The last one is a magical thing, but it looks the least but the heaviest. The weapon is sunken on the car board, not to mention that there are more than a dozen pots of flowers around. That picture is really …

The magic black face shouted, "Dad, didn’t I say it’s enough to wear weapons? This flower is ugly …"
Deified stare at him and motioned for him to shut up, and then smiled at the warmth and explained, "My daughter-in-law has cultivated these flowers carefully. There is absolutely no such thing as the three of them just going outside. It is also a pipe to put a few potted flowers in the house in case of soil and water."
Smell the magic. Don’t shout.
Warm smile and nod "three father-in-law is very thoughtful"
Deified from the car moved one of the pots and handed it to the warmth. "This pot is specially planted for the daughter-in-law."
"This flower is called a garden full of spring scenery."
Warmth put it away before taking it. It took four flowers, but it is amazing that each flower is not only different in color, but also different in sample, as if it were grafted together.
White as snow, blue as pure, black as ink and purple, mysterious and expensive.
She looked at this pot of spring scenery and couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart. It was always a little strange and she couldn’t help but ask, "Is there only four flowers in this third father-in-law?"
Deified eyes flashed and smiled. "Yes, four flowers …"
Smell speech bravely realized, "Yesterday, didn’t you say that there was another red flower and bone blossom …"
Deification secretly glared at him and explained to the warmth with a smile, "If there is no red, it will be a small stubble, and it will shrink before it is smashed. I think it will affect the viewing and trim it off."
"Oh" warm heart strange but didn’t ask.
Several other people are thoughtful.
The deified expectation asked, "Does my daughter-in-law like this gift from me?"
Warm busy nodded with a smile "nature is like to thank three father-in-law"
"Hehehe, I’m glad I like it. I’m telling you, this flower is like a man who says it’s good to raise it or bad to raise it. He’s also very delicate, depending on his daughter-in-law’s heart."
"Oh, is that a long flowering period?"
"It’s unbeaten to spend when you need someone."
"Huh?" Warm and puzzled
Deified and evasive, it is easy to explain that "when the petal layer withers and withers, there will be fresher flowers to replace the flowers."
"Oh, well, that’s really strange. Is it called spring scenery?"
"Ha ha, well, the daughter-in-law will understand it in the future." It is an unfathomable deification.
Warm only to think about yourself.
Magic This is a cold hum, "I don’t understand it. Spring scenery can’t live in the garden, and an apricot is coming out of the wall to hum and allude to you."
Deification suddenly became angry. Why did he fight for his favor and he kept tearing it down?
Fortunately, it’s warm when he speaks at all. A Lang’s eyes fell beside him. "The wolf …"
Speaking of the magic of wolves, I immediately proudly said, "This is what I want to take."
Warm frown "What are you doing with a wolf?"
Magic naturally said, "I want to bring tigers when I come to guard the home, but my second brother said that people outside are not allowed to support tigers. They are really a group of bumpkins who have never seen the world."
Warm eyebrows jump "even wolves" and tigers must be put into the zoo.
"Why not?" Magic quit. "Big brother can come out with ghosts and ghosts. Why can’t I?"? He brought two. I’m just one. I’m still losing money! "
Is the "elusive bird" bird okay?
"What’s wrong with the bird? Birds are fine, but wolves are not? " Magic is stubborn with her when she holds her neck.
Warm immediately have a headache.
The holy man came to meditate on the four flowers and heard that he would let them go for a while. "Aren’t wolves allowed outside the warm children?"
Warm nod
Section 149
Divine asked again, "What is allowed in that family?"
Warm strength "Generally, people’s houses are not spacious enough, so they don’t have anything but a pet cat and dog …"
Divine heard here shine at the moment and interrupted, "Then we can say that A Lang is a dog."
Warm "…" Is there such a big dog? It’s bigger than the Tibetan mastiff. She just said it’s a pet dog to play with in her arms!
Sacred is still smug in his own trick. "See, I’m witty. The wolf and the dog are almost the same length." He also bent down and patted A Lang on the head. "From then on, you are a dog. Let’s listen to it first."
A Lang grief ao a voice two green eyes full of humiliation.
Holy eyebrow "how to show this expression? I’m not a prostitute, okay? I asked you to learn a foreign language. Why don’t you love learning so much? "
A Lang simply skimmed his face and stopped looking at him
Ji Fenghua came over. "If a daughter-in-law can take A Lang, she’d better take a wolf’s ear. It’s much more sensitive than a dog. You can sleep well with it at night."
Warm nai laughed "ok"
She Bai Ji Fenghua painstakingly went outside. It’s impossible to say that it is a crisis everywhere. Although there are A Dai and magic, they can’t always be guarded by them.