Xingping sent his sixth elf, a strong Nidoking, who hoped to fight for the last time.

Longye understood Xingping’s belief and wanted to send Tauros to fight. He changed his original plan. Since it is the last battle, of course, the strongest elf will be enough.
"Come out, Scorpio!" Longye shouted to release Scorpion King. This is the first time that Scorpion King appeared in the league meeting. No matter who his opponent is, Longye believes that Scorpion King will show his strongest elf strength.
In the face of Nidoking, Scorpion King looked at his opponent calmly, and there was no emotional fluctuation at all.
"Scorpio king let everyone see your domineering!" Longye is excited to see that after following him for more than three years, Scorpio King’s three-year training will finally bloom at this moment.
"Nidoking makes a million tons of horns!" Xingpingli shouted
Nidoking took a few steps to run up and quickly thought about Nidoking, the Scorpio king. Every step forward would shake the ground.
Nidoking rushed to Scorpion King like a truck, but Scorpion King didn’t respond. At this time, Longye didn’t give him an order because he believed in Scorpion King’s strength.
Just as Nidoking was about to hit himself, Scorpion King’s right pliers held high and slammed into Nidoking’s head. Just now, he sprinted like a truck, and Nidoking was smashed to the ground. This scene was like a meteorite easily smashing a speeding truck from a height.
"It’s amazing that the Dragon Wild player Scorpion King defeated his opponent Nidoking with only one blow. It’s really terrible. I declare that the Dragon Wild player has won this four-game competition. He has become the top four in the sub-league conference.
A game, Gengar, a player from Longye, showed us a terrible strength. Today, the Scorpio King once again showed us a shocking strength. I wonder if other players who will advance to the semi-finals will lose confidence because of these two games in Longye. Players should not be afraid of being elf trainers. We just want to leave a matchup here in this Shi Ying stadium without regrets. Finally, let’s give our warmest applause to congratulate Longye players! "
In the cheers of the crowd, Longye left the arena with a smile. At this time, he was very excited and finally entered the top four. It is proud to be able to achieve such results when he participated in the Shi Ying League for the first time. More importantly, Longye finally completed the family trial.
From now on, Longye can directly make some family resources. No, the rare elves’ family information alone is enough to kill the dragon’s ambition.
"Longye, you are so handsome." Nazi ran over and blushed and said that she was not shy like this. The game just now was so exciting, especially in the end, when King Scorpion came out domineering. Nazi never thought that King Scorpion was so strong.
I laughed when I heard Nazi praise the dragon’s ambition. "Of course I am handsome. I will be more handsome after a game."
"You are so immodest …" Nazi spat out her tongue and made a vomiting expression.
At this time, Sakura Yarn and Fujiwara Masayoshi and I also walked over. Sakura Yarn took a few steps and came to Longye’s side. I hugged Longye excitedly. "Good boy, you just behaved really well. I was in the stands, but I have been cheering for you."
"Mom, you are so loose that I can’t breathe." Longye said with a wry smile.
Sakura gauze was very satisfied with letting Ryuno go. I looked at my son Fujiwara Masayoshi and patted Ryuno on the shoulder. "From today on, you are a full member of the Fujiwara family. This status does not represent a kind of honor, but also a kind of responsibility. I will teach you young people eventually."
Fujiwara’s words represent a kind of recognition. Only after completing the trial can a family member be represented, but the family has made contributions. Only in this way can the Fujiwara family recognize a full member.
"Don’t you always want a mini dragon? If you win the Shi Ying League championship this time, I think the elders will agree to give you a mini dragon." Fujiwara said with a smile that he still remembers that Longye wanted a mini dragon to cultivate the requirements.
Dad’s words made Longye shine at the moment, and now he has a baby dragon. If there is a mini dragon, then the future will be Ssangyong in hand. How many people will envy the red eyes when the dragon and the dragon are riding? Especially, that guy Du, who comes from the royal dragon clan, has been pretending to be a dragon elf with such elves as Tyrannosaurus rex and fire-breathing dragon. If Longye appears in front of Du with the dragon and the dragon, he will be crazy.
Chapter 56 Give up the game
"audience, friends, welcome to today’s competition. Today, there will be a final competition. The red side is from the distant god Aoleisi, and the green side is from Longye, Zhenxin Town.
Longye’s elf gives people a terrible feeling, while Lei Si’s elf is not weak either. I wonder what a wonderful game the two sides will bring us today.
Lei Si has already played. Hey, what hasn’t happened to Longye? Longye player? "
The commentator called the name of Longye several times, but there was no field. This was the first time I met such a change.
This situation will happen from five minutes before the game. Just as Longye was preparing to enter the stadium, it was time for his words to suddenly ring.
"Uncle Sakaki, why do you remember to call me?" Longye asked doubtfully.
"Superdream research has been carried out to the last step. Dr. Fuji estimates that it will produce its own brain wave reaction today. Didn’t you ask me to let you know when the research made progress? I will call you." Although Sakaki was calm, Longye could still feel his excitement from his tone.
Super dream is coming? Longye suddenly came to his senses. He had been thinking about the dream. I didn’t expect that there was news at last at this time.
Longye didn’t want to miss the moment when Super Dream was born. He immediately turned and walked off the court.
"Hey, hey, Longye, what are you doing? The horse race is coming." Nazi stopped Longye and said.
By the way, he still has a race. At this time, Longye remembered that the horse was racing by himself, but he bit his teeth when he wanted to dream beyond dreams. Anyway, he has already achieved the top four results, and it is not more important to take the race. These things are incomparable with Dreaming beyond dreams.
"Nazi, listen to me. I have something very important to do now. I will take part in this competition. Please talk to the referee later." Longye hugged Nazi and left the meeting in a hurry.
Nazi wanted to chase Longye and ask what was going on, but when she saw Longye’s eagerness, she finally stopped. Now is not the time to disturb him.
Nazi watched Longye disappear and then turned and walked to the stadium. She wanted to finish Longye’s account.
"Longye player Longye player will disqualify you if you don’t play," the referee shouted in the middle of the field.
Nazi ran to the referee. "Referee Longye had something important to do at once, and he gave up this game."
"Important things? Won’t be afraid of losing ugly ran away, "the referee didn’t speak LeiSiyin came out.
Hearing Lei Si’s sarcastic remarks, Nazi gave him an angry look, and his powerful mind instantly launched, which enveloped Lei Sishen’s feeling of Nazi’s ability. Lei Si closed his mouth and stopped talking, but he still despised Longye’s line in his heart.
Ryuno’s sudden absence made the audience talk a lot, and at this time Ryuno told Fujiwara something. Of course, the most important thing for Ryono is to hope that Dad can send him a helicopter so that he can get to the research base of Shinshima as soon as possible.
Two minutes later, a helicopter stopped outside the Shi Ying Stadium. Longye took meow and boarded the helicopter directly. At the pilot’s speed, Longye rushed to the new island at the fastest speed.
When the helicopter landed on the new island, Ryuno immediately rushed out of the cabin and ran to the research base. A man wearing a rocket team drove Ryono and led him to Dr. Fuji’s place.
"Longye, you are here!" Dr. Fuji said with heart.
"I heard that the research has made a breakthrough and I came here immediately. I don’t want to miss this great moment." Longye kept panting when he spoke, and he couldn’t calm down at the thought of meeting Super Dream Longye.
"Ha-ha, I can understand your mood. Lord Sakaki was very excited when he first saw us copy the dream." Dr. Fuji said with a smile.
"Uncle Sakaki is not here now?"
"Well, he has other things to do, but we will report to him at any time if we make progress."