Yin Yun and Shan Yu are almost at the same time. Is generate leaping out of strength? Is Yin Yun’s attention in front of the national championship center or is he involuntarily distracted? Basketball is touched by Shan Yu first and then dialed to power forward Yang Ke behind him.

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21-22 Fighting Qinhuai Enemy Beiyang ()
After two years of cooperation with Chinese fir feather, Yang Ke took the basketball into his own hands for the first time. Before he grasped it firmly, he suddenly slammed forward and went out.
In this second, everyone in Nanchuan stood in the same place because Yang Keqiu finished one person there, and they had never seen any opponent throw the basketball in such a hurry without grasping it firmly.
Chu Chenxi thinks it’s ridiculous that the ball is like this. He thinks that even he can’t have such a reaction ability to catch the ball. Although Ouyang Zhi is indeed the closest person to basketball according to the current situation, the basketball has already flown out of his control range as early as the first time, and he still flies sideways. If he is moving forward, he still has a chance to catch the ball according to the distance from the basketball court.
The first move in Beiyang No.12 midfield was actually a cross ball, which could only be received when teammates were already running at high speed. Is it a mistake for Chu Chenxi to think that such a ball is ridiculous when everyone is in the same place?
Ouyang Zhi quickly gave everyone in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School an answer.
Here, 70% of the audience have carefully paid attention to many games in Beiyang No.12 Middle School before, and they already have the answers in their hearts and hardly doubt them.
Chu Chenxi admits that he has always had an unquestionable conceit about his explosive power. Even after seeing that Ji Hantian is faster than himself, Chu Chenxi still thinks that high school students who can reach this level are absolutely few, especially Ji Hantian. In fact, Chu Chenxi rarely sees players who can compare with him or Ji Hantian in the competition.
Nanchuan has a former Nanchuan MVP, Yi Yefeng, and he didn’t meet a player who could make Chu Chenxi feel pressure in terms of speed and explosiveness in the first three rounds of the national competition.
At the moment when Ouyang Zhi started, there seemed to be a feeling of being out of breath. At that time, his vision suddenly blurred, and Ouyang Zhi almost crossed the center line and was about to touch the ball.
Too soon!
Xue Yangyi can almost feel the wind brought by Ouyang Zhi’s running on the sidelines. His original cold weather should have reached an extreme in high school students, especially after several months of training. When he saw that his speed easily broke through Xia Ruxuan’s defense line, he felt that no one in high school should be able to compare with the speed in cold weather. But this concept was established in his mind at this moment, and Ouyang Zhi was so smashed in an instant.
"follow!" Chu Chen wanted to let him slowly realize the deep frustration when he didn’t care about his face. When he saw Ouyang Zhi pulling the basketball from his left hand side to his right hand side as skillfully as threading a needle, and the speed didn’t affect it at all, he could shout it out like that when it was close to the three-point line.
Ouyang Zhi didn’t choose the ball again or waited for the basket left in his eyes. Breaking the basket at the first time before the opponent’s reaction was still sluggish was the result he wanted.
Yang Ke’s seemingly wrong ball was actually planned by him. He asked Yang Ke to throw it in the frontcourt as soon as possible after receiving the ball, so that the other side couldn’t understand it, so he didn’t need to worry about the rest.
Actually, Yang Ke never worried about the speed of the flash assassin in Beiyang No.12 Middle School. If he didn’t have the speed and incredible offensive ability, what qualifications would he have to be called flash … What’s worse, the name of the assassin was given to him when he stepped into the national arena in the first year. What kind of situation would it be for a flash assassin who was less than fourteen years old in that year four years later?
I don’t think it needs to be said.
Ji Hantian can clearly feel the pressure that Ouyang Zhi can bring to the defenders almost head-on. In the rapid movement, even a little expression change will make the defenders choose the direction when they can’t catch the other team’s breakthrough. At this moment, Ouyang Zhi is like this. He is like an arrow that broke through the sound barrier and left the string, and there is no way to do it.
Ji Hantian didn’t dare to think about it again. It was relying on sports to follow Ouyang Zhi, and the latter was obviously far behind. It was not only above the national high school students’ shame. For the first defender, Ji Hantian seemed a little tender even though he was gifted. Ouyang Zhi hardly relied on too many gorgeous changes. He turned himself slightly and passed Ji Hantian.
Ji Hantian doesn’t lose heart. Although the obstacle has made Wu Ji take a good position online at this moment, he still can’t let Ouyang Zhi stride into the stadium easily. Although this is the first time he has played against Ouyang Zhi, he still has a sense of awe for this opponent who has seen the most aura. He dare not let this line of defense go so easily and let Ouyang Zhi stride forward. Although he believes in Wu Ji’s ability, he really can’t.
Ouyang Zhi didn’t turn his head to look at Ji Hantian. In his cognition, almost all these four years have been spent in such a running. Even a slight partial glance is a wave-time thing for Ouyang Zhi. It’s a matter of locking his eyes tightly on the basket and being flexible and coherent again. Retreating in cold weather wants to hinder his speed.
This is the first time Ji Hantian has faced such a situation, and it can’t help but make him panic for a while. He has never given others a good look before, and he has been easily taken over by others one after another.
But when Ouyang Zhi didn’t give him a thought, he glanced at Wu Ji and glanced at him in the corner. In cold weather, he didn’t even hesitate. He sent the basketball out with his right hand. He wasn’t ready to move, didn’t take off and didn’t have a smooth step. Ouyang Zhi sent the basketball out from the top of his head like he suddenly sold it in dribbling, which made Wu Ji have little chance to move.
Basketball hits the backboard and bounces back into the basket accurately.
OuYangZhi corners of the mouth gently become warped a look at the eye discipline, a face of pride, he waved to all kinds of bleachers for ten decibels.
"Two than come on" OuYangZhi Ji cold with the wave and then turned back to defense.
No one thought that Ouyang Zhi’s attack was so quick to know that he was not waiting to catch the ball in the frontcourt, but came running with the ball directly from the backcourt, but he entered the three-point line almost at the same time with Wu Ji in the frontcourt. At this time, Chu Chenxi just crossed the middle line and the Nets shook gently.
It shows that it is so unreasonable to make a quick break just now, but it is almost out of the concept of teamwork. There is no need for division of labor, no need for ball and running a member of Beiyang No.12 Middle School. They need to defend their opponents well and then hand over the basketball to Ouyang Zhi. No one will doubt that Ouyang Zhi’s prestige in this team has exceeded that of head coach Wang Xuechao. Every player in Beiyang No.12 Middle School knows it clearly.
Beiyang No.12 Middle School has come this far and stayed in their team for one year. Coach Shanglin can’t escape Wang Xuechao’s staying here for decades. If he has such excellent ability, how can he wait until these years?
To say that Shanglin can still maintain the top strength in the Southern District after leaving Beiyang, it is to rely on Ouyang Zhi, the point guard. It is not his words that Beiyang has declined. In the final analysis, it is more appropriate to say that Ouyang Zhi is the team.
The game of Beiyang fast break started, so what about Nanchuan No.7 Middle School? It just hit the muzzle of Beiyang, so what should they do?
Ji Hantian took a deep breath and took the ball sent to him by Wu Ji. In fact, they lost the opportunity to play fast break in a moment of stupidity.
Are you going to do your own attack again? Thought of here, Ji Hantian always looked at Ouyang Zhi. His expression was a mockery in Ji Hantian’s view, but Ji Hantian didn’t want to go there. He wanted to try to change it a little.
Basketball flew over less than half of the stadium from Ji Han to Chu Chenxi.
Chu Chenxi leaned forward to catch the ball and protect the basketball behind him. Then he looked up and looked at his opponent, Chu Chenxi, who was also wearing the same number. He also heard that the number was once the arrogant Yan Yufeng jersey, but this year it was a rising star named Jiang Yu.
He is said to be a rising star only because he is Yan Yufeng. Compared with him, he has also participated in two national competitions this year, and this year is the third. Everyone knows that there are no weak people in Beiyang No.12 Middle School. How many Beiyang basketball teenagers are attracted to apply for Beiyang No.12 Middle School and can stand out from the crowd? How can this gang be weak?
Even without Yan Yufeng and Jiangsu ball king, they are still the national championship, and they are still as huge as a mountain in front of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School.
Jiang Yu is also a dazzling star in Beiyang. Although he is not as radiant as Yan Yufeng, he can make every small forward who is opposite to him play strangely in his defensive field.
Chu Chenxi couldn’t help recalling the information about this player once again-Jiang Yu’s position as a small forward 1cm5kg. In 27 years, the member of KFC’s three-on-three basketball Saijiang Soviet champion team was named as a defensive expert in the South District. Last year, Beiyang’s sixth person was selected as the best defensive array in the South District.
Chu Chenxi gathered up his mind for the first small forward he met who reached a peak in defense. He didn’t dare to care about the length of Jiang Yu’s double-arm exhibition, which surprised Chu Chenxi. In his impression, he seemed to be one meter tall and Wu Ji’s wingspan was about the same, while Jiang Yu was only one meter and several centimeters shorter than himself.
Jiang Yu firmly there, let ChuChen hope to have an illusion that it is difficult to move, just like it has been deeply rooted on the floor, which protects this piece of ChuChen hope to attack.
The atmosphere of the stadium is still noisy when it beats every second. In the eyes of these people, this Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, which came out of nowhere, has little value for them to boo.
There were thirteen seconds left in the attack, but Chu Chenxi still didn’t move. He had just made two temptations, and almost all his opponents stared at him motionless, as if they had seen through it at a glance. That wasn’t Chu Chenxi’s real attack intention, but now Chu Chenxi knew that he had to do something.
He leaned over to Jiang Yu, while the latter retreated half a step sharply, keeping a proper distance from Chu Chenxi.
At this distance, Chu Chenxi feels very embarrassed. Whether it is a breakthrough or shooting seems that Jiang Yu’s wingspan can just interfere with Chu Chenxi enough. It seems that the situation has changed the deadlock in a moment.
Online Wu Ji can also watch Chu Chenxi worry about Jiang Yu’s defensive style and Wu Ji’s finish. Jiang Yu is a steady and steady person who is as steady as landing deep roots. In front of his opponent, he doesn’t necessarily need a strong ability to predict, but it seems to be just stuck in Chu Chenxi’s throat. It’s neither a retreat nor a retreat.
Compared with Wu Ji, he prefers a sudden gesture and relies on his judgment ability to cause a sudden sense of oppression to his opponent, because in terms of physical consumption, it is far less than the stalemate with his opponent from beginning to end, and the effect is not bad. For one scene, Su Mu was in a trance for most of that time.
But now there is no time to give ChuChen hope to dry up, and the latter is obviously white. He gritted his teeth and took a step to pull Jiangyu, which seems to be enough to accelerate the distance, and then pulled the distance into ChuChen hope to pull to the parallel position of Jiangyu almost in an instant. He wanted to take advantage of such an excellent opportunity to leave Jiangyu behind. He showed an advantage over Jiangyu that he was advancing and Jiangyu was retreating.
No matter whether it is an excellent player, compared with the forward speed, Chu Chenxi took advantage of this small advantage and went straight to the paint area
Sitting on the sidelines watching this scene, Wang Xuechao suddenly smiled gently. His parallel square happened to capture such a strange picture. Chu Chenxi had a chance to break through the line. Why could Wang Xuechao have such an expression as capturing prey?
The answer is revealed.
Jiang Yu’s arm was drawn at a wonderful angle to Chu Chenxi’s right-handed basketball surface. His body was almost folded, but his eyes were still shining with wonderful light, and he was staring at Chu Chenxi’s basketball.
But Chu Chen, who is breaking through, didn’t expect to encounter such a situation. You know, the chance of basketball staying in that position in his hand may not exceed half a second. He didn’t expect all the changes at the moment when he received the ball.
He has become more and more cautious about basketball protection before, except that he was once robbed by Ji Hantian in the Freshmen Cup, especially after several months of improvement. He feels that the average person can’t easily touch his protection ball.
But this time he was wrong. Jiang Yu was not the average person. The sudden strength of basketball made Chu Chenxi lose control of basketball almost instantly.
And Jiang Yu is not the kui is a defensive expert who lost to the southern district. He took advantage of his right hand and took basketball into his arms.