If you happen to touch a tiger, Shao Ye will not be able to handle it alone.

Bu Jingyun and others are worried that their horses are not here. Bu Jingyun and Bao don’t know how to come to Gu Shifeng and Zo In Sung in three steps and two steps
"Let me borrow your horse."
"Take it, take it quickly," Zo In Sung said.
"Help! Help!" silver moon’s staggering on his horse’s back, trying to control the horse and having to avoid the sideways branches, was a mess.
"silver moon grasp the reins on horseback …" Liu Xiaoning shouted behind her.
"No, I can’t catch it." silver moon was about to cry.
"Try to relax and don’t try to control the horse." Lu Xiaoning said that the evening mist is an equestrian master. These are all the things that the evening mist taught her not to try to control the horse once it is crazy and riding a horse is not an expert in horse riding. This will only stimulate the horse more, make it more manic, adapt to what the horse can do and try not to fall.
Lu Xiaoning clamped his legs together. "Big brown horse, please hurry up."
She doesn’t know the name of this horse so that she can call it big brown horse.
Pick this horse by yourself, and it really is a good horse. It runs vigorously, with fast speed and quick response.
The two horses are close together, and they are about to chase each other.
But what should I do after chasing? Lu Xiaoning is a little dumbfounded. She has never saved anyone in a horse. It seems that she has no ability to save anyone.
It became a running companion.
Well, silver moon wouldn’t be too alarmed if he had company.
Lu Xiaoning can do something to calm her mood. "silver moon, don’t be afraid. It’s good to vent your anger."
But soon Lu Xiaoning felt that something was wrong. This horse was too cunning to walk through the snow. It seemed that he didn’t want the big brown horse to chase it, and he would have said goodbye. If the big brown horse hadn’t reacted quickly, he would have hit the tree twice.
Is this horse a genius?
Can you say that it is manipulated by people? Lu Xiaoning saw silver moon stagger and denied the idea.
"Xiao ning? I will die. "silver moon sobbed. A branch hit silver moon’s bun and silver moon’s hair was scattered, scaring silver moon out of her wits.
"Don’t be afraid to keep your head down." Lu Xiaoning is a horse behind her. I can’t go like this. Lu Xiaoning is in a hurry to get deeper and deeper into Lin Yue. Who knows what beasts are there in this mountain forest? If you meet two unarmed women, you won’t die.
I really come whenever I want, and I hear a tiger roar from the depths of the forest.
That stepping through the snow was an emergency brake, and silver moon fell unguarded. Because of this emergency brake, Lu Xiaoning’s big brown horse finally chased Lu Xiaoning and watched silver moon fall and jumped without thinking.
The two fell heavily to the ground.
Huangfu Shaoye and Zhao Cheng went straight to silver moon and Lu Xiaoning from the other side of the forest and suddenly heard a roars. Huangfu Shaoye’s face was very ugly. If he knew who was so unruly, he would definitely scold her.
Chapter 62 Hunting (4)
Silver moon’s body fell on Lu Xiaoning’s body, but he was not injured. He scraped his skin, but Lu Xiaoning was not so lucky. The pain almost never turned back. She could feel something stabbing her shoulder.
"Xiao Ning, are you … are you okay?" Silver moon got up first.
Lu Xiaoning has been speechless with pain. Not only has her shoulder been injured, but her insides have been moved like a fall.
Two horses have disappeared.
"Let’s get out of here quickly. There are tigers." silver moon pulled Lu Xiaoning up.
Lu Xiaoning also knows that it is not advisable to stay here for a long time, bite a tooth and sweat and insist on retreating.
However, I can’t come.
A gorgeous tiger stands in the way ahead.
Perhaps it is found that these two prey are no threat to it, and the tiger walks slowly towards its prey.
"Run" Lu Xiaoning’s voice trembled.
The two men turned around, but they were stunned. There was also a tiger behind them. They were attacked by two tigers.
"Xiao Ning, I don’t want to be eaten by a tiger." silver moon wanted to cry and dared not cry. He grabbed Lu Xiaoning’s arm and trembled.