"Hurry up and find a police station and someone will catch you. Don’t stop!" Liu Yi said, "Don’t call the police. Go directly to the police station. Call me when you arrive. I’ll have someone protect you from flying back to Beijing!"

Lin asked, "What’s the matter?"
Liu Yi said, "I’ll explain when you come back. Go and find a police station and hide!"
Lin is not a fool. It must be something wrong with Liu Yi. He hung up and thought about it. He got into a path and muted his mobile phone while walking.
There is an ordinary house near No.15 Middle School. There are no high-rise buildings and houses are full of paths. This is all the forests around Lin’s hometown. It is very clear that there is a game room in the surrounding house, which is the net and which is the small restaurant. Even in the middle of the night, the door will not go from which house to get there.
Lin has absolute home court advantage!
If you want to catch him here, you have to use high technology and thousands of troops … Of course, this is because Lin has never seen a scout or a hunter in reality!
Even the farmers who had to rush to the market to buy food before Li did not get up so early, and they would have to wait for an hour or two to get up. The rooster kept in the house had not crowed yet.
Woof woof …’
A burst of dogs barking from all directions. At least half of the houses around here have doormen. The routes are all restaurants, game rooms and internet houses, but it’s different to catch others. Even if you walk in front of other people’s houses, you will disturb the dogs in the courtyard.
Lin just walked out of the back door of a game hall when he heard the barking and stopped.
"There are a lot of Nima people, at least dozens!"
With the familiarity with the surrounding environment and the barking of dogs, you can be sure that every intersection of this residential area will be guarded.
Lin moved again and heard footsteps in a lane. When he turned around, he didn’t hurry back when he heard the dialogue.
"Eldest brother! Who the hell is that guy we want to catch? It’s so valuable that if we get it, we can expand our territory and call several surrounding villages! "
"I don’t know what someone is doing to pay people to take care of so many things!"
"A 17-year-old foreigner … although there are no photos, it is still easy to find. Our height of one meter here is really too small!"
Lin was depressed … The home court advantage disappeared. It turned out that he was a gangster. Of course, not all of them were mixed up in this area. There are so many four or five, and most of them are still unfamiliar with the surrounding environment.
Outsiders … It’s a pity that Lin is a very special’ outlander’
Another important message is that they don’t have their own photos, which is very surprising to Lin.
If you think about it carefully, Lin will come here. Even he didn’t think it was an accident. It is quite difficult to pay for others to catch him in such a short time. The most important thing is that it is very expensive to send MMS in 21 years. Except for those rich people, not many people are willing to spend money to buy such expensive mobile phones.
Lin is also relieved that if those players don’t find someone to catch him, then he won’t worry about the danger of his life … If those players really come to him, it’s unimaginable that any player can discover his identity so quickly. He has been keeping a low profile during this period.
Since Liu Yi can get the news that someone is coming to arrest him, it should be the money. Even if he is arrested, he is safe!
But then the dialogue forced Lin to escape from these gangsters’ encirclement.
"Eldest brother, this guy is a martial arts school and so tall, not one or two brothers to deal with one thousand …"
"If you are disabled, you can get the money if you don’t die!"
"Then I’m relieved!"
There is no difference between disability and death for Lin Lai … Lin looked at two talking gangsters from a distance, holding a swinging watermelon knife. If you cut off your hands and feet, you can’t completely recover your disability.
Lin retreated in the alley and turned seven times to face a wall more than two meters high!
This is the fence of No.15 Middle School. Turning it over is the campus of No.15 Middle School … If there was no mat in the forest, it would definitely be impossible to turn it over, but for Lin, who is now one meter tall and has practiced for a while, it is not too high. He grabbed the fence and easily turned it over and jumped into the campus of No.15 Middle School.
Campus is a very sacred place in many people’s hearts.
It’s the same for these gangsters. No one will break into the school unless they have to … It’s in one million * * These gangsters will not let go of the No.15 middle school campus. Of course, these gangsters will not break into the school. They have their hands in the school.
A very poor school in No.15 Middle School comes to this school, and most of them are students who study badly and fight all day, just mixing high school diplomas.
When Lin was studying here, there were four or five students in the same class who followed the local ruffians outside the school … all bad students. Since they are bad students, everyone just got their life from home on this Monday. Can we not go out to play games and fool around? Will you honestly stay in the school dormitory and sleep well?
Not long after Lin just turned into the campus, he heard some young voices coming in from outside the fence.
"What’s the monkey doing? Look for it carefully. If you find something, the boss will give you a reward of 5 yuan!"
"Orangutan, do you think that person will run to school?"
"It’s possible! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have looked for all the game halls and nets nearby … we didn’t find them! "
"Why don’t we go back to school to look for it? It is not certain that he will hide in a certain class or dormitory, and now there are our senior three students who are easy to find at school! "
"The dormitory shouldn’t, after all, the doors of the dormitory building are locked … it should be possible to hide in the classroom. Let’s look for it. If we get the money, if we can’t find it, we will go straight to class to sleep!"