Chapter 14 Nezha beat up the Dragon King
After Ao Guang left, Li Jingdun stamped his foot: "This is a big disaster!" Hearing the movement in the vestibule, Yin asked the left and right handmaids, and the handmaids reported, "Today, the Third Childe killed the Dragon King and the Third Prince for playing. Just then, the Dragon King and his lordship decided to play the Heaven tomorrow. " Mrs. Yin was busy and rushed to the vestibule to see Li Jing. When Li Jing saw his wife coming, he said, "I failed in Li Jing’s quest for immortality. Who knew that you gave birth to such a good son and caused this disaster! The Dragon King is the God who makes rain, and he kills indiscriminately. Tomorrow, the Jade Emperor will definitely perform it. You and I will have three days at most and two dynasties at least, all of which are ghosts by the sword! " .
After hearing this, Yin burst into tears and said of Nezha, "I was pregnant with you for three years and six months before I gave birth to you. I don’t know how much I have suffered. Who knows that you are the bane of extermination! " When Nezha saw his parents crying, he was uneasy. He knelt down on his knees and said, "Dad, mother, how dare you bring your parents into trouble?" I’m going to ask the teacher for a solution. " Nezha went out of the mansion, grabbed a handful of dirt, looked at the sky and spilled it, but disappeared. This is born, borrow soil to escape to Qianyuan Mountain.
Nezha borrowed soil to escape to Jinguangdong, Qianyuan Mountain, where he was waiting to learn from the law. Jin Xia’s son quickly reported to the master, "Brother is waiting outside for the rule of law." Taiyi said, "Let him in." Jinxia boy went to the door of the cave and said to Nezha, "Brother, Master wants you to go in." Nezha went to Biyou bed and bowed down. Taiyi real person asked: "You are not in Chentangguan, what are you doing here?" Nezha said, "Report to my teacher, I accidentally went to the Jiuwan River to take a bath yesterday. Unexpectedly, Ao Bing, the son of Ao Guang, hurt people, and my disciple lost his temper for a moment, which killed him. Today, when Ao Guang wanted to play Heaven, he saw his parents panic, and his disciples were very upset. There was no way to save them, so he had to go up the mountain and beg the teacher to atone for his ignorance. I hope you can save him. " The real Taiyi thought to himself, "Although Nezha was ignorant and accidentally injured Ao Bing, this is the number of days. Today, although Ao Guang is the king of dragons, he is only stepping on the rain to raise clouds. However, there is an elephant hanging down from the sky, so it is impossible to say that he does not know! It’s really reckless to interfere in heaven with such a trivial matter! " "Nezha, come here and untie your clothes," he said. Taiyi real person drew a sign with his finger on his chest and handed it to Nezha: "You go to Baode Gate … so you go back to Chentangguan and tell your parents that if something happens, there will be Master, and you will never interfere with your parents. You go. "
Nezha left Qianyuan Mountain and came to Baode Gate. It is the extraordinary sight of the Heavenly Palace, with purple fog and red clouds covering the blue sky. But seeing heaven is very different.
When I first entered the world, I saw heaven at first sight, and the golden light was full of red neon, and the red gas was full of purple fog. I saw the Southern Tianmen: green and glazed, and brightly decorated with Baoding. There are four big columns on both sides, and the winding on the columns is a red-bearded dragon with a walking cloud and fog; There are two jade bridges in the middle of the bridge, on which stands a colorful feather, a volley and a phoenix. The bright sky is reflected by the bright sky, and the hazy fog covers the day. There are thirty-three fairy palaces in the sky: Yiyun Palace, Kunsha Palace, Zixiao Palace, Sun Palace, Taiyin Palace and Huale Palace, and the ridge of one palace is full of gold. There are also seventy-two halls: the Chaohui Hall, the Lingxu Hall, the Baoguang Hall, the Juxian Hall and the Chuanzou Hall. One hall has jade unicorn columns. Shouxingtai, Lu Xing Taiwan and Fuxing Taiwan, under the stage, there are Qian Qian’s wonderful flowers; An alchemy furnace, a gossip furnace, and a water furnace contain evergreen embroidered grass. In the temple, the veil is crimson, and the golden glow is brilliant; The hibiscus crown under the Tongting stage is resplendent and magnificent. Lingxiao hall, gold nail saving jade households; In front of Jisheng Building, colorful phoenix dances at Zhumen. Fu Dao veranda, exquisite everywhere; Three eaves and four clusters, layers of dragons and phoenixes soar. There is a purple, bright, round, bright and shiny gourd top on it; On the left and right are dense clusters, dense layers, tinkling, going round and round, and bright jade ornaments. Exactly: there is a foreign body in the heavenly palace, and there are few pieces in the world. Golden Que, Silver Luan and Purple Mansion, exotic flowers and herbs and Yao Tian. Passing by the altar of Wang Yu Rabbit; Join the sun and fly at the bottom. If people are blessed to come to heaven, they will not fall into the world and avoid sludge.
Nezha arrived at Baode Gate, too early to see Ao Guang; He saw that the doors of the Heavenly Palace were not open, and Nezha was standing under the door of Juxian. A little while later, I saw Ao Guangchao jingling in his clothes and walking to the worse gate. I saw that the worse gate was not open. Aoguang said, "I’m early. I have not arrived yet, so I have to wait here." Nezha saw AoGuang; Aoguang can’t see Nezha-Nezha is Taiyi’s real person who wrote a symbol in his mind, which is called "invisibility symbol", so Ao Guang can’t see Nezha.
When Nezha saw AoGuang waiting here, he was furious. He took a big step, raised his hand in the circle of GanKun, and made a circle in the middle of the back of AoGuang, which made Ao Guang hungry and fell to the ground. Nezha catch up, one foot in the middle of the back. The dry Kun circle in your hand is about to be smashed!
But I suddenly thought, "The teacher won’t let me kill him. What can I do?" Ao Guang turned to look behind him, recognized Nezha, and felt great anger. But when Nezha knocked him down, he put his foot on him and struggled for a while. Can’t help but shout, "How dare you splash a thief! Your yellow teeth didn’t go back, and your fetal hair didn’t work. You killed the imperial pen and the hag, and then killed my third prince. What’s his enmity with you? You pulled him out. These are fierce and stubborn, and the crime is unforgivable; Today, I dare to beat outside Baode’s door again, which makes me feel better. You bully the sky, and the corpse is broken into ten thousand pieces, which is not enough to do its best! "
Nezha was so scolded by him that he wanted to kill him in a circle, but Taiyi told him to hold him down and said, "Scream! You scream! I’ll kill you old loach, and it’s no big deal! I’m Nezha Yeya, a real disciple of Taiyi in Jinguangdong, Qianyuan Mountain. I accidentally took a bath in Jiuwan River, and your family came to bully me. It was because I was in a hurry that I killed them. It was also a trivial matter, so you went to school. My master said that even you, an old fool, were killed together, so it’s okay! " Hearing this, Ao Guang immediately cursed, "Good boy! Good fight! Play well. " Nezha said, "If you want to fight, I’ll fight you." Said the fist, banging, a dozen punches, Ao Guang widely spread-and deeply felt pain. Nezha said, "You old fool! If I don’t hit you, you don’t know how to be afraid. "
There is a saying that "dragons are afraid of peeling scales, and tigers are afraid of cramps." Nezha ripped off half of Ao Guang’s royal robes, revealing scales, while Nezha grabbed several with his hands, grabbing 40 or 50 scales, bleeding profusely, which was painful to the bone marrow. Ao Guang was in excruciating pain and begged for his life. When Nezha heard this, he said, "You want me to spare you, but I forbid you to go to Chentang Pass with me. I will spare you; If you don’t comply, you will be killed by a dry kunquan circle. I am not afraid of you if the teacher Taiyi is the real person. " Ao Guang had no choice but to promise: "I would like to go with you." Nezha said, "Let you get up." Ao Guang got up and wanted to go with him. Nezha said, "I heard that dragons have changed. I have to defecate to support the sky and lean on the ground, and I have to urinate mustard seeds to hide; I’m afraid you’re gone. Where can I find you? You become a little snake and I’ll take you back. " AoGuang a listen to anger in the heart, straight can burn out ascended a cloud nine. But I can’t get away now, so I have no choice but to turn into a little green snake; Nezha took it and put it in his sleeve. He left Baode Gate and went to Chentang to close it.
As soon as he arrived at the Shuai mansion, the family would report to Li Jing: "Report to your Excellency, the third son has returned to the mansion." Excavate smell speech, is very unhappy. I saw Nezha coming into the mansion to visit his father, and Li Jingmei locked Chunshan, looking sad, and hurriedly came forward to confess his sins. Excavate asked, "Where have you been?" Nezha returned: "Boy, go to Tianmen to invite uncle back and persuade him not to go to school." Excavate shouted loudly, "You lying beast! Who are you to dare to go to heaven? It’ s all nonsense. It’ s very hateful for parents to expire! " Nezha said quickly, "Father doesn’t have to be angry. The existing uncle Ao Guang can prove it."
Excavate said, "Are you still talking nonsense? Where is your uncle now? " Nezha shook his sleeve and said, "Here it is." Reach into the sleeve to take out the green snake and throw it underground; Aoguanghua became a breeze and took on a human form. Excavate was taken aback and quickly stepped forward and asked, "Why is the eldest brother like this?" Aoguang was furious and told the story of the worse gate being beaten. Then he showed Li Jing the scales, saying, "If you have such a fierce son, I will make an appointment with the Dragon King of the Four Seas, and I will never stop there!" Say that finish, turned into a breeze. Li Jingdun stamped his foot: "This matter is more serious. What can I do?"
Nezha stepped forward and knelt down: "Don’t worry, Dad, Mother. My child asked for help from the master. The master said that it was only a few days since I was reincarnated. Even if I came to protect the King, it would be nothing. If anything really happened, the master would take it for me. So father doesn’t have to worry. " Excavate heard Nezha’s remarks, although he was still uneasy, but he didn’t say anything when he thought that Taiyi was a real person who was an expert in teaching.
Who would have thought that Ao Guang was not trusted, and the next day he rallied the other three sea dragons to seek revenge, which is why Yang Jian saw what he saw today.
After listening to Nezha’s narrative, it was strange that Yang Jian’s heart was left unattended to Nezha’s beating of Ao Guang in the worse place, but he couldn’t think clearly for a while, so he had to comfort Nezha and went to rest separately.

Chapter 15 Waves are rising again
Since Zhunti sent Yang Jian down the mountain, he has been paying attention to the movement in the universe. As a result, it lasted for several days, but nothing important happened in the middle of the flood. I thought, it’s impossible. Yang Jian has been down the mountain for several days. Why hasn’t he gone to Taoshan to save his mother? If Yang Jian went to save her mother, it would definitely clash with heaven. What happened to Yang Jian? Thought of here, quasi-mention was calculated by heart. After some calculation, I must be in distress situation.
It turned out that on that day, Zhuntiben wanted to send Yang Jian directly to Taoshan with the supernatural power of a saint. Who would have thought that this was the first time for him to transmit others with the supernatural power of a saint, and Yang Jian was actually sent to Chentangguan, thousands of miles away from Taoshan, without a good control. Send it to the wrong place, but it happened that Yang Jian met with Nezha. Unexpectedly, Yang Jian turned quasi-mention’s unintentional misconduct into intentional misconduct, and actually intervened in this matter. How can this make Zhunti have to smile?
Helpless shook his head, must mention the heart, forget it, now that it has become like this, let it go with the flow, or don’t interfere too much, or maybe the original Buddha will pull Lao Tzu to find you again.
Yang Jian and Nezha hit it off very well, so he stayed in Chentang Guanlifu for three days. During these three days, Yang Jian and Nezha were basically inseparable except for the rest time, and their friendship also improved rapidly, which soon developed into the kind of life-and-death friendship.
Yang Jian watched Yin’s love for Nezha in Li Fu, which made him miss his mother who suffered under Taoshan more and more. However, he was worried that after he left, the Dragon King of the Four Seas would return, and suddenly there was a great contradiction in Yang Jian’s heart.
On this day, when talking with Yang Jian, Nezha found that Yang Jian always looked preoccupied. Because of the close relationship between Nezha and Yang Jian, Nezha asked Yang Jian anxiously.
Under the repeated questioning, Yang Jian finally spoke out his inner worries.
After hearing Yang Jian’s words, Nezha said, "Brother Yang, don’t worry about saving Aunt Yang. You don’t have to worry about me. If the four old loaches dare to come again next time, I will go to my master Taiyi, who has always loved me and will definitely help me. "
"Is your master reliable? He didn’t show up last time?" Yang Jian worry about the way.
"How can you be unreliable? He is just a precious apprentice like me. Who else can he help if he doesn’t help me?" Nezha naive way.
"But I always have a bad feeling. I think I’d better wait for a while before driving." Yang Jian thought for a moment.
"Yang Dage your kindness I know, but you take one more day here, and Aunt Yang will suffer for one more day, which will make me very sorry. You’d better save Aunt Yang. I believe in my master. " Nezha Road.
"What this and that, don’t you have the heart to continue to suffer under the pressure of Aunt Yang?" Nezha interrupted Yang Jian’s words.
With a sigh, Nezha continued: "Being a child, watching his mother suffer, but not saving herself, such a person is not worthy to be called a human being at all. Brother Yang, if you hesitate again, don’t blame me for looking down on you! "
"Since Nezha brothers you say so, that if I don’t go to save my mother, I really don’t deserve to be your brother. Ok, I’ll go to Taoshan to save my mother. It’s just that after I leave, brother Nezha, you should be careful in everything. Don’t do stupid things like last time! " Yang Jian Road.
Nezha heard the words and said with a smile, "That’s right. Don’t worry, Brother Yang. If those four old loaches dare to come again, I will definitely knock them all down."
"Nezha brothers, you must not despise the four seas dragon king. The last time you beat up Ao Guang outside the worse gate, it was a sneak attack. If you fight head-on, you are not their opponent. " Yang Jian shook his head.
Nezha also knew that the last time he was able to beat up Ao Guang was entirely due to a surprise attack in Ao Guang. Hearing Yang Jian’s words, he spat out his tongue and said, "I see, next time they come, I will hide from Master and see what they dare to do to me."
"Your master"
"Brother Yang, I find that you are more verbose than my mother!" See Yang Jian what to say, Nezha interrupted laughed.