Venting the evil fire in his heart, he was panting, his eyes were bloodshot, his eyes were red, and he stared at his brain gloomily. He seemed to want to complain through the brain screen to the other party. "You wait for me to find someone to kill you, and I’ll write it backwards!"

Time, nose, itching, rubbing, sneezing, I can’t get it out, and I can’t keep my eyes open.
Hit her blindly with both hands on the keyboard. It’s very simple to slightly modify the np data of a royal animal park. Today, Qinglong will get the chance. No player can come in without a photo. She is about to enter the most important link.
Before modifying the data streamer, I looked at the firewall again. "The secondary firewall is still a little weak and needs to be strengthened."
Add a few more programs to it, and connect it with the fat brain of the Magic World Technology Department. If someone tries to attack or break the fat brain by force, she will automatically send out the police to repay her kindness. She is such a good person.
When a man surnamed Tian and his friends attacked the fantasy database, it was time to verify the streamer technology. The fat brain alarm program rang at the first time, and the night shift technician was awakened to a round of attack and defense.
But this has nothing to do with streamer.
She just wants to make sure that no one will disturb her in Qinglong Garden today.
Landing game
The sky in Qinglongyuan Lake seems to have a few fireflies staying a little and emitting a silver halo to illuminate the cliff bottom. It is as calm as a mirror. The lakeside of the lake is dotted with lush green grass and reeds with silver light, without losing screenshots and taking pictures.
The silver spot is not the scenery of Qinglong Garden, but the streamer. The ancient array was arranged yesterday, but it hasn’t started yet.
Qinglong seems to know that today is the day when it changes its destiny. It is waiting for the time.
"Are you ready?" Qinglong asked
Once again, the alarm was unexpected, and she chose yes.
Heptachord’s piano score disappeared into white light after she finished reading it, and heptachord’s knowledge point was added to her head. She took a deep breath and breathed deeply, and then slowly exhaled. Her hands were pressed on the strings and the passive skills of "red crisp hands" automatically took effect. As she played the elegant piano, she became a silvery silk thread to avoid other silvery lights floating. Youlong generally went to the outermost periphery to connect the outermost fluorescence.
This "silk thread" is dotted with fluorescence inspired by the sound of the piano, and finally forms an ancient array that is huge and complicated than the pattern!
Streamer frees up one hand and quickly pours blue medicine into her mouth to activate the ancient array skill, which is divided into four parts. The prelude to "getting up" alone consumes her a tube of blue!
Oh, yes, and those two people in Harrenyi Building cheated! Give them a bad review sooner or later!
They didn’t tell her that playing the piano can’t move, and this process is so spicy!
The array method activates the hexagram array, and the four images in the middle five lines are activated. When the streamer is activated, it does not consider what to do when the gods find something strange. What should I do if I fill the blue bottle again? Pick up the red line scissors and aim at the iron ring of Qinglong Foot.
From eye to hand to heart
The trajectory of the red-line scissors is like a crescent moon sliding over the "Mao" and "Dang", and it has successively met the Qinglong hoop to be continued.
PS _: 3 "∠ _ I’m really sorry that I fell asleep at 7 o’clock a few days ago and woke up … the next day.
191 Stealing the Dragon … Dragon?
Hear "click" a hoop should be dropped.
At the same time, breaking the iron ring is full of disconnected array patterns, which seems to want to re-adhere to all the binding dragons.
The iron ring is in a "repair" reading state.
The hoop seems to want to be reassembled. Please change it as soon as possible.
As soon as the streamer hand turns, the strings are plucked, and from the "up" to the "down" part, the sound of the piano is as exciting as the drums on the battlefield, and the heart beats faster.
From her fingertips, the sound of the piano condensed into the blade of the piano, and the autumn wind swept the leaves and blew on the hoop. A string of numbers floated out, and Liu Guangfu turned his wrist and plucked the strings to continue his attack.
Music noise damage value appears frequently.
"Repair" was interrupted by her!
When the amount of damage reaches a certain amount, the repair of the iron ring is interrupted, and the face pattern is bright and dim, and it is no longer closed and floats quietly in the half.
And the streamer also played into the gentle and melodious part, and she took the opportunity to release the famous dumpling trapped in the props.
The famous dumpling just got out of the dragon lock, and its health was hit by the streamer to a minimum of 1%. If it hadn’t been protected by the streamer, it would have been killed by the streamer. This prop is only trapped, unlike pets, the famous dumpling will return blood to the pet to restore its state.
One more hoop shows defeat and control it.
Liuguang realized that this is one of the steps to control the famous dumpling. Constantly make the red crisp hand skills until her vision suddenly turns from the shore to the lake and becomes a perspective overlooking Qinglongyuan
This is …
The streamer is looking for himself and can also make the red crisp hand skill, but this skill is coming to him!
It took her a long time to score points by herself? Half manipulated heptachord to control the ancient law, and the other half manipulated the iron ring to bind the famous dumpling.
"One mind and two minds respect me, right?" The streamer couldn’t help but vomit.
She didn’t forget to spit and spit.
Yi Long, a dumpling appeared at the same time in Qinglongyuan, the original size of Qinglongyuan, and it was barely enough for a Qinglong to stretch its bones and muscles, but it was stuffed into a dumpling, which …
Dragon and dumpling are inextricably intertwined.
The streamer just learned to manipulate the hoop to move "back, forth, left and right" and listened to the whistling wind. Before sighing that the weather was cool in autumn, someone swept away his tail and was photographed sticking his face to the cliff wall.
My face!
The streamer couldn’t help but close his eyes for a long time and didn’t feel anything. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Yi Long was biting them with a dumpling. There may have been a little accident in the middle, which led to two tails tangled together and tied a knot like a two-headed snake. You bite me and I bite you.
They’re not fighting for the name dumpling, they’re new enemies and old grievances. They’re generally counted in Qinglong Head, but they haven’t realized that Qinglong intends to pit it here.
Tsing lung, on the other hand, won’t beat it to a halt, so it’s hard to toss it around, so this plan can be carried out.
The streamer looked at them, and the hoop moved slowly. Although they fought with words but not hands, their bodies were twisted, and sometimes they could not sweep away the tail and fish.
The famous dumpling fell in the wind and was suppressed by Qinglong. The body exhaled white fog and paused briefly.
Now or never, don’t come and move around, manipulate the iron ring and buckle it!
"…" Hey?