No, it’s better if the Victory Bridge collapses.

This team, which is mixed with newcomers and washed many old people, wants to evaluate the stability and unity needed by the locker room to win a constant victory as soon as possible, and that victory is essential.
He’s been dormant for half a year.
Many people may forget that there is such a head coach as him.
But now he’s back to winning mode again!
Chapter 26 Toto Cup Final Qualification
Jean Hernandez really didn’t expect Lazio to change every day.
When they met a week ago, he felt that Lazio was in a lost period. They had just finished physical training and tactical training.
There are many people in the team who are not too white and are confused about understanding the new tactics of winning constantly.
Although everyone blamed Paven for Lazio’s failure to beat Marseille at home, it is fair to say that Jean Hernandez didn’t win and Pa Wen didn’t win, although his mistake caused him to concede the goal.
Lazio have a chance to turn around, but their overall performance is unfavorable.
Pa Wen took the blame for the team.
Jean Hernandez looked at Lazio from the perspective of a week ago and was shocked by what he saw.
This Lazio team has lost a lot. A week ago, unfamiliar players and players became more tacit.
A small-scale quick cut like this has never happened in a game.
It can be seen that the players have a preliminary understanding of winning tactics and know how to transport them in the game.
This surprised Marseille coach Jean Hernandez.
A week later …
From a patchwork team to having basic combat effectiveness …
Suddenly, Hernandez was reminded of those theories that always win.
One of the things that has been mentioned many times is that winning teams always have the ability to practice a new thing in a short time.
No matter in Hertha or Valencia, they never played this tactic a week ago. In a week’s game, they killed their opponents alive with this new tactic …
This is not something that happen once or twice.
Later, Rudy Gonzalez, an assistant coach who seemed to win the game, even broke the news that he was a magician and could make the team practice new tactics in such a short time.
Jean Hernandez has a normal IQ and certainly won’t believe such nonsense.
But winning teams are in this phenomenon.
Now it’s another time …
Damn it!
How did he do it in such a short time? !
Jean Hernandez racked his brains and couldn’t figure out that a coach system can also improve the training effect of the team with various training skills.
Now this Lazio makes Marseille coach feel very uncomfortable.
It is not only Jean Hernandez who feels uncomfortable, but also the Marseille players.
They looked at Lazio a week ago and now they are very uncomfortable.
Play very awkwardly
They can’t get used to Lazio’s quick-witted on-the-spot cooperation. They can cope with Lazio’s speed, so they still pay attention to one thing and lose sight of another …
In the 32nd minute of halftime, Lazio scored another goal, and the total score became 31. Marseille had to score three goals in a row if it wanted to make a comeback at home, but Lazio could not keep scoring …
This is a bit difficult for Marseille.
Even the reporters in the media gallery were dumbfounded.
Before the game, they thought it was very difficult for Lazio to eliminate Marseille.
But now it seems that it is the other way around. It is very difficult for Marseille to eliminate Lazio!
This is the home of Marseille!
However, in Lazio, Marseille is as heavy as a fat pig with its fast cutting and running position.
They looked at each other, but they didn’t expect that Lazio would have a tendency to reinvent itself in a week …
What’s going on here?
No one can answer this question
They can watch Lazio players’ goals constantly mobilize Marseille’s defense line, and Marseille players can be tired of this mobilization in Lazio …
Then I lost the ball.
Lazio now leads the game by two goals, and the suspense seems to have been lost, so the reporters discussed other things.