"I don’t know if Mary and Huan are giving him medicine," replied Feiyang, shaking his head lightly.

This time, the losses of the two groups of Dragon and Tiger are not heavy, but more than half of the people have been damaged, and the people are very depressed if they don’t know the situation.
"Mei elder sister, what happened to your side?" Feiyang raised his head and asked softly.
"I agree to send fighter planes to carry out military strikes, but they will not use weapons of mass destruction," Hu Mei replied lightly.
"Conventional bombing of the roots will not have much effect. Those people must be prepared as soon as they are taught, so the root of military strikes is scratching their boots." Xiao Feng got up and said loudly that his heart was oppressed
"Can’t, this is the general’s personal command." Hu Mei reluctantly smiled and was preparing to go upstairs to see the wind injury, but suddenly she saw the blood test coming into the door.
Blood test at this time also put away to seem a little feminine smile a face of dignified walked into the hall and then said to hu mei gently "hu group leader we should have a good talk about one after another"
"Well, please sit down on your side. How’s it going?" Hu Mei nodded and asked with blood in the hall.
"It’s a great loss. The members of the Dragon Group have lost more than half of their injuries. I personally solved them." Blood Lian said flatly, but it was obvious from his eyes that the hatred flame was about to erupt.
"Did you contact Yanjing there?" Hu Mei asked softly.
"The Yanjing Dragon Group has been joined by Bai Shao, and now the root department has given it to the flower scorpion that bitch to take care of her. She has given all the decisions to me. He means to let us find a way to w" Blood refining narrowed her eyes and said softly.
"Well, let’s find a way by ourselves." Hu Mei sighed a long time and then asked lightly, "Do you have any thoughts on our next action?"
"It seems that there is no good way except crustily skin of head. I estimate that there will be action over there tonight as soon as Tianyi teaches." At this time, it is getting dark, so I looked at the sky outside and sighed.
"So, do you have any armored vehicles and tanks over there?" Hu Mei asked lightly.
"I have an armored car here, but I have already contacted General Liang, hoping that they will come with tanks, but it will be early in the morning at the earliest before the tanks can arrive here," Blood Lian replied lightly.
"Is there a car? It seems that we are going to be in a passive situation tonight." Hu Mei is very worried about the situation tonight with a frown. If Tianyi teaches to attack the clause here tonight, it is very likely that everyone will be surrounded by zombies tonight, and if they choose to retreat, it is very likely that zombies will be put into civilian areas, which will probably cause terrible takeover. Therefore, they must defend here tonight to resist the zombie attack.
"Blood test seems that we can defend here tonight," Hu Mei said lightly.
"Well, I’ve asked my brothers to build fortifications. I hope I can hold them tonight." Blood Lian looked back at the ceiling and smiled bitterly.
At this time, Hua Xuan and Han Jin Huan came from the floor. At this time, Hua Xuan leaned against Han Jin Huan and sobbed while Han Jin Huan comforted her.
"How’s the wind on Mary?" Hu Mei asked softly.
"It’s very bad that he has some fever wounds that have not healed," Hua Xuan sobbed and replied.
"I don’t have any medicine?" asked Feiyang lightly.
Hua Xuan shook her head gently, ran to the door and sat with her head buried in her knees, crying.
A dragon group member who came to deliver food to Hu Mei and them saw the door crying and Hua Xuan froze at the door.
"Come on in, what are you doing at the door?" Blood refined light said.
"Yes," the dragon group members nodded and went into the hall to set the table for the food.
"Let’s eat blood, and you can stay here to eat." Hu Mei said hello to all.
"Uh-huh" blood test is preparing to go back and decorate things. When I hear Hu Mei’s words, I immediately leng leng, then smiled and nodded, and seven people in the tiger group sat down at the table and ate dinner silently.
"Blood refined cold eldest brother how to die" they are eating rice suddenly float in the sky to the blood refined light asked.
"I don’t know much about it. I’ve always been working outside for Bai Shao. I’m just familiar with what happened in Yanjing." Blood test took a surprised look at Feiyang and then replied indifferently
"Blood test since you know, you must know who killed the cold eldest brother." Feiyang stared at the blood test and asked calmly.
"I’m sorry, I really don’t know." Blood Lian hesitated for a moment and then smiled and shook his head.
Fly in the sky nodded his head and didn’t continue to ask silent don’t eat.
"I’m going to send dinner to Brother Feng." Hua Xuan quickly finished eating the meal, cleaned it up a little, and then took a clean bowl and filled it with food and went upstairs.
"Mary, have you come? Have you eaten?" At this time, the wind was lying in the main bed, his face was pale and his lips were blue. Seeing Hua Xuan holding a bowl and chopsticks, he struggled to sit up and asked with a smile.
"I just ate the elder brother of the wind, you also eat some." Hua Xuan replied with a smile and then sat down on the edge of the bed with chopsticks and sent the food to Feng’s mouth.
"Don’t eat, I have no appetite." The wind looked at the food, but there was no appetite in his heart and smiled and shook his head.
"Brother Feng won’t have the strength until he has eaten enough. I believe you can carry it through." Hua Xuan said softly that tears were rolling in her eyes.
"Well, I’ll eat a little." Wind nai gave a wry smile and looked at Hua Xuan softly. He opened his mouth and sent Hua Xuan to his mouth to swallow the rice.
"Come to order again" saw that the wind swallowed the rice, and Xuan’s face smiled a little, and then he put a piece of green leaf on the wind’s mouth.
"Well" the wind nodded with a smile and swallowed the food in his mouth. He slowly refused to face suddenly and quickly threw himself on the bed and spit it out just after swallowing the food.
"The elder brother of the wind, what’s the matter with you?" Hua Xuan quickly put the chopsticks on the table and patted the wind with tears streaming down his back and asked.
"Nothing is just some nausea." The wind looked up at Hua Xuan and replied with a smile.
"I’ll get you a glass of water." Hua Xuan wiped her mouth with this tissue for the wind and then got up and said softly.
"No, Mary, can you accompany me outside for a walk?" Feng smiled and shook his head and then said to Hua Xuan lightly.
"The elder brother of the wind your body" flower xuan said some hesitation.
"It’s okay not to have you with me?" The wind doesn’t care and laughs lightly.
"Grace" looked at the wind and looked forward to the expression. Hua Xuan could not bear to refuse and nodded gently.
"Thank you" Feng’s expression suddenly eased a lot. He sat up in bed and hesitated a little. Then he thought to Hua Xuan and said, "Xuan Xuan, can you bring my luggage for me? I want to change into clean clothes."
"Uh-huh" Hua Xuan nodded and went upstairs to get the luggage for the wind.
Chapter 591 Take a walk