Looking at Yu Fan’s eagerness to find a treasure chest, it’s still the guy who just wanted to go back to the city! Lao Wang next door looked at Yu Fan who took the lead in rushing to the treasure chest and sighed! Ya this gang is so MD treacherous! It is absolutely not so easy or impossible for him to become 55 if he bargains with himself seriously, but he just pretends that he is not interested and wants to go out of shape and forces himself to take the initiative to reduce the price.

In the end, the benefits were taken away by ya, and it turned into begging him to stay, which is typical of the kind of treachery of selling good goods when you get cheap! Too MD treacherous!
Next door, Lao Wang was able to investigate the feather data without setting out his fraudulent skills because Lao Wang had gone through three orange holy treasure boxes in the hunting process of the former treasure box, and one of the holy treasure boxes had a name-the devil peeks at special things, and there are many special things in the world, and this devil peeks at this special thing, which can only take effect if it is put in the package without attributes.
And this demon peek is to be able to peek at the target data without disturbing the target. The target can be monsters, players or NPC, and this demon peek at the holy level is higher than Yu Fan’s fraud ring. He got Yu Fan’s data but didn’t disturb Yu Fan.
However, when Lao Wang next door saw Yu Fan’s attribute, he almost didn’t give himself a shock. What is the situation? The blood volume has reached a horrible 654, which is four times more than his own. Although he is a brittle killer, he is four times higher. This is too exaggerated.
What’s more, Lao Wang said that this cargo is not only bloody, but also more than 1000 times higher than his own. The defense is nearly four times as high as his abnormal blood volume. How do you say that the grade equipment is also the first group among nearly one billion players in Huaxia District, and it can also rank among the top 10,000 powerful characters. However, compared with Yu Fan, a pervert, Lao Wang found that the root is not a grade.
If you attack him yourself, you don’t have to break the defense, but if he attacks yourself, it’s seconds kill. For the first time, the treasure chest hunter has two pieces of strange equipment, and Lao Wang feels the gap. It’s worthy of playing Yaoshi twice. The guy is really a pervert!
"Ah! Lao Wang! Why do you want to take this name? "
On the way to the location of the treasure chest, Lu Yufan had no words to ask him if he was curious about the Lao Wang next door. Since he was able to follow himself for more than an hour, he didn’t find Yufan, and he concluded that this Lao Wang was a better master than himself. At least he was at the same level as Uncle Li before he was injured, or maybe he was a big ancient martial family. However, Yufan now knows that the world is in a big ancient martial family, but he really doesn’t know which ones. It seems that he has to ask Pepe.
"Go to smelly little! What do you mean, everyone gets the name! The name Lao is very popular with boudoir disgruntled women and lonely young women. Okay! See you always say that you are a rat crossing the street. "
"Slice! You really deserve that name just thinking about seducing your female neighbor! I don’t believe you dare to show your name and walk around the street without being hacked to death by middle-aged male players! "
"Go to! Old and not stupid, nothing to do. Show your name. What? In fact, when I was young, I was still pure and upright. When I walked down the street, women would blush when I saw my clothes exposed! But it’s a pity that time has changed the pig-killing knife, and even the ancients’ nature can be changed by time! Time is the most powerful thing in this world! "
"oh! Still sad! But what do you think of you, a guy with a dirty face? This face is like a natural one, not a nurture one! You also said that you used to be honest and pure … I can’t imagine! I can’t imagine! "
"Fuck off! You’re always nasty and nasty! What’s wrong with this? I can’t imagine that I was really pure and upright when I was old and young. I didn’t understand why I visited my neighbor’s house every time I moved. Good neighbors would warmly receive me, but when I introduced myself as Wang, my neighbor’s host’s face would freeze, and at this time, my hostess would cast her eyes with disgust, charm or shyness or other unintentional eyes. At this time, I was embarrassed! Sometimes I will be kicked out by my neighbor’s host! "
"Ha ha ha! Wang moved next door and took the initiative to visit! It’s a good thing those neighbors didn’t cut you with a knife! "
"Yes! However, when I was honest, I was so rooted that I didn’t know the story of "Lao Wang next door" and the power of these four words was not white. Why did I offend my neighbors and suddenly hated myself? I moved almost every month because of my bad neighbors! I hope to find a good neighbor. "
"But every time the old man moved, he was warmly welcomed into the house by his neighbors and introduced himself every time-hello! I’m your new neighbor. Please take my surname as Wang more often. You can call me Lao Wang! There is no queen after that! Those neighbor hosts guard against me like thieves! Until I moved again and met her! It was only after a thief had an affair with her that I knew the meaning of the word Lao Wang next door in her mouth. "
"Lie trough! Uncle! Are you really cheating? "
"What do you understand? Look, make a fuss about you! You are still very young! You know what cat in this world doesn’t cheat? Never heard that a wife is a lily lover or a rose? It’s always tiring to smell the fragrance of lily every day! Smelling the rose fragrance occasionally is a great enjoyment of life! "
"Lie trough! It seems that women’s mouth-men have no good things this sentence is right! I think you are not a good guy now! "
"Slice! Read your novel as if you were not a man! I told you, you’re still young. When you get to my age, everything will be white. You’re not married. What’s the kid yelling about here? I don’t believe you when you go to the street to see beautiful women, just stare at one! "
"… I feel that what you said is very reasonable! Uncle, how many children do you have? "
Yu Fan didn’t remember that he liked Pepe in his heart but kissed the female hooligan when he had a chance. Moreover, even after seeing Chloe’s appearance, he couldn’t help thinking about her when he was alone with Chloe. Yu Fan felt that he was almost like Lao Wang. What qualifications are there to say Lao Wang?
Yu Fanfan doesn’t intend to dwell on this topic any more. After all, people are really "Lao Wang next door". It is estimated that Yu Fanfan chose to change the subject for a long time!
"Although a child old looks not so good! But there is always a daughter! A beautiful daughter! "
"Slice! Just now, I was very narcissistic, saying that a few years younger is the first in the list of handsome guys, and now it has become a bad-looking one! Uncle, how beautiful is your daughter? How old is it? "
"My daughter, that is simply a fairy who level super big beauty … and so on! Why are you nosing around? You don’t have any ideas, do you? It is said that the old and wretched younger generation can’t comment! "
"… can also tell! Your daughter is so beautiful, be careful not to be her own! After all, you stole so much! Be careful, tit for tat! "
"well! You said there was a way … Ga? ! How dare you say that your old daughter is not your own? MD, you are not your own! Smelly little! Don’t run if you dare! Have the guts to live! "
"well! Uncle! Let’s chat and talk! Don’t move the knife! Old and not stupid, waiting for you to cut! I won’t run if you put the knife away! "
"You can keep your word! Let the old knife go! Don’t run away! "
"Lie trough! Uncle! The knife is released, but what is it that you take out a dagger? "
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"all right! Lao Wang! I was wrong! I take back what I just said. Your daughter is your own head office! You put the dagger away and stop chasing it! It’s still the treasure chest that matters! "
"Fuck off! Who are you? Who are you? You say it’s not your own, it’s not your own? You said it was your own? You, you are God! You have the final say in everything! Get out of here! Your old anger can be quelled by a small word? You must at least let the old man poke two … It takes three knives to calm down! "
"Three knives, right! Just cut it for you! But we agreed! If your daughter is really not your own, don’t blame me! "
"Lie trough! Smelly little old man changed his mind! Always stab you into a hornet’s nest! Make your mouth stink again! Small! Don’t run if you have the guts! "
"oh! Lie in the trough! Why do you go on and on? Didn’t you just say it well? I’m just trying to wake up. Why are you angry again? It’ s always good intentions that are not rewarded! "
"Fuck off! Just what comes out of your broken mouth can kill people’s popularity. What a feather! "
After a fierce chase, Lao Wang was completely hit. The detective technique can detect the player’s name, occupation, title, gang, qi and blood, magic, attack and defense, but it can’t detect what equipment the player wears and what skills he has, and it can’t detect the six attributes of the player’s physical strength, strength, intelligence, spirit, endurance and agility.
The agility and strength of the chase were 3:2, and Lao Wang was still very confident in chasing Yu Fan. As a result, Lao Wang discovered that this cargo was not only insanely high in attack and defense, but also a gun man’s agility was even higher than his own career as a killer who relied on speed to eat. After he started to accelerate his skills, he couldn’t catch up with him. Lao Wang finally gave up the idea of poking Yu Fan into a hornet’s nest
"By the way, Lao Wang, how did you get this title? What grade title? "
"My title is the black iron level, but it’s not as awesome as your holy title, but it’s really worthy of the title of base saint, and MD is the base saint."
"You see you Lao wang! Here we go again! Why is a man so narrow-minded? If you cheat on someone else’s wife, don’t let anyone steal from your wife … Well! I was wrong! Don’t stare at me like that! It’s scary to be so murderous! You’d better tell me how to get this title! In stealing this topic, we will turn it over! Let’s talk about a topic! "
"Base st! Bastard! Bitch! The old title is the crazy treasure chest. Since I discovered the first treasure chest by playing Yaoshi, I have loved the feeling that I don’t know what good things will come out in an instant. The first journey to find the treasure chest is simply to find the treasure chest. "