the relegation zone.
However, at least the G-League team has a very good adjustment ability after staying in the G-League for at least a few seasons. Although it is said that after Mu Xiaofeng left, they did not get along well.
But at least when EH arrived at Wuhan Sports Center Stadium, this place, which is called devil’s home in G League, didn’t show any weakness at home.
DOAER in Wuhan is as famous as their temperature.
The enthusiasm is a bit unbearable.
"EH kids, go back to your Nanjing ~ this is Wuhan with passion."
"Ha, ha, ha, throw you three points back to lick the wound."
"DOAER, who brought you to Wuhan Sports Center Stadium today, is already hungry."
It’s so passionate and noisy that it roared out of the lungs and jumped out of the mouth, and it was more from the heart that it was eager for victory.
EH was surrounded by such enthusiasm and noise when he stepped into this place where the 23rd Women’s World Cup was held.
You can hardly imagine that the 60,000-seat stadium is the home of a team ranked at the bottom of the G League, which is even more difficult to adapt to than the A Rainbow Sugar Stadium.
The most Shaolin maple thinks that it is more gentle and friendly than those in DK Dome. The difference is that these people burn incendiary bombs and pull up banners in the home audience. If there are not layers of explosion-proof police in front of them, they will rush in every minute to eat these away teams. Does Lin Feng prefer DK Dome at home?
Although there is a need to go away for the caddies, at least there will be no such posture as tens of thousands of people and you are sworn enemies to scare you.
"Don’t be afraid that all reactionaries are paper tigers in front of their strength." DCG is obviously not the first time to come to this venue. There are not many open-air stadiums in G League. It is really impressive here.
"Judging from their record, it’s really a paper tiger." Old Pei just finished this sentence and found himself wrong.
"I you who he threw paper crane was actually plastic." Lao Pei was originally prepared to comfort Lin Feng and Ah Fan on the sidelines of the stadium, but actually, after being attacked by a plastic paper crane, Lao Pei put his energy into the direction with the audience behind him.
Driven away by a shower of sundries, EH team members QA and KC looked embarrassed and seemed to say,’ didn’t you say it was a paper tiger? This feeling is still fierce. "Come."
Embarrassed and shrugged. Well, this home is really a devil
But let’s forget about this team. Let’s just talk about the scene. Let’s try our best to hold up an umbrella and erect a firm middle finger, Lao Pei.
I have to say that Lao Pei was stimulated to get angry.