Is he really what he looks like?

Qin Leran is definitely not! Absolutely not!
His eyes show that there are too many things hidden in his eyes. What secrets are hidden? Qin Leran can’t understand.
Anyway, he’s not her fierce brother. She doesn’t need to care what his eyes are hiding. Just ask him not to go back on his word and punish her and Lin Xiaoxiao for trespassing in the oval office.
Nan Zhai sits on the far right side of the car, Qin Leran sits on the far left side of the car and sticks to the door tightly. Try to stay away from him as far as possible.
"Hum-"She hummed a little without looking at his appearance, so proud and cute that she seemed to be deliberately angry with him.
Why should she be angry with a stranger?
She doesn’t know, maybe she thinks he should be her fierce brother, but he doesn’t admit that she wants to be angry with him.
Yes, she just wants to be angry with him!
She looks like a child with her cheeks bulging, and her face is still as pink and cute as when she was a child … In fact, she is just a child who has not grown up.
"Sit down" Finally, the man stared at her for a long time and then spoke. The sound with bass bubbles was very nice.
"Hum, I’m not going to sit over there …" He’s not her brother. Why should she listen to him?
"Come here!" His voice sank a little, but he didn’t anger himself. Qin Leran obediently moved a little bit into it.
Just moved over, she leaned against the door again.
She hates her mouth saying don’t go near him and don’t listen to him, but she is honest and will involuntarily want to get close to him.
But before Qin Leran moved the man, he suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist. "Would I eat you sitting so far?"
"pain!" Qin Leran gave a wink with pain, and he was so pitiful that he wanted to cry to him at any time.
Section 392
"What’s the matter?" The man let go and saw her wrist was red.
Her skin is fine, delicate and white. She just got caught by Qin Yinze and got red. At this time, she was caught by him again, and the red seal became deeper.
Qin Leran didn’t shout pain when she was just caught by Qin Yinze because she didn’t want to show herself so fragile in front of Qin Yinze.
"What’s wrong with me? What do you have? You’re not my brother. Will you still care about me? " Qin Leran withdraw your hand proudly don’t head mouth murmured
"Sit down" He once again told the president to be full of style. It seems that if she dares to disobey him, she can crush her.
"I am not partial!" She just doesn’t listen to him. Don’t look out the window and look out the window at the rows of flying buildings.
This man has nothing to do with her … Why does she want his car? Why do you care if he really ignores her?
Qin Leran slightly tilted his head and wanted to glance at the president out of the corner of his eye.
At this glance, I saw that he had an extra bottle of ointment in his hand.
She doesn’t want to get close to him, so let him take the initiative to get close to her. Regardless of her struggle, he forcibly grabbed her fingertips and gently applied some cool ointment to Qin Leran’s wrist.
The ointment was cool and instantly relieved the burning pain in her wrist.
Looking at him carefully seems to be very distressed. Qin Leran’s nose suddenly soured. "Why are you so good to me?"
After asking this sentence, Qin Leran quietly clenched his fist and swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously. She hoped that his answer was what her heart was looking forward to.
"Because …" I’m your brother, and I want to be nice to you and hate to see you hurt a little.
But in this case, he can’t tell her at the moment.
He smiled the same way as he smiled at the Chinese people in the tower not long ago. "Because I am the president, it is my responsibility to care for the people."
"I’m not your national. I don’t need your heart." I didn’t hear the answer. Qin Leran pulled up his hand and took the paper towel in anger, so he tried to wipe it off. He just wiped her medicine.
He didn’t stop her until she finished venting, and he put ointment on his finger to help her put it on her wrist.
After he helped her with the medicine, she wiped it off with a tissue and repeated it for several rounds, but neither of them had the patience. It seemed that they all spent more time with each other in this way.
Finally Qin Leran restlessly tired staring at his red eyes "you know? I have a fierce brother who is very kind to me. If he knows that you bully me, he will definitely not let you go. "