Moreover, Miss Liao also set off for the North of Beijing to find the address before the Tang family made moves, saying that she must catch that person and give an account to Mrs. Tang.

Two more at half past ten.
I forgot to ask you which one of you is in this game?
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Would you like me to accompany you in your life?
Assistant Li didn’t tell the Tang family that the address was Miss Shen’s residence, but Liao Jingjing had already set off, and there would be a confrontation with Miss Shen soon.
"When do you leave?"
"I came here half an hour after I heard the news."
Tang Shiyan put on his clothes when Assistant Li spoke, and wanted to broadcast a number.
However, at this time, Shen Xinyu is either sleeping or in the practice room, so I can’t get through. Call Aunt Wu again. The other party said that she was shopping outside and Miss Shen was still sleeping today without class.
Tang Shiyan was slightly relieved to say that when she went back, she asked the girl to give him a message. Great aunt Wu hurriedly replied.
"By the way, Miss Liao went by helicopter in Liao Jia." Assistant Li added behind Tang Shiyan.
Tang’s private jet is in Tang Shiyan’s hands. I don’t know if I’m afraid to disturb him. Liao Jingjing went to beg Liao Jia, who has always been cold. It is conceivable that he was angry.
"get ready"
Assistant Li silently pondered that Tang Shiyan raised his hand and threw a key into his hand. He looked down and saw that it was a helicopter belonging to the Tang family number.
Also in his sleep, Shen Xinyu naturally didn’t know that the Tang family was in turmoil. When he woke up in a daze, he grabbed it next to him and didn’t have that strong chest, but he realized what Shen Xinyu had grabbed the hemp ball directly and put it on his neck as a scarf to keep warm and then went to sleep.
Great aunt Wu came back from shopping to see Miss Shen hugging the hemp ball and still sleeping, so she quietly retired and forgot about this delay.
After breakfast, Shen Xinyu saw Aunt Wu busy cleaning up the corner of the apartment. When she saw those boxes, she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten one thing. She had bought the bottle of medicine before the holiday, and she had not yet picked it up.
Looking for an excuse, Shen Xinyu came to the guard with the hemp ball building and took the courier.
Back to the room, Shen Xinyu took out the bottle of medicine, but it didn’t introduce the function and quantity method. All the names were white.
Shen Xinyu sighed with annoyance and felt that the clue was broken again. She didn’t study chemistry. How did she know what this thing was doing and how would she react?
Nai Shen Xinyu found a small bottle, poured a few pills into it, and put his head together. Maybe he sniffed hard and sneezed twice.
Shen Xinyu chuckled and touched its head. "You can’t eat this."
The little thing seemed to understand, and his ears pricked up.
Shen Xinyu then smiled twice, and then took out the words and wanted to call Pan Duo, but that person was too high-profile. Now she has so many fans that she is really afraid that some sneak shots will happen again, so she turned to dial the number of Lu Yanzhou.
Lu Yanzhou’s slow voice is still lazy, but he hasn’t woken up yet. "If you don’t have anything important, do you believe I will break up with you?"
"Is it important to invite you to dinner?" When Shen Xinyu smiled, it was almost ten o’clock, and the goods were still asleep.
"Come on, I really didn’t eat until four o’clock in the morning yesterday."
Liu Yanzhou has never been so patient with Shen Xinyu.
Shen Xinyu waved the medicine bottle path in his hand. "I want to ask you a favor. Why don’t you come here?"
Liu Yanzhou smiled and listened to the audio and video to open his eyelids. "You won’t get pregnant before you get married, will you?"
Shen Xinyu turned a supercilious look. Aunt Wu told her to go shopping first.
Shen Xinyu said, "I have no class to wait for you in the apartment today."
"Okay, I’m just going to grab a lunch."
After Liu Yanzhou promised, Shen Xinyu hung up and put the original medicine bottle in the drawer, which was separated and put on the dresser.
It’s almost noon, and the sun is just right. Shen Xinyu basked in the sun with hemp balls for a while, and then she felt like chatting and went to the living room to watch for a while.
About half an hour later, the building security guard suddenly called Shen Xinyu, saying that a woman surnamed Wu was going to enter the community with several water repairers, saying that she had forgotten her key card. Call her to confirm that Shen Xinyu was Aunt Wu and that there was no water when she went to wash her hands just now, so she didn’t doubt what to do.
Five minutes later, outside came Ding Mao Mao and smashed Shen Xinyu’s doubts. I wanted to see the results. When I put my hand on the door bolt, I heard a bang, and the door pushed her back a few steps.
"Miss Liao, are you sure this is it?"
"Yes, the suspect lives here. Be careful."
Two sentences dialogue Shen Xinyu rubbed his forehead and was surprised to find that Liao Jingjing came in with several men dressed in blue workers.
Hemp group saw the stranger ao a cocked up its tail. Shen Xinyu’s face changes are similar to those of hemp group, but more angry and confused. "Liao Jingjing, what do you mean? !”
Is this a trespassing? Shen Xinyu didn’t say a word. Liao Jingjing returned to the door and looked at Shen Xinyu’s eyes with great anger. "Xiaoyu! You disappoint me so much. My grandmother has accepted you, and you have to treat her like that. Do you have any humanity? "
"What are you talking about!" While examining Liao Jingjing, Shen Xinyu stopped to walk into other people. "Do you know what you are doing? Who will give you a private break-in!"
Section 324
From past lives to this generation, Shen Xinyu is not a person who is good at quarrelling and yelling, especially her appearance. No matter how angry she is, it is hard to make people afraid. At best, she is passionate about it.
Liao Jingjing said angrily rejected a "you go in and search! The evidence is here, what are you afraid of! "
"What on earth are you talking about!" Shen Xinyu couldn’t stop those men from turning around and wanted to find a security guard to blow them out.
However, Liao Jingjing seems to have found her intention to grab her hand first and knock her words to the ground and raise her right foot.