Song Luo # looked at the leaders and waited for them to make a decision

It’s true that human leaders discussed it and said, "From the information we have at present, the tip-off report is not a hole in the wind. This orange rose research institute is very important. We must take action to protect the lives and property of the country and the people. However, in view of the current situation, I decided to sneak into the research institute secretly to investigate."
It’s really human. "At the same time, you need to wear locators and line communication equipment to keep in touch with the headquarters at any time. In addition, we will dispatch special police and armed police to stand by near the institute. Once you find key evidence or encounter danger, they will forcibly enter the institute to support you at the first time. You are all valuable talents of the country, and you should try your best to ensure your own safety while implementing it."
Song Luo # got up and solemnly said, "I am white."
Shi Banshan # got up and saluted "Ensure completion!"
It’s really a human investigation team, and other policemen also salute.
Song Luo # will no longer delay bringing equipment and belongings to the Orange Rose Institute with everyone.
Shi Banshan # Put on your equipment, check your belongings and set out.
It’s really human. You came to the Orange Rose Institute, and there was no population around it. Today, everyone in the institute has left, which makes it even more deserted.
Shi Banshan # Look at the entrance of the Institute and other places from a distance to see if there are any guards.
Really human (reconnaissance)
Shi Banshan R investigation
Xiao Tong [Shi Banshan] conducted investigation and appraisal: D1=54/8 succeeded! Taoist friends are lucky and will be safe and smooth ~
It’s really human. You found that several entrances to the institute were indeed guarded.
Shi Banshan # Looking for a place to enter the institute without being found.
Really human (another investigation)
Shi Banshan R investigation
Xiao Tong [Shi Banshan] conducts investigation and appraisal: D1=8/8 is difficult and successful! Daoyou Daoyou is destined to be a man of practice in our generation ~
It’s really human. You found a place that is located in the dead corner of the institute’s monitoring coverage and has no personnel to guard it. However, if you want to enter the institute from here, you must climb over the towering wall.
Shi Banshan (can our np teammates help us with this? )
Really human (but)
Shi Banshan told his teammates about his discovery and then said, "Are any of you good at climbing?" I’m not very good at this song director, probably even less. "
Song Luo # reveals Nai wry smile. He never thought of climbing the wall before doing an office. There is no hobby of climbing. It really won’t.
It’s human. One of the policemen said, "No problem, we’ll take care of it."
Shi Banshan # safely set out for the location I found.
Song Luo # feels a little weird to go.
It’s really human. With the help of other policemen, you successfully entered the research institute from this dead corner. After entering the research institute, you found that your location is behind a remote experimental building. If this experimental building is remote in peacetime, there are still researchers working here, but now it is deserted.
Shi Banshan # looked around warily and asked in a low voice, "Now shall we go to the core laboratory building or the dormitory building first?"
Song Luo "The core laboratory building is more important to go there first"
Shi Banshan is "good"
Shi Banshan # walked carefully towards the location of the core laboratory building in memory, observing the movement around him while walking, and in case anyone was found, stop and hide quickly.
It’s really human. You’ve been outside the core laboratory building, and then you find that there are two foreigners guarding the door of the core laboratory building.
Shi Banshan # Then I’ll hide and quietly observe whether these two guys have weapons.
Really human (reconnaissance)
Shi Banshan R investigation
The investigation and appraisal by Xiao Tong [Shi Banshan]: D1=13/8 is extremely difficult to succeed! Daoyou’s profound Taoist edge will surely soar to the celestial world ~
It’s really human. You find that they carry knives, but they certainly don’t have hot weapons. After all, Xia Guo still has strict control over hot weapons.
Shi Banshan # was a little relieved and told his teammates about his discovery.
It’s really human. You saw two policemen who are good at hiding and came out and said, "Let’s go and deal with them!" "
Shi Banshan # didn’t come out because he was not good at stealth.
Song Luo # A combat waste is very clear about fighting and he is not told to "pay attention to safety".