Yu Fan came to the entrance of the village and saw thousands of people piled up here to kill chickens. You know, Yao Shi has been running for a month and a half now, and there are so many new people coming in. Yao Shi is very popular.

Because everyone is a novice and generally has no skills, there is the easiest way to chop and give a stick to the chicken with a novice stick, and the chicken bites and pinches it.
Feather who is poor doesn’t even have a novice stick and a novice cloth. I looked at this burst of automatic blood return and returned to 75 blood. It happened that a rooster refreshed in front of Feather Fan. Feather Fan kicked directly toward the rooster without saying anything.
"wow! Honey, look! That man is so handsome! "
When Yufan attacked the rooster, another anthomaniac found Yufan pulling her husband to see the handsome guy.
Feather every side kick in the past I didn’t expect this chicken didn’t fly a-3 words emerged from the chicken body.
The rooster is also unambiguous. While Yu Fan becomes speechless, he directly throws his head and pecks at Yu Fan to die. Actually, he also gives a red crit and a big-5 word floats out from Yu Fan’s head.
Yu Fan was stuck because the game was so real that he confused the game with reality. If a chicken was kicked by him in reality, it would definitely fly far away and die.
But it’s a pity that this is all the data of the game. Not only has the chicken not been kicked, but it has not died, and it has also been countered for the first time, giving a big crit to Yufan, who is not equipped.
The game relies on data to talk about flying. There are two situations: one is to make the skills with flying effect, and the other is that one side is much more powerful than the other.
Yu Fan is sad to find that his strength is almost the same as that of a chicken, and it is very likely that he is even worse than a chicken.
"ouch! Lying in the trough! "
Yu Fan now hates this% pain. Being pecked by a chicken is as painful as being punched in the stomach. And look at this rooster with 17/2 blood left and 25 drops of blood left. I don’t have the equipment. I guess I will die if I am pecked by this chicken again.
Yu Fan said, "Lie in the trough!" He didn’t want to bear the pain of death again when he turned and ran away, and it was very brave for the rooster to catch up directly when he saw Yu Fan escape.
"Hum! Honey, you saw it this time! Handsome has a fart! Even a chicken can’t beat your husband. I am brave enough to watch the sword! "
Just now, her husband, a woman who is infatuated with Yu Fan, saw that Yu Fan couldn’t even beat a chicken. Suddenly, he was in a good mood and hit Yu Fan. At the same time, he waved his hand casually and wood blade hacked a rooster to death, which made the experience extremely brave.
"well! Husband is still the best! Love You! I don’t look at that vase. Try to train my husband and cheer! "
Seeing that Yu Fan was chased by a chicken, the anthomaniac was disappointed and turned her attention to her husband.
"Nima! I was despised! Old Shiyi Shiying was actually destroyed in a chicken! "
Hearing the young couple’s conversation, Yu Fan’s mouth twitched and his forehead was covered with black lines. He was actually branded as a "vase". You know, Lao has never lost a vicious person since he was 13 years old.
"I poke your sister in a bad temper!"
Yufan roared in her heart, and at the same time, Saya ran away and was chased by a chicken, which would be a stain on Yufan’s life!
"When you are old and awesome, you must go back to the novice village to kill all the chickens."
Feather who thought hard.
"Ah autumn! Who is missing me again? It seems that my brother’s charm is not small! "
Outside the village, they are trying to kill wild dogs. After a sneeze, they think narcissistically about which girl is missing themselves, but they don’t know that others think it’s not him but his sister!
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Yu Fan, who was hunted by the rooster for more than 50 meters, finally escaped from the rooster’s hatred and ran back to the novice village.
Seeing the sneering eyes of the onlookers, Yu Fan directly chose to flee. Although he has been an ugly ghost for nearly 20 years, he has long been accustomed to seeing others differently, but it is really shameful to be chased by a chicken. Even Yu Fan feels blushing and chooses to flee.
Seven Catharine finally ran to a deserted dead end, where there was no NPC and no strange place. Although the novice village was very lively, there was no one here.
Seeing that I finally got rid of others’ onlookers, Yu Fan backpacked and wanted to see if there were any copper coins to buy hemostatic drugs or novice equipment.
As a result, after a dozen packages, Yu Fan once again cordially greeted her grumpy sister. There were three copper coins in her backpack, and I don’t know who was so wicked. Even the novice wood blade and the novice cloth were picked up, which made her so miserable now!
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Yi Yi lying quietly in my backpack and that broken cloth bag, so I didn’t get angry. The old artifact is gone, but now I can’t beat a chicken because this broken Yi Yi technique still hurts me to bear% pain. If I have an artifact, I can’t beat a chicken.
"alas! Take a look first! After all, it is to pay% pain in exchange for deleting the number and playing it again if you are not old. "
No money, no equipment, Feather Fan pinned her last hope on this easy technique, thinking so, Feather Fan took out the easy technique and looked up.
I’m a handsome boy, and I owe it to you. I can’t trade it, I can’t throw it away.
Also, the whole "magical power" is quite awesome. Yu Fan saw the name and curled his face or turned over the title page.
Everything in the sky can be transformed into falsehood at will, and it’s really true and false.
The title page of "Yi Shen Tong Shu" simply says, "Happy and poor!" Pull Mao Guwen, pull! Feather who continue to pie pie continue to turn.
"ding! Do you study "Yi Shen Tong Shu"? "
When Yu Fan wanted to turn it over, he didn’t turn it over. When he was wondering, he showed the sound system. Think about it, too. This is a game. It is impossible for players to really read and learn skills bit by bit.
" learning "
"ding! Congratulations on learning Yi Shen Tong! "
I hope this% pain won’t be too rubbish when I hear that Showyu Fan has played the skill board with uneasy feelings, otherwise I really want to delete the number and play it again.
In Yao Shi, it takes a week to delete the role and re-establish the role. Yu Fan is one and a half months behind others. In fact, she doesn’t want to wait another week in her heart.
Yi Tong Shen Shu (primary-a little fur experience /1) consumes 1 point of magic cooldown-Yi Shen Shu can make all things fix, and it is difficult to distinguish between ghosts and gods!
Can make the player easy to last for 3 minutes, with a 5% chance to break the intermediate detective, a 5% chance to break the advanced detective, a 99% chance to break the master detective and a 1% chance to break the master detective.
"Can also change everything! If you don’t believe in being old, you can turn old into stone? Easy to turn into stone! ….. Lie trough! What about the veteran? Where are the feet? Why are you always rolling? What is this situation? "
Yu Fan said that a round stone rolled out of the corner …
"Lie trough! It’s so easy to turn to stone! This skill is so awesome! Easy … Easy … Easy … Fuck! What’s going on here? Why can’t it be lifted? Oh, my god, it turns out that the magic value is not enough! Damn it! Actually can’t drink magic potion old times must be easy to have a mouth … "
Stone feather is depressed, waiting for the mana to recover automatically. Although there is no cooling time, it takes 1 mana to make and remove it.
Damn it! It seems that I can get out of here before my mana returns to full! If I had known it would turn into stone, I would have stayed so round …
"Warriors, please stay on the fairy road and pass by here. I feel hungry occasionally. Seeing that your fairy fate is profound, I decided to give you a blessing worth ten points, but only if you want five chicken fairies to relieve hunger."
At the entrance of Novice Village No.3, a fairy-like, crane-haired, childlike face wearing a Taoist robe and holding a dust-blowing "fairy" eyeing a player who is ready to return to the village after killing chickens.
"The fairy? What is the value of good fortune? Lie in the trough! Hide! I told you that I, Liu Erbao, was absolutely different from others in this charming and handsome way! Sure enough, even the hidden ones take the initiative to find the old! Here, here are five portions of chicken! Please accept it! "
When I heard the fairy say that she had a deep fairy fate, Liu Erbao exclaimed, and her face was full of surprises. Without saying anything, she handed five chicken portions to the fairy.
I heard Liu Erpao say that he was absolutely charming and handsome. At different times, the immortal’s mouth twitched, but he still took the chicken and put it in his backpack.
"What? Hide? Where? Where? "
"ah? If there is something hidden, go and have a look! "
"Stop fighting and go to hide!"
As Liu Erbao screamed, a stone immediately stirred up a thousand waves, killing chickens at the entrance of the village, and surrounded the immortals and Liu Erbao in an instant.
In Yao Shi, besides the main plot, there are feeder lines and mysterious hiding. It is said that after the hiding is completed, the reward is very rich, and it is likely to reward the hidden profession.
As soon as Liu Erbao shouted the word "hide", the crowd surrounded him like a hormone.
"Ah! Hey! Hey! What are you doing? This hidden is that I picked up this fairy first, and I found out that he wanted five portions of chicken first, and I gave it to me first, and you must have given it to me first. "