Xiao Ai is a good girl. Cai doesn’t want to directly refuse to make her sad, but it also makes things more complicated. What should we do now?

A Cai suddenly asked in her ear, "Who taught you this trick, Xiao Ai?"
Bowing their heads and thinking deeply, Xiao Ai didn’t react. Intuitively, she said, "It’s a dream sister." After that, she suddenly woke up and smiled, "The boss is good or bad. Do this sneak attack."
Choi ha ha laughed. Otherwise, how could she tell who was giving her advice behind the scenes?
Xiao Ai looked at him and said, "Boss, can I call you Bai Dage?"
"Ah, this-"A Cai was just about to say, "Don’t be so bad, but seeing Xiao Ai full of hope, he couldn’t bear to re-export at the moment and said," OK! "
A Cai thought in his heart, anyway, there are already many people. Just one more.
"Little love me, I’m curious when you suddenly do that."
"Do you like you?" "Well, can you tell me?"
Little love said slowly, "a long time ago!" I don’t know when it was, but I had a feeling for Brother Bai. It wasn’t until that day that you and we were chased and separated by mountain thieves in the Woods that I found that there was another person in my heart that I couldn’t shake for a long time.
I’ve been waiting for the day when I come back. It’s been twelve days, but after you come back, Ma has a tournament in Wudang. You’re not free. I’ll tell you when I can’t find it. I’m worried and contradictory when I see your mountain after the tournament. Sister Mengdie comforted me and told me to tell you when I found a mountain as soon as possible. "
A Cai is ashamed. Isn’t he aware of little love?
But he’s been running away. Romance and flow are two different things. Laughing and making trouble in rivers and lakes, beauty is romance, cheating a girl, and feelings are gone.
A Cai is not emotional because he doesn’t want to give his feelings, or he doesn’t want to give his feelings because he has little sympathy.
He can chat up beautiful women on the roadside at will, and he often flirts with those dissolute women, but can he talk to Xiao Ai about his feelings? Choi asked himself that he couldn’t do it. He had no feelings to give.
A Cai was lying on the grass, looking at the stars and smiling, and asked, "What is Xiao Ai’s greatest wish?"
Little love turned to lie prone on the grass with her legs up. "Wish? I hope there will be no more dead people in world peace. "
O food burst out laughing little love nu way "what’s the matter? Maybe you want to make money and pick up girls all day, so don’t let others have lofty ideals? "
A Cai turned to look at her in surprise and said seriously, "No, I don’t think you’re lying!" "
"Eldest brother, what is your ideal?"
A Cai opened her hands in the air and shouted, "My great ideal is to make money! Get rich! Pick up girls! No one can be short of "the sound swings far away and the wind blows to the marginal distance.
Xiao Ai laughed and shouted, "Big Brother, you are an idiot. You have such a retarded ideal."
A Cai shouted angrily at her, "If you have lofty ideals, you are not allowed to have retarded ideals."? My goal is to soak up all the girls and earn all the money. "
Xiao Ai looked at him quietly and his eyes were full of cunning. "Can Big Brother Bai date me first?"
O food hands in the air suddenly froze mouth mumbling could not say half a sentence.
"Am I not a beauty?"
Small love see his stiff expression urgent asked.
A Cai nodded slowly. "It’s a beauty. My pure eyes are quite standard, but less beautiful."
"What makes you hesitate? You don’t like me?"
"What is it that you don’t want to accept?"
Little love looked at Al-Al’s silence and said, "I already have someone I like."
"Who is she? Is it Ke Linger or Kiki? "
"It’s not her. It’s a girl I met five years ago. I like her."
Little love silently put her head in her hand for a long time and sobbed softly. Yuan Ye mourned silently
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The body of the Chapter 27 Black eat black
A girl cries beside you. What should you do? If you like her, if you can protect her, then you should hold her like a man and let her seek comfort in your broad and warm chest.
But what should you do if you accept her?