Xia Qi exclaimed a look at the completely dissipated bloody thunder and swept towards China’s Gu Yue.

At this time, Gu Yue’s eye pupil is full of blood-red body, giving off a very strong murderous sword, just like a statue of indifference.
But hear Xia Qi call Gu Yue eyes indifference after a little struggle will fade Gu Yue eyes like water put blood slaughter sword into Xia Qi arms.
"Don’t worry, I have nothing to do."
Gu Yue threw himself into Xia Qi’s arms to reveal a charming smile.
"Ha ha, moon, you are stronger than me now, but the virtual fairy will protect me in the future ….."
Xia Qi saw Gu Yue through LeiJie instead of receiving any harm, he gained a lot of strength and joy in his heart and said with a smile.
"Well, I will protect you from now on!"
Gu Yue is a few solemn mouth eyes reveal gentle eyes.
During this period, she tried her best to practice and finally stepped into the realm of virtual fairy, which was not a drag on Xia Qi but a woman who could help Xia Qi.
Xia qi and Gu Yue embrace together flying snow reality several people waited for a moment and then walked to come over to Gu Yue mouth congratulations tone with a show to please.
A few people are talking. Master Dan Yuan and others have finally caught up.
Just now, Gu Yue Du Jie Dan Yuan naturally knew it, but his strength was not strong, so he looked from a distance and didn’t get close to others.
Although Xiu has long surpassed the master Dan Yuan, Gu Yue and Xia Qi have great respect for Dan Yuan from the bottom of their hearts. At this time, they are very respectful and salute.
"Ha, ha, ha, good! You can definitely carry forward in Danzong!"
Seeing Xia Qi and Gu Yue, the two apprentices, Dan Yuan, happy and carefree, laughed and patted their shoulders full of relief.
"If Master Danzong never developed to such an extent"
Xia Qi also smiled softly.
Nowadays, most things in Danzong are handled by Dan Yuan, and Xia Qi is right. Without Dan Yuan, the whole Danzong would never have developed to its present scale.
"Don’t kiss up to the moon. It’s a happy thing to make a breakthrough, but before I came here just now, there were three teams of people in Malai Danzong. It is estimated that these three masters of Tianliumen have come. You’d better take the stone three to have a look."
Dan Yuan’s heart was relieved, but he didn’t say much. He told Xia Qi what happened to the three big people just now.
"Three big doors come?"
Xia Qi slightly one leng said that since he received Shi Yi, Lin and Zhou Bai, the three big doors have no control over Danzong’s affairs in the three-person world, but at this time, three teams of people came without knowing anything about Shi Yi, which made Xia Qi have to feel surprised.
"Shi Yi, you three come with me to see what it is."
Hesitate in my heart, but Xia Qi didn’t hesitate. He took the stone vision three people directly to the three gates to send a team to wait for the hall.
Xia qi is a stone vision three people together into the hall, after all, down the stone vision three things can’t let three big door know at this time.
Enter the hall Xia Qi eyebrows is a slight wrinkle.
In the spacious hall, there are three main doors, Tianliumen, Yuanzong and Bishimen, each of which occupies one side. They are all vaguely hostile, but they are extremely restrained.
Both Yuanzong and Tianliumen monks are sitting in the reception chair of Danzong, with a dull face and no expression, but Brother Bishimen looks like a palace master in the palace.
A group of monks actually walked around in the hall, and all kinds of decorations were picked up and watched by Brother Bishimen, and jeers were made from time to time.
What makes Xia Qi even more unhappy is that the leader of Bishimen actually sits at the head of the hall!
That’s a seat only for Danzong patriarch.
The man looks young and slightly bronzed, and looks very handsome, but sitting at the head with his legs crossed, he looks very frivolous and careless. Even if Xia Qi came in, he didn’t get up at all.
Xia Qi was suddenly gloomy.
Bishimen, the friar, obviously didn’t put Danzong in the eye!
"Master, this person is Shi Man, the elder of Bishimen, and Shi Linfeng, because Shi Man is so powerful in Bishimen, he is so arrogant that he doesn’t even look in my eyes."
Stone vision hurriedly told Xia Qiyin stone jade breeze identity.
Xia Qi’s heart suddenly wondered why this man was still so big when he saw Shi Yi, but it was because his father was so powerful in Bishimen.
While taking this opportunity and Zhou Bai will also tell Xia Qi the identity of Tianliumen and Yuanzong bearer.
Distant Sect and Tianliumen came to Danzong this time, but the leader of Danzong was ordinary, and there was no force behind the Godsworn, although he knew that his Sect was stronger than Danzong and he dared not be presumptuous.
After all, Danzong can’t compare with Tianliumen and Yuanzong, but it’s not difficult to deal with these godless monks who have no backers.
In order to prevent others from suspecting that Shi Yi’s three people directly went to Zongmen team and left Xia Qi’s side.
"You don’t know what you came to my Danzong for?"
Xia qi at the door, regardless of the arrogant stone breeze directly light mouth asked.
"Seen Xia Qi patriarch"
The stone jade breeze didn’t respond with pride, regardless of Xia Qi’s distant Sect and Tian Liumen, but he got up and saluted with a little respect.
Xia Qi communicated with Tianliumen and Yuanzong Godsworn without looking at Shi Linfeng.
Seeing this scene, Shi linfeng’s handsome face was slightly wrinkled and his eyes showed a trace of displeasure.
While Xia Qi was sent from Yuanzong and Tianliu Gate to the friar’s mouth to know what happened to Danzong this time.
It turns out that the Nanzhou War finally reached the south of the moon!
Half a month ago, in the three major encirclement and suppression campaigns, the two giant clansmen, the Ghost Sea Sect in the northern region of Nanzhou and the Extreme Hall, finally gave up a lot of territory and resources, and the rest of them were invaded by three continents and ravaged by monks in Nanzhou.
In this way, the southern state and the northern region have been carved up by several large doors on three continents in just half a month.
However, being able to carve up the land in the north of Nanzhou, the most powerful treasure land of heaven and earth is, after all, less than ten top clans. Although the rest of the monks who attack Nanzhou have benefited, there is no place to establish themselves in Nanzhou.
As a result, these invading southern States did not gain territory, and the second-rate clan joined forces to attack the northern domain and the southern domain, where the spirit of heaven and earth was worse.
Although the top clan can’t see the spirit of heaven and earth, the south domain didn’t participate, but despite this, many second-rate clans from three continents attacked the south domain together, which made the three most powerful doors in the south domain panic instantly.
The three gates immediately and liberated all contradictions, and sent the strong men to lay heavy defenses in the south of the moon to resist the invasion of the monks in the south.
Obviously, it is absolutely impossible for the three big doors to resist the attacks of many second-rate clans on three continents.
So the three big doors let go of the annexation and sent messengers to get the news out at the first time, calling all the clansmen and monks in the south domain to organize resistance in the south of Yuehe.
Hearing the news, Xia Qi frowned slightly.